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“I’m still learning about who Hubert de Givenchy was by being in this space,” says Olivier, who was also Philippe’s godson. Olivier spoke to the couple almost every day, and when he visited Le Jonchet, they’d stroll the grounds together. Later in life, Hubert would go over repairs done (the roof) and yet to be done (the boiler), giving Olivier a pointed look.

Read more about this estate at Town and Country Magazine

French Styled Furniture For Your Home – Vintage Or Antique ? What Do You Like?

French Provincial is a style of furniture you will never get tired of. Its often decorated with ornate carvings, and curvy frames.

I prefer the heavily distressed pieces which give some character than the solid painted frames. While white is quite popular, gray, or a muted shade can give an antiqued appearance.

Check out some of these finds located from ebay.


NEOCLASSICAL GONDOLA CHAIRS | Set of Four White Painted Dining Chairs – Silla Fine Antiques on ebay


French Provincial Country Blue Nightstand  –


Here’s how to get the same look with this elegant french provincial buffet makeover. Aviary Milk Paint did the trick!



Painted French Provincial Dressers


Galvanized Metal SLED Sleigh 48″ -Tender Heart Creations – Ebay

Primitive Post Box – $64 – Tender Heart Creations – Ebay


Antique Stools, Foot, Green Upholstered, Louis XV Style – Old Europe 71

French Louis XVI Style Sofa in Black Velvet – $1700 – Napoleon Antiques On Ebay


Custom Made Louis XVI Sofa – Napoleon Antiques On Ebay

LOUIS XV CHAISE | French Antique “Duchesse Brisée” Arm Chair Lounge, 19th C. $3950 Silla Fine Antiques on ebay


This LA Apartment Is Full of Luxe-Looking Ideas –


French Louis XV Style Carved Giltwood Canapé Settee Sofa, circa 1900 – Silla Fine Antiques on ebay


Giltwood, Gold, French Louis XV Style Table – Old Europe 71


Antiques From – Silla Fine Antiques on ebay



This French provincial dresser makeover is a true testament to the power of paint.

Chateau Gray paint updated this dated dresser into a stylish buffet.


French Provincial Furniture On Pinterest


18th Century Louis XV Period French Antique Arm Chair w/ Modern Upholstery – Silla Fine Antiques on ebay

Refinished Malcolm high boy French Provincial style Painted in a custom mixed Dove Grey chalk paint, and distressed. Metallic gold hardware

ReChic Painted Furniture

French Provincial Furniture


Raw Distressed Reproduction French Furniture For Your Home



I stumbled on a website that offers European styled distressed furniture that would perfectly outfit a home decorated around the French or Swedish styles we all love.

The site is called Antique Farmhouse.

What I love about this website is practically every piece they offer for sale is heavily distressed or left in it’s raw wood.  Even when shopping on amazon or ebay, sometimes I find it difficult to find a piece which is either painted, or heavily distressed, or has that worn look that we find with antiques.  Do you love my favorite picks?


French Styled Furniture



French Hutch – $3,548.00Antique

Stunning French Styled Furniture


Weathered Cabinet $1248 – Antique

Stunning French Distressed Furniture


Double Cabinet $3144 – Antique Farmhouse



Spectacular Cane Sofa – $3036

Country Storage Bench $2198


Beautiful Distressed French Swedish Furniture and Accessories

French Designer Jane Moore Gives Her Top 3 Tips She Designs Around

Veranda had an article asking European Designer Jane Moore her top tips for design. Here is what she said:

1. Tip From Jane Moore – The OPPOSITE EFFECT

Let your environment help you make decisions about your interior design.

” I have always lived in Houston, where it is very hot and humid. As a result, I always pick cool colors that come from nature—soft blues, greens, grays—because when I come in out of the heat, I want to be refreshed. ”

Why this design advice works is your outside environment plays a very major role in your life. If your missing the elements from the outside that you crave, bring them into the house which you spend the rest of your time. If you live in a cold climate, warmer accessories might be something to invest in. Perhaps velvet pillows in deep shades of rust instead of blue and green.

What do you think? Great tip?

2. Tip From Jane Moore – EDIT

As you mature in your life and design, edit to what you love the most, and remove the rest.

It can be hard to give up something that you spent a lot of money on earlier in your life, or a piece that is hard to find. As you get older, you find that the pieces that really don’t match your style can drag down the appearance of your home. The clutter shines a spotlight on things you don’t even like anymore.

Take a good hard look at the pieces you own. Showcase the nicest pieces in your home, and you will find your eyes are always drawn to them, than the pieces that you keep saying… “I need to get rid of that”.

“I started my career doing almost all English, but as I grew to love the Provençal and Swedish aesthetics, I let go of those English things, even though I still loved them.

“The same goes for people with a lot of bright, colorful pieces who want to transition to something serene and neutral.”

3. Tip From Jane Moore – FOR YOU ONLY

Buy For Yourself And Not For Someone Else.

Live in your moment, not in someone else’s.

“Those before us—grandmothers, mothers, friends—had their time to enjoy what they loved, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to love it, too.”

‘Oh, someday my daughter will love it, or my granddaughter will love it,’ Then I thought, ‘No. I love it, and if they choose not to have it in their homes someday, that’s all right.’

This happens all the time. You pick up something for someone else, and you think they will love it, but they never really do. It becomes wasted money, but your feelings get hurt in the process. Let other people hunt down their own treasures, as in the end, often times its the hunt that is thrilling. Even if you exactly match what they are after, most people don’t pull the plug on those finds, and you end up wasting your time and energy.


4. Tip From Jane Moore – INVEST

Save Your Money For What You Really Like

” Avoid buying what I call ‘fillers.