Chalk Board Walls With French Decor For Kids Rooms

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Restoration Hardware featured this boys room and I couldn’t help notice how the chalkboard could be something that can be utilized more than a decorative element.  As a parent, you could write out math addition or times tables, or just words of encouragement that your child can read every single day.

Here are some encouraging words that every child should hear more often.

  1. You are loved
  2. I have faith in you
  3. I know you can handle it
  4. You are creative
  5. Trust your instincts
  6. Your ideas are worthwhile
  7. You are capable
  8. You are deserving
  9. You are strong
  10. You can say no
  11. Your choices matter
  12. You make a difference
  13. Your words are powerful
  14. Your actions are powerful
  15. You can learn from your mistakes
  16. Growing is hard work
  17. I believe you
  18. I believe in you
  19. You are valuable
  20. You are interesting
  21. I’m listening
  22. I’m proud of you
  23. I’m grateful you’re in my life
  24. You make me smile
  25. I love you

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