70 Picture Inspirations Of French Provence Style Interiors

Old World French Provence Homes- maison-deco

Grand Provence Style-maison-deco.com

French furniture in the 17th and 18th centuries has been considered to be some of the most breathtaking furniture in history. In 1610 when Louis XIII took the throne, the furniture styles around the regions of France started developing their own signature styles. In Provence, furnishings were carved from walnut, while in Normandy, oak was popular for making armoires, buffets, and vaisseliers.

The Provencal style has always been inspired by the beautiful colors of France.  The atmosphere of the countryside picks up the bright colors of lavender, yellow, mint and blue.  Provencal style changes with the colors of the seasons.  The dirt and natural settings seen around France has been the inspiration for earthenware and ceramic hand-painted pottery.

Some of the key elements of this style are stone flooring, rustic furniture,wrought iron accessories,  tin enamel, painted pottery, raw cotton and linen.  Architectural elements such as beams and alcoves,  basin sinks, concrete corbels bring in the antique elements we all desire and admire. Soft, linen curtains and heavy linen upholstery has been a timeless choice for sofas, side chairs, slipcovers and cushions.  The perfection of raw-wood furniture has been thought to be a noble choice for furnishings for centuries.  Working with rustic hardware, such as wrought iron brings to mind the pastoral, country living that many people find refuge in.  It is not only a style, but a way of life that is deeply anchored in a traditional way of life.

moissonnier 2007 CD 022

Moissonnier Furniture

Old World French Provence Homes- maison-deco.com

Old World French Provence Homes- maison-deco.com

3 Ways To Borrow Pam Pierce’s Slipcover Looks For Your Provence Home

Pam Pierce has single-handedly brought back the popularity of slipcovers, as her interiors bring forth the charm of the old world European interiors to center stage once again.  Slipcovers have always played a key role in her interior designs.  Linen ruffles and gatherings in dark olive, and oatmeal are paired with stone floors, re-claimed wood tables, white washed wood furniture, and time aged painted decor.  Pierce tends to use natural materials like stucco, limestone, reclaimed beams, and sea-grass to create a sense of warmth and history.  Her designs also incorporate architectural salvage such as reclaimed antique doors, and iron to create an aged European feel.

Decorators and homeowners have realized the possibilities that slipcovers offer a home. Slip-covers are not only decorative, but practical. At one time, slipcovers served the means of protecting upholstered furniture from the dust of summer months, although they have evolved over the years, from just large sheets which covered furniture, to be tailored to fit the shape of sofas and chairs, even having decorative pleating, ruffles and embroidery.

3 Ways To Borrow Pam Pierce’s Slipcover Looks:

1. Use The Same Material On All Of Your Furniture

Get the look of a set for less, by slip-covering all of your furniture in the room with the same material.   Unite several pieces of furniture out of the same bolt of material.  Buying matching sets of vintage or antique furniture can be rare and costly.  Create the look of a set by using the same material on all the pieces.  Create drapery out of the same material to unite the room.  Several ebay sellers offer bolts of fabric, which can be shipped to your home without having to drive from store to store.

2. Choose Natural Fabrics

Heavy linen, and cotton canvas have been popular as natural slipcover choices.  French tickings can give a natural look, while at the same time, isn’t plain to look at.  Consider using unbleached muslin, which can be dyed in soft shades of blue, green, or yellow. Gingham, simple checks and stripes lend a sophisticated touch to a Provence styled home.  Stripes, patterns, florals hide dirt well, and are easier to launder.  Checks, stripes and florals work hand in hand.  Consider using 2 or three fabrics together in a room to create interest.

3. Go The Extra Mile With Detailed Slipcovers

Gathers, and wide flat box-pleats add interest to the bottom of slipcovers. These details can be used just below the seat of the chair,  on a line with the seat frame. This style works particularly well with French chairs, as the legs themselves are decorative in themselves that they do not need to be concealed.  Consider pairing down the accessories and furniture in your room, and opt for longer gathers, which puddle on the floor.  Work this idea in larger rooms, where the furniture itself is the main focal point.

