Question – What Paint Colors Work With French Provincial Furniture ?




Question : Was wondering what are popular colors now in style, about to paint a French Provincial chest of drawers and nightstand? Was thinking turquoise but didn’t know if that color was still in? Your opinions appreciated

Becky – There’s so much regional variation in what’s popular, but if I was going to do a turquoise, I would lean more toward a muted teal, sort of along the lines of Benjamin Moore’s color of the year- Aegean Teal. Country Chic has a color I want to try- Jitterbug, which is a sophisticated muted teal. Colors like Fusion’s French Eggshell sell really well for me on french provincial furniture.

Owen – The clue is in the word, French!

Becky – I see French Provincial painted in all sorts of colors successfully, but I think that French Eggshell is a such a subtle and versatile color that it sells well on lots of styles.

Pam – Depends on the style but people seem to like stripes no matter what the color is. Pantones 2021 colors are a deeper yellow (mustard) and medium gray.

Rachel – I’ve been doing this for 10 years. I paint how I feel, I use color! I don’t follow trends.

Isabel – Navy is very big now

Krystal – I hear baby blue’s. I think it’s going to be different every where. Some people are still stuck on Farmhouse style too and last year was Bohemian from articles I read

Jessica – Sold fast Can’t go wrong with White

Monica – White is definitely the quickest seller for me. But French Blue and Gray are tied for second.

Stacey – A mineral blue many shades are now great

Lisa – If you want to sell it quickly -White. I know it’s dull but it always sells.

Lana – I think Navy, Black and white

Paula – Turquoise is over here

Lisa – I’m doing lots of dark blues, white and black

Cheryl – It depends where you live. Unfortunately, where I am it’s basically grey, white, black. Every once in a while we do different colors and wait for the right person to come along.

Marcie – I’ve tried doing colors but they take me a long time to sell. Things I paint white sell right after posting them.

Amy – Lavender, teal, light blue or gray

Alexis – I will be honest, not an “in” color anymore, peaked about 5 years ago. But if you like it and it goes with your decor, who cares? And that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t sell. Other “jewel” tones are popular right now like green and blue (dark).

Question – What Is The Best Sealer For Rub On Transfers?

Kriss asks :  What have you found to be the best sealer for rub on transfers?


  • Angela – Just use a water based top coat. I’ve use fusion tough coat, GF high performance, varathane Diamond and all are great.
  • Roz – Polycrylic.
  • Carla – I just use the spray poly. But I use satin. Not fond of Matte.
  • Debbie – Dixie Belle clear coat
  • Peggy – I would have said polycrylic at one time. But now I have a love/ hate relationship with the stuff. I’m planning to try polyvine. My transfer is over a glaze that dries shinier than I expected and I want to get rid of the shine.
  • Vonda – Tough Coat by Fusion. Also there’s a compatibility problem with Gator Hide by Dixie Belle- do not use.
  • Vonda – I use a damp sponge. Works great! I’m an IOD Retailer so I’ve done lots of transfers using Tough Coat.
  • Vonda – I use the inexpensive auto sponges. I ordered these from Amazon.
  • Kiellie – I like Miss Lillian’s Luster line. No issues with it and the transfers
  • Jordana – I have used Wise Owl varnish or one hour enamel and it was great.
  • Patrick – Earth Safe Finishes Varnish.
  • Leslie – I use wise owl furniture salve over transfers.
  • Stacy – You shouldn’t use wax over a transfer. It breaks down the transfer
  • Cora – I loved how Fusion Stain and Finishing Oil in White looked on this tray. Softened the colors of the transfers, gave the paint a glaze and a tough as nails finish.
  • Tallie – Polyacrylic





Polycrylic Spray – Amazon

Polycrylic – Ultra Matte

Ultra Matte Top Coat Rust-oleum – Amazon

Dixie Belle Matte Top Coat – Amazon

Foam Detailing Applicator Pad – Amazon

Tough Coat by Fusion – Amazon


Here are some matte finish brands ( below ) I have not tried.  My go-to finish has always been the polycrylic line.  ( The products above in blue ).  The reason for that, is over time I found that my white furniture yellowed with other products.  Additionally, when I would leave glasses of water on my furniture, it was the ONLY line that repelled the water and did not leave a water stain.  Some of the other matte brands did.  Even the matte finishes I used outside left horrible stains.  The polycrylic brand can be used on wood as well.

Here are a couple brands below I have not tried.  I suggest trying them on a few products that can be re-purposed later if they the product ruins the transfer, or wood, yellows or bubbles.

One of the holes I have found in finding a matte product, was the spray application.  I like a nice and even finish, and spray is what gives me that look.  I also prefer matte over satin because as you view the furniture on the side, you won’t see any lines, creases or wrinkles in your project.


Aleene’s Spray FinishAmazon

Rust-Oleum – Clear – Amazon

Varathane In Matte – Amazon

Krylon In Matte – Amazon

Rust-Oleum In Matte Clear – Amazon





redesign With Prima


redesign With Prima

ReDesign Rub On Floral Transfers – Get That Hand Painted Look An Easier Way


Rub On Transfers From ReDesign On Amazon

Look at this spectacular French dresser above.  You can produce this look too with rub on transfers.  Paint and distress your dresser, then add these transfers for an additional hand painted appearance.  Consider nailing on mold appliques in gold for an additional rich feel.  Gold roses mixed with hand painted flowers.  Gosh, wouldn’t that be an exciting project!


Plum and Purple Florals – Amazon

Leafy Blossoms – Amazon

Floral Transfers From ReDesign

Think about this in gold – Amazon

Rub On Roses – Amazon