5 Ways to Update French Provincial Furniture

5 Ways to Update French Provincial Furniture

Painted Finishes on Vintage French Provincial Furniture Using An Overhead Projector – By Meranda S.

While French Provincial furniture is beautiful to look at just by itself, it can also become dingy and old looking over time. There are ways to make it more modern and artistic though. Here are a few ideas for ways to update your French Provincial furniture into a more modern style:

1. Update the Hardware –  Paint the original hardware.  Look to see how this French dresser painted in a cremy white has the original handles which are updated in a brushed bronze.  If you end up painting your dresser black, consider painting the pulls black and distress them to show the beautiful metal in the ornate parts of the handle.  This technique works with any paint color.  To make the pulls stand out a bit, consider adding a brown glaze to the painted pulls or a dark brown wax to show off the details a bit more.

2. Go Pastel – Painting your furniture in pastel colors is a great way to keep the authentic feeling while still updating the look. Distress the paint finish with a hand sander.  Even brighter paint colors look antiqued with a bit of brown glaze.  Paint on the brown glaze and wipe it off.  Consider painting with an eggshell finish as your basecoat, which gives the glaze something to grip on to.  The glaze technique leaves residue giving you an aged appearance.  If a paint finish doesn’t look right, add some glaze and you will love the finished look.  Glaze makes everything look nicer, and is the trick many professionals use for brighter paint finishes.

3. Black, White or Red – If you want a really modern look, you can paint your furniture bold black ,white or red. Consider going glossy for a very rich French look. Rust-Oleum has a wonderful oil based line called “Enamels Spray” that produces a rich glossy lacquered appearance that doesn’t need any priming. Consider only using this brand in the warmer weathered months.

4. Bright Colors – Fun colors can bring new life to your furniture. Neon pink, bold blue, bright yellow and glossy green make it stand out and also give a great juxtaposition to the classic style of the furniture itself.

5. Cushion Crazy –If you have chairs whose cushions are looking a bit rangy, don’t reupholster them with the same old boring stuff.

Example of Tip 1- Look how the hardware is painted blue, and slightly distressed? 

6. Patterns – Add bold stripes of color to boring furniture and liven them up. You can change the whole look of a piece with just a few stripes. Use tape to make sure your paint comes out crisp and clean

7. Frames – If you have a French Provincial mirror or picture frame, do not toss it away. Make it into a centerpiece by framing something unusual like a wreath of flowers or a chalkboard. It will stand out and make your home a talking point.

These are just a few ideas on how you can update your French Provincial furniture. There are so many opportunities to make the most of this beautiful style. Just take a few minutes to think about what you could do with it!

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Meranda’s French Provincial Dresser Painted Using An Overhead Projector – Patterns From Ikeas Cardboard storage boxes.

Baby Blue French Scalloped Cabriole Leg Dining Room Table From Grange

Magnificent French 19th Century painted Armoire- Get this look using brown glaze over pastel paint

Magnificent French 19th Century painted Armoire with interior
buffet.Unusual Louis XV style, hand carved details, stands on small
cabriole legs. Exterior paint is pale turquoise, interior, mustard
yellow. Original hardware. Exceptional piece. $16,000

A Stunning French Provincial Chest – Check out that finish!!  A pro paint finish!  Sorry this picture doesn’t do her finish justice….   Louis XV Style Chest From beeandrooster-ebay121 on Ebay

Here is another picture of this dresser pulled off the original listing

If you love this distressed finish, check out this faux finish from Kingston Crafts on Esty

French Provincial Buffet From Fabulous Pieces on Esty

Painted cottage tea cart Cottage Chic Beach Chic Ebay Seller LpMarketing

Serpentine French Provincial Dresser Poppyseed Living Esty

French Provincial Dresser By Me- Meranda Snyder

Another Beautiful Paint finish by Meranda- Using Layers of Oil Paint.  First Brown, then a coat of butter yellow which is applied and taken off with a rag within minutes. 

A Stunning Black Painted Provincial Shelved Cabinet by Lily Field Furniture

Another beauty by Lily Field Furniture

Augustus French Provincial Dresser 

Meranda S- French Provincial Makeover Using an overhead projector and a zebra pattern

French provincial Dixie 50’s bedroom set made over in faux burl, and drilled new holes for new hardware

Another hand painted burl chest – White Provincial Furniture.