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3 Easy Old World French Elements To Add To Your Home Part 3

3. The Use Of Clay

Another material we often see in French styled estates is the vast use of clay.  Pottery brings an old look to our modern homes instantly. Consider buying over-sized clay potting containers and line them up out side in a row.  These large scale pots look great at the outside of an entry way, or in the entrance to a garden.  Use them as a focal point in the middle of your flower garden for an architectural look.  Use metal forms to create manicured bushes.   Adding plants in the house with clay pots is a sure way of bringing that old world touch into your home. Paint and stencil your clay pots to customize your decor inside and outside.  Rocks are quite popular and are used instead of extensive lawns in the countryside of France.  Adding iron patio furniture outside looks great and also weathers terrific over the years.


Cortez Pedestal Bowls – Set of 3 $106

-Abydos Small Vase $34

-Rosemary Herb Pots Set of 3 – $43

-Roman Tall Vase $82

-Set of 3 Clay Green, Blue and Yellow Lidded Jar Canisters 16″ $139

-11″ Decorative Distressed Rustic Ceramic Pitcher Vase with Metal Handle $79


A Restored Farmhouse In Provence, France


When the three farm buildings merged to create a single luxurious home, the result was a functional, yet beautiful to live in.  A trio of worn 1850s structures in Provence was transformed into a single, spacious farmhouse. Renovating a trio of Provence farm buildings wasn’t an easy process. It all started with two decrepit houses and a gaping barn in between. Today the three buildings are linked together, which are seen as one whole home with all the modern comforts and old-world charm. Old beams and stonework were preserved, and the new stonework was created mimic the original.  A wisteria-shaded pergola is the perfect spot for taking in the tranquil scene of the stone-edged reflecting pool. The house’s original structural beams are displayed in the living room area, enhanced by the patina of generations of paint.   To add depth to these beams, the flaking and peeling layers were lightly sanded to reveal the wood with just a touch of subtle colour. Double living rooms bring an open floor plan to the main level of the home. These two rooms are linked by newly constructed arch.  A fruitwood-topped buffet running along the rear wall of the large living room provides display space for the homeowner’s antiques.

In the kitchen area, old stone gives this room an old Provence feel.  Wooden cupboard fronts, and limewash blends the shelving subtly with the rest of architecture.  An antique Italian mirror at the top of the stairs makes a strong statement.  A trumeau mirror is heavily distressed and works nicely with a rustic wood pedistal which sits am urn with a splash of red foliage.  One of the bedrooms shows an saturated blue painted ceiling and beams.  The bathroom shows off a pair of porcelain basins were mounted into a country table.


All images and information from Remodeling Center.

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating



The Beauty Behind Château de Talcy In France

Chateau of TalcyChateau of Talcy

The Château de Talcy is a spectacular historical châteaux in Talcy, Loir-et-Cher, France, located on left bank of the Loire River. This 16th-century manor house was commissioned around 1520 by Bernardo Salviati.  Salviati was a Florentine contractor with connections to the Medici family; a political banking family, whom gathered prominence in the Republic of Florence during the late 14th century.

The château has a Gothic presence to the exterior, which is expected for a structure built at the height of the Renaissance.  The outbuildings have been preserved from the 16th century, and one of the more charming aspects of the house is a traditional vegetable garden.  An aerial view seen below, shows just how spectacular the gardens are.  The Salviati retained the ownership of the estate until 1682.   A house was owned by succession of individuals, including Philipp Albert Stapfer, ( a Swiss politician and philosopher)  until 1932, when it was sold to the state, on condition that the 18th-century interiors would be left intact. The château is visited by 20,000 tourists annually.

Castle of Talcy- View Of The CourtChâteau de Talcy’s Gothic Exterior

25 Pictures Of French Country Dining Rooms

French Country Dining Room Seen In Architectural Digest

French Country Dining Room Seen In Architectural Digest – Found on moonlightrainbow.tumblr.com

Decorating a dining room in the French Provincial style can be easier than you think.  With the right furniture, and a few accessories, you can ease into the French style with a limited budget.

