Le Mas des Poiriers, – An 18th-Century Rhône Valley Farmhouse

After nearly a decade of blogging about beautiful homes, one in particular has captured my heart like none other… Le Mas des Poiriers, an 18th-century Rhône valley farmhouse. I dream of visiting one day, and I was delighted to receive a copy of Provence Style: Decorating with French Country Flair, written by homeowner Shauna Varvel with Alexandra Black, and released this month by Vendome!

Named for the working pear orchard on the grounds, the property was reimagined by noted local architect, Alexandre Lafourcade, who transformed a rough structure into a luxurious expression of the Provençal aesthetic, referencing historical influences, rural traditions, and Parisian taste.

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My Modern Take on Traditional Provence Interiors


Working closely with Shauna and Alexandre Lafourcade, the acclaimed French renovation specialist, I felt pressure as an American interior designer to bring the right balance and authenticity to the spaces. I admire so many things about French interiors. For me, the Mas had to be elegant without being stuffy, romantic without being frilly, and comfortable without sacrificing style. Here’s how I chose to salute French Provençal decoration at Le Mas des Poiriers:

Gingham and Florals

The use of gingham, or “Vichy,” fabric dates back to the seventeenth century where it appeared in Provence interiors. I paired elegant florals and Toile patterns (which originated in France) with simple gingham in the interiors of the house.  My favorite combination is in the Dining Room where I blended both fabrics on the South facade overlooking the gardens. I intentionally used blue and cream on this elevation to create a calming and cohesive elegance.

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Chalk Board Walls With French Decor For Kids Rooms


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– 2 Rolls of chalkboard adhesive paper $14 – Amazon

Restoration Hardware featured this boys room and I couldn’t help notice how the chalkboard could be something that can be utilized more than a decorative element.  As a parent, you could write out math addition or times tables, or just words of encouragement that your child can read every single day.

Here are some encouraging words that every child should hear more often.

  1. You are loved
  2. I have faith in you
  3. I know you can handle it
  4. You are creative
  5. Trust your instincts
  6. Your ideas are worthwhile
  7. You are capable
  8. You are deserving
  9. You are strong
  10. You can say no
  11. Your choices matter
  12. You make a difference
  13. Your words are powerful
  14. Your actions are powerful
  15. You can learn from your mistakes
  16. Growing is hard work
  17. I believe you
  18. I believe in you
  19. You are valuable
  20. You are interesting
  21. I’m listening
  22. I’m proud of you
  23. I’m grateful you’re in my life
  24. You make me smile
  25. I love you

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The Rooms Of France’s Chateau De Chambord – French Styled Decorating

Chateau De Chambord attracts many tourists each year, all hoping to catch a glimpse of this remarkable landmark.  The chateau is 2 and a half hours by drive from central Paris.  Located in the heart of the Loire Valley between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes, it is the largest chateau in the region; boasting over 400 rooms and 28 staircases.  Here are some pictures of this marvelous structure taken from wikipedia.

See more of this beautiful castle here on wikipedia

A finer look at this sofa


Look at the beautiful stone work set off in red around this bust.

A beautiful room designed around red, white and fuchsia pink

Another angle of this spectacular room.

Titled – The Governors Apartment in Chambord Castle France


Lush plums and pinks accompany reds in this room designed around this incredible pattern.

Maximilien Philippe

A beautiful canopy bed dressed in red

Checked pattern walls in red, with velvet French chairs

A room with a beautiful French wall wallpaper.

Another view of this room

Baroque patterned wallpaper in green with gilt wall paintings.


A Trophy Hallway in the Chateau De Chambord


The Governors Apartment in Chambord Castle France

The Queens Apartment In The Chambord Castle France

French Yellow and White with Oversized oil paintings in the Chateau De Chambord

French Reds! Moulin Rouge Decorating

Red is a powerful color.  If you have ever considered using red in your design layouts, the best way to use it, in my humble opinion, is to use just a touch of it.

Red evokes a strong emotional reaction.  If you are looking to de-stress, don’t paint your living room walls with it.

Although, on the other hand red really can command attention.  Ideally, you could consider a lacquered red chest and feature it as a center piece in a room.

In this photo, taking a look at the over all amount of color, blue is the dominant color, while red draws you in.

In the Moulin Rouge movie red was a dominant color.

”  According to Painter 1, the people of ancient Asia had a strong affinity for red and gold color combinations. They used these hues to showcase status and wealth, “

Read More: How To Decorate Your Home Like The Movie Moulin Rouge – housedigest.com

Isn’t this commode spectacular?

Look at the use of bronze and red together.

Pair red and gray together.

If you think gold is over the top, gray is the ideal shade to work with as it showcases the red.

You can see that example with this chair.

Combine red with black, and throw pattern into the equation.

Use natural woods with the color of red, and the use of an off white is almost in most color schemes with red.

LENA HOSCHEK TRADITION – Frühling/Sommer 2019 ©Rares Peicu – Ossiach Dirndlbluse



Pair blue with red, using just a splash of red.  vk.com

A striking combination of red and blue mixed together.    –  1stDibs



Red is paired with a creamy white – Lena Hoschek


A statement red wall is the perfect anchor for the Dutch plates.

Notice the use of yellow and off white?  It is the perfect pairing mixed with a load of patterns.

See this home – John Robshaw’s Connecticut country kitchen



Combine yellow and purple together – Moulin Rouge

French Chair, French Louis XV Style Bergere Armchair – 1st Dibs

A maroon red backdrop adds sophisticated dimension to a bed alcove in a guest room in the 11th-century Normandy, France, château of fashion designer Gérard Tremolet. The color echoes the red outlines throughout the rest of the spaces, drawing the red and bright yellow into one cohesive aesthetic. The wallcoverings and bed-curtains are of a Thevenon toile de Jouy and the bed alcove is lined in taffeta. The armchair is Louis XV, and the rug is Russian. – See this at Elle Decor

ReDesign Rub On Floral Transfers – Get That Hand Painted Look An Easier Way


Rub On Transfers From ReDesign On Amazon

Look at this spectacular French dresser above.  You can produce this look too with rub on transfers.  Paint and distress your dresser, then add these transfers for an additional hand painted appearance.  Consider nailing on mold appliques in gold for an additional rich feel.  Gold roses mixed with hand painted flowers.  Gosh, wouldn’t that be an exciting project!


Plum and Purple Florals – Amazon

Leafy Blossoms – Amazon

Floral Transfers From ReDesign

Think about this in gold – Amazon

Rub On Roses – Amazon

House Of Aalia – Boho Roses – Vintage French Provincial Furniture


House Of Aalia – Etsy

Look at this very unique designer on etsy called House Of Aalia.

They have taken French Provincial furniture and given their pieces a very distinctive look.  Combining fabrics and different papers in a mod podge style, they have really created some pieces that look very elegant, but rich at the same time.

A beautiful look at the details of this dresser.

Bassett Bronze and Gold French Country Dresser | Boho French Provincial Dresser

See this piece here

French Provincial Charcoal Gray Vintage Nightstands – Find these here