Architect François-Xavier Van Damme’s French Inspiration

Belgian Pearls blog had an interesting post on Belgian architects François-Xavier Van Damme. The architecture of the French southwest region are a huge inspiration for his architects work. François-Xavier sent Greet, (author of Belgian Pearls blog) pictures of his own country house, which sits in the Flemish countryside.

Inside the home are carefully chosen reclaimed materials, designed around the French style.  The door is left untouched, in it’s bare state, and reclaimed oak boards line the floor and give the room that rustic touch. A painted beamed ceiling gives the room detail and an old world effect. The white painted walls give the room a lot of bright light, while the raw wood seen in the furniture and on the floors add charm that we might see if we lived back in the 17th and 18th centuries.  French 18th century furniture designs can be seen throughout the house. Take for example the study corner with beautiful cabinetry, as well as the bathroom cabinet  which both have the classic door designs that we see in 18th century furniture from France. The gorgeous paneling is the perfect finishing touches for this French inspired home.  Carefully planned furniture, a lack of clutter allows these outstanding architectural features to really shine in this home.