French Provincial Sofa’s and Settees

Achieving the authentic feel of a period-styled room is usually accomplished by staging the right period furniture. With authentic or reproduction pieces your room can be transformed to a French cottage or a luxurious French chateau. Upholstery is usually the easiest ways of creating the mood in the room, and does push the envelope from a decorated room to a professionally designed room. French sofas are generally something you can find easily since many reproductions were made in the 1960's. There are so many designs, so pick one you absolutely love. French provincial sofas from the 1960's often featured satin fabrics, and a mix of baroque fabric, which are generally out of date, which means you will have to factor in upholstery costs. Your fabric alone can make your room signal an antique feel, or formal style, or relaxed family home, so your fabric consideration is very important when you want to make a statement. When considering fabric, limit your selections to upholstery fabric than curtain fabrics and so forth. Upholstering a chair or a couch alone can be a large job all on its own if you are doing it by yourself, and can be pretty costly, so be sure to pick a fabric that lasts long, and wears slowly over time. Picking a simple fabric with no design isn't a wise choice. A design of some sort will disguise age and daily wear and tear well as apposed to a solid fabric that shows where you have sit, and placed your head and hands. Consider silks only for chairs which are accents which are there for decoration only. Never use silks as dining room chairs as I did once. I upholstered 4 dining room chairs in a silk striped fabric, which took me long time to stuff, and stretch and staple, and finish with nail head trim, and one night I spilled water on the chair, and the fabric was ruined by the water mark. Often times, we don't understand some fabrics are dry clean only, which doesn't make any sense if you are considering them as upholstery fabrics. I came across this outstanding taffeta silk with Swedish colors in a checkerboard pattern which I fell in love with. Considering it for a pair of chairs, I decided I would wash it as it was vintage and smelled it's age. The colors ran in the wash and the fabric wouldn't press with an iron. It was permanently wavy. I was really disappointed to throw out the fabric, but thankful I didn't go to all the effort of upholstering, as eventually down the line it would have been ruined. Natural fabrics are the way to go. Velvets, and heavier fabrics will age well with the slight coffee spills over time.

French Settees can be the easiest to upholster because often they have a back and a seat and no complications compared to the modern sofas. Some of the prettiest settees are found with the cane backs which can be left alone, or sprayed gold, or painted white or cream and antiqued with brown glaze. A settee is a couch that is a double or triple seater bench with a wooden back and wooden arms. Along with sofas, accent chairs are often underestimated, but can do wonders in creating a well designed room. There are a wide range of styles when it comes to French chairs. Every French desk, dining table and entry way needs a fabulous chair to make a statement.

French Settee Picture Credit Sarah Richardson

Outstanding French Sofa

French Sofa From Country Living Magazine

19th Century French Louis XV Style Sofa

French Settee Country Living Magazine

French Settee From The French

Stunning French Chairs set off this room featured in Veranda Magazine


Sofa French Provincial Style Sofa
Sofa Set- French Provincial Style Living Room Set 

French Provincial Couch Sofa From Amazon

Designer Ruthie Sommers Uses French Chairs in this scheme

This French Chair adds softeness to this beautiful room

Upholsted Louis Settee Picture Credit Everyday Living Blog~ & French Accent Chair From Domino Magazine

French Provincial Sofa From The Beaux Arts Mansion In St. Louis

French Accent Chairs From The Beaux Arts Mansion in St. Louis

Erin Featherston For Domino Magazine

French Settee From Domino Magazine

Domino Magazine From Paris Apartment Blog

Vivacious French Settee in Burnt Orange Silk

French Provincial Sofa

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  • Love all this! What an eye you have forr these elegant pieces. Im trying to convince myself I can seek out, purchase and restore one of these beauties for our master bedroom! After seeing your well presented gallery of “sofa candy” I think Im gonna give it a go!

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