– Country Life Images shows a beautiful gray dining room in the prestigious Weldam Castle. White painted French caned chairs are paired with a long rectangular table, matched up with a formal white table cloth. A red carpet breaks up the white and gray in the room. 8 small table lamps add light during late night feasts.  View it here

– A French dining room featuring a stone fireplace, stone walls, upholstered French chairs, and a tapestry against the far wall- View it here

How To Identify Size

How To Identify Size- www.talariaenterprises.com

Open-plan dining room - House To Home

Open-plan dining room – House To Home

Grace Notes At Home Arkansas

Grace Notes | At Home Arkansas

Rustic French Country Dining Table Seen At French Country Cottage Blog

Rustic French Country Dining Table Seen At French Country Cottage Blog


Set Of Four French Carved Wood Three Arm SconcesSet Of Four French Carved Wood Three Arm Sconces


Comptoir de Famille - French Home Furnishings

Comptoir de Famille – French Home Furnishings

Country French Interiors In Dallas TX

18th Century Painted Cabinet from Provence- Country French Interiors

French Farmhouse Table- Ann Koerner Antiques

French Farmhouse Table- Ann Koerner Antiques

Provence InteriorsInterieurs De Provence On Amazon

Provence Interiors/Interieurs De Provence On Amazon, Seen on Belle Francaise Interiors

Corey Amaro, Tongue In Cheek Blog

Tongue in Cheek Blog- French-ness

Jane Moore’s townhouse in Veranda

Jane Moore’s Townhouse in Veranda- Jane Moore – Veranda

Veranda March 2011

 Veranda March 2011

French Style Decorating Seen On Luc Productions web site.

French Style Dining Seen On Luc Productions web site.

Pam Pierce Linen

Pam Pierce Designs– Linen Dining Room

French Country Dining Table – Antique Reproduction Furniture from Laurel Crown

French Country Dining Table – Antique Reproduction Furniture from Laurel Crown

French Country Dining Table – Antique Reproduction Furniture from Laurel Crown

French Country Dining Table $1,750 On Amazon From Laurel Crown

Primitive Decor - Country Style Decorating Judith Miller Influential Country Styles

French Provence Style Decorating Judith Miller Influential Country Styles

French Style Dining Seen On Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

French Style Dining Seen On Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, bhg.com

A Simple Way Of Displaying Flowers - French Provence Style From French Country Cottage Blog

A Simple Way Of Displaying Flowers – French Provence Style From French Country Cottage Blog

Found on frenchcountrycottage.blogspot.com

Craigslist Chair Makeover Seen On Me And Jilly Blog

Louis XV Straight Cane Back Chair- $440.00 From Laurel Crown On Amazon

French Style Decorating Seen On Luc Productions web site.

French Style Dining Seen on Luc Productions web site.

Jeanne d'Arc Living

Jeanne d’Arc Living

A 16th-Century French Countryside Estate Seen In House Beautiful

A 16th-Century French Countryside Estate housebeautiful.com

Savvy Southern Style Blogs' French Country Dining room

Savvy Southern Style Blogs’ French Country Dining Room

See more at savvysouthernstyle.net






Composer Chopin And Romantic Writer George Sand’s 18th Century French Chateau

Le Domaine Nohant situated at the heart of Berry France sits a captivating Chateau built at the end of 18th Century. Chateau de Nohant was the home of the brilliant French romantic writer and journalist Lucile Aurore Dupin, otherwise known as George Sand.  Her first independent novel, Indiana, was written  in 1832, she went on to write thirty-seven more novels as well as various plays.

Sand  (1804-1876) was also known for her shocking lifestyle, and well known famous lover, composer Frederic Chopin. Leaving her husband in 1831, she moved to Paris where she sported men’s clothing, smoked cigars and had various affairs with men, the most famous being Chopin.

When Napoleon III made  himself Emperor, Sand retired to Nohant, where many summers were spent writing and composing. Frederic Chopin lived at Nohant with Sand, between 1839 and 1847, where he composed the majority of his masterpieces.  Chopin composed some of his most brilliant music in George Sand’s family chateau at Nohant.

Art & Decoration originally featured these photos in their magazine.  Today, tours are given through the Chateau and gardens at Nohant.  See Sand’s writing nook and actual desk where she composed most of her famous works. Enjoy the chateau’s garden—classified by the French Ministry of Culture as a Notable Garden of France, and a forested path that  leads to her family plot where the lady herself is buried.

Amongst all the photos, this picture featuring a carriage in front of entrance of George Sand’s manor house in Nohant, France, is the most beautiful. Another view of the dining room shows the esquisite furniture of the home.  We home this classic 18th century home will inspire you with your decorating choices.


French Provence Decorating – Home of French Novelist George Sand
French Provence Decorating – Home of French Novelist George Sand
French Provence Decorating – Home of French Novelist George Sand
French Provence Decorating – Home of French Novelist George Sand
French Provence Decorating – Home of French Novelist George Sand

French Provincial Furniture Ideas From Photographer Bieke Claessen

  • The kitchen walls in a traditional French home are  often made from brick or stone.  Consider troweling some plaster on the walls, or consider making your own  stone out of plaster for pennies which can save you thousands when you plan on re-decorating.
  • Dry herbs can be displayed in the kitchen and at the same time fills the air with their smell. 
  • Iron has always played an important look in the rustic countryside of France.  Consider adding decor with metal elements, such as baskets which can hold linen napkins, faux fruit, or extra silverware.  The table is an important part of Provence styled decorating. 
  • Painted furniture mixed with raw wood will  you complete the look.

Here are some of my favorite picks:

The Noah Dining chair will fit gracefully in a home that has a classic and soft aesthetic. If features a cane back that has been brought back to life and a beautifully tufted seat cushions for comfort. This chair features a cane back, and a lose seat cushion – Sells for $429

The Napoleon collection faithfully captures the romantic feel of vintage, painted furniture from the French countryside. Featuring gently curved frames made of solid hardwood, brightly colored then rubbed down on the edges. Adds a soft splash of vibrancy to any setting. The Louvre arm and dining chairs are accented with a cane back. The chair is made of kiln dried hardwoods , and constructed using Chinese Joinery .  Webbing placed in the seat for support, and hand-painted and hand-distressed for that special French appeal.  New, sells this Louvre dining chair for $299


French Provence Provincial Cane Dining Chairs
French Provence – Provincial Dining Furniture- Distressed Rustic Gray French Painted Furniture
French Provence Furniture- The Baltic Dining Room Table

The Baltic dining table features a natural rectangular surface and an elaborate based. It would make any dining area stand out because of it’s beautiful natural elements. The table features a Kiln-dried hardwood frame. The finishes are hand applied and sanded repeatedly. The top of the table is coated with a lacquer top coat or wax. New sells this for $1,499

The most important room in the house is the kitchen and the same is said for  the French Provencal look. The kitchen is where most of the entertaining is done in the home, so it makes sense to invest in quality furnishings where you spend hours of your time.

Reclaimed Dining Room Tables- Rustic French Country Provence Tables- Old World Decorating

Le Havre Dining Table-Elm Wood: W98.5 x H30 x D35.5 $2,949

Reclaimed Lumber Coffee Table $1,499

French Provincial Louis XV Style Game Table

Antique French Louis XVI Style Painted Blue Leather Game Table With Four Armchairs

When you think of game tables today, the first thing that comes to mind for most people are pool tables, ping pong tables, and hockey tables. Before the modern invention of the television, a family would play games together.  A game table was a very practical piece of furniture in the home, and was used daily.

Antique game tables are smaller than regular tables because they were designed with the intention of 2 people playing a game together.  Larger game tables can accommodate 4 players, and sometimes more.   Here is an exceptional example of a burl wood poker table that can hold 6 players.

Some of the most beautiful french tables often have precious mother of pearl, ebony and wood inlay combined with bronze decorative hardware that adorned the feet and mounting corner hardware on the legs.

Many game tables have a removable chess board on one side, and the table design on the other. Other tables have a chess board on one side and a backgammon board on the other side. Small drawers are often built in for storing game pieces. Some designs actually have drink holders that pull out from the sides.

You can expect French Napoleon III period tables from the 1860’s to be painted in black lacquer or cream with gilt bronze hardware. They often have tapered fluted legs compared to Louis XV tables.  French game tables make great additions to your living room. Station these tables against a window and add two comfortable bergere chairs, and you may be surprised to learn that you use it more than you think.

French Country Louis XV Game Table

Antiques Super is selling an antique French Louis XV inlaid mahogany game table. This beautiful game table is made in solid veneered mahogany and rosewood in the French Louis XVI style. This table has terrific inlaid and bronze details. Antiques Super is selling this table for $1,325.00

French Provincial Rococo White Painted Game Table– A charming French provincial rococo white painted and parcel-gilt leather-top game table; the square russet-colored leather top with hand-tooled gilt decoration; above a scalloped apron fitted with 4 drawers; raised on graceful cabriole legs ending in hoof feet


3 Easy Old World French Elements To Add To Your Home Part 2

See this chandelier here

19th Century French Iron Metal Folding Daybed Berkshire Home & Antiques

2. The Use Of Metal

In French decor, metal is a very important element, especially iron. One very easy way to incorporate forged iron is with curtain rods and curtain hold-backs.   Modern hardware can be traded out for iron hardware.  This simple improvement can make all the difference in a home.

Take a good look at your lighting.  Often times, you can quickly fix ceiling lighting simply with spray paint.  Rust-oluem produces a wonderful spray called Oil- Rubbed which gives a wonderful metallic bronze finish that looks genuine.  Rustoleum also produces a spray that simulates aged iron.  For under 20 dollars you can make over much of the metal in your home with inexpensively.  Adding a good primer can ensure that your finish lasts several years.  After trying a dozen of primers, I have found when it comes to covering metal, that using an automobile primer has been what has worked the best for me in the past.  Finding a primer in black is not an easy find.  Although Rustoleum produces an auto primer that works quite well.  Auto paints can be very very toxic to breath in.  So it is best to do spray painting outside, as well it is imperitive to wear a proper safety mask to ensure that your lungs are protected.  This is a great way of improving some of the little details around your home which will make a big impact.

Iron shelves can be put above doorways, or under kitchen cabinets for a very rustic appearance.  Use iron shelving in your bathrooms for extra storage.  The color and texture of the iron adds a touch of boldness that metals used nowadays don’t  have.

-Cast Iron Bird Knocker $13

-Esschert Design Quarter Round Etagere Plant Rack $134

-Esschert Design Cast Iron Wall Shelf with Hooks $52

-Esschert Design  Cast Iron Game Wall Hook $54

-Esschert Design XH61-AR Large French Urn $101

-Esschert DesignBird Large $13, Sitting Iron Bird, $13

-Esschert Design Boot Rack/Scraper for 2 pairs of boots $79

-Esschert Design DB56 Cast Iron Welcome Sign $19

-16″ Decorative Flowing Scroll Bathroom Towel Holder $60

-Elizabeth Narrow Towel Rack $49

-Set of 2 Vintage French Antique Silver Vanity Mirror Home Decor $64

-30.75″ Weathered Wooden and Iron Bistro Table with Scroll Accents $279

-27″ Black Iron Leaf & Scroll Lantern-Style Table Top Candle Holder $151

-Counterflory Recipe Book Holder $33

-Secrets du Potager Herb and Flower Dryer $18

-Secrets du Potager Harvest Baskets, Set of 3 $74

Cast Iron Shoe Scraper with Brush $53

-Cast Iron Umbrella Stand $86

– Large Wasp Trap with Decorative Cast Iron Holder $35

-Cast Iron Wall Mount Hose Holder $46

-Half Round Cast Iron Wall Planter $41

Other Interesting Ideas :

Iron Jardiniere Planters

-Ornate French Chateau Style Brown Iron Desk Clock $38

-Iron Wall Hook Home Decor $13

-Palazetto Fleur Cast Aluminum Bistro Set Color – Antique Wine $219

-Secrets du Potager Wire Mannequin Display Figure $181

-Esschert Design USA ZB16 Glass Cloche $54

-Esschert Design OZ13 Old Zinc Finish Round Table $133

-Esschert Design USA BR03 Bird Hook Bracket $15.48

-Set of Three White Metal Flower Pots In Metal Saucer $16

-Esschert Design USA White Metal Bucket with Wood Handle $16

-21″ Antique-Style Vanity Mirror with Two-Tier Tray $74

-Set of 3 Open Design Birdcage-Inspired Wire Urns with Finial Lids $140

-36″ Giant Wire Mesh Hanging Three-Tier Wall Shelf Rack $230


Tremolet’s Chateau d’Ailly in Normandy

Gerard Tremolet worked in the fashion world most of his life, but after leaving the industry of fashion, he pursued his own interests in interior design. Back in 2007 he and his partner purchased the Chateau d’Ailly in Normandy and renovated it to transform it into a bed and breakfast. To decorate the castle Gerard Tremolet drew his inspiration from his love of the 18th century, adding his own personal touches along the way.  While the colors aren’t historically accurate, Tremolet shows us that bright, bold color can be used in period styled homes and furniture.

Saturated dark red walls in the dining area are paired with a beautiful collection of natural vintage styled baskets and blue-gray provence chairs for a nice contrast.  The combination of the damask wall fabrics, striped velvet fabrics, and iranian patterns show us that even complex color combinations can work together. Colors such as yellow, turquoise, hot pink and lime are some of the colors used throughout the Chateau d’Ailly.  French XV, XVI furniture, and Italian Venetian furniture and accessories are paired together giving off a look that is carefully collected and adored.  A modern styled “Renaissance-style ” approach is used through the home, and can be seen in the guest bedroom.  One the best rooms is shown below.  The walls and curtains are of a Thevenon toile de Jouy.  A Louis XV armchair sits in the bedroom and can one of the best examples of French style in the home.

To read the full article head over to Elle Decor.

French Provincial Buffets

Bassett French Provincial Buffet Painted Black

Bassett French Provincial Buffet

The French provincial style has stood the test-of-time. Today, like in the past, the French Provincial look is essential to competing the classic french country interiors, Swedish styles, and shabby chic styles.

Buffets have always been a must in every dining room but also have been re-purposed as entry way cabinets, tv cabinets and also re purposed bathroom sink vanities.

The classic buffet furniture consists of buffet tables, buffet cabinets, buffet hutches, buffet sets, and sideboards. Depending on what you may need for functionality each piece offers something different.

A hutch which comes with a buffet is perfect for china display and presentation. If you are a avid collector, hutches are the perfect solution, as you still have the extra cabinet storage in the buffet.

A buffet cabinet provides the storage space you may need to store glasses and extra dishes, while the top is a tabletop you could use for display or extra space to hold food when family comes over and the dining table is crowded. It is great providing extra food space, allowing you to feature your food instead of cramming it all on the table or ushering your company into the kitchen.

Buffet tables usually do not provide any storage, but are attractive in that it is an extra working table top similar to the buffet cabinet but without the storage. The table serves as an extra tabletop for entertaining, and also allows for decorative display in your dining room, living room, and kitchen.

Provincial Antiques

Vintage French Provincial

French Antique Accessories For Your French Provincial Home

Rustic Wall Mirror - French Style With Floral Detail $175 Amazon Edouard French Provincial Style Console Table - $170 Amazon   French Hand Painted Faience Bretons Large...

Unique French Furniture Finds On Craigslist

Pair of rare wrought iron Peacock Patio Chairs. - Fort Worth Dallas I cannot say I have ever seen anything like this before.  Rare French...

Rustic Hunter Green And Silver French Provincial Highboy

Taken from Milwaukee's Craigslist Tall French Provincial dresser by Drexel painted in dark green with silver accents. This quality piece is a perfect addition...
Next time you see that bookshelf that has no legs, consider this company.  Add stylish feet to bookshelves, dressers and nightstands.  See this set on Amazon 15 Pieces Mushroom Unfinished Knobs - $12 On Amazon Check out these beautiful options for new hardware pulls on Amazon.  If you are looking to update a country styled chest, consider this route.  Simply type...

French Decorating

Decorating Around A Neutral Interior – French Provincial Decorating

Historic Styled Lighting - 1stoplighting.com Cambridge - 18 Inch Two Light Wall Sconces Burnished Brass Finish $319.00 This beautiful French Provincial chest features a multi- finish...

French Provincial Style Rocking Chair

This beautiful white French styled rocker would make a perfect piece for a living room or nursery.  The upholstery looks to be a soft...

25 French Country Style Interiors – Elle Decor

There is something about rustic décor that makes a house feel like a home. Incorporating French country style into an interior space can make even the most urban house feel like it's tucked away in a tiny French village.
1950s French Provincial Commode by Cassard Chateau Romano NYC - Quality Is Key On Ebay Vintage French Provincial furniture can look fabulous when it is re-finished.  Chances are you have seen these pieces at thrift stores, garage sales, on craigslist and kijiji that with a little improvement, these pieces can look old and worn to fit into a Provincial decorating theme. Here...


 Countryside Provence Style French Iron Garden Chairs Can you imagine how exciting it would be to stay in a rustic log cabin in Aspen, or have a dinner in a formal french restaurant in France? If you are modern sort of gal, than run with that style.  If you like Italian looks, your dominate theme should be Italian. There is nothing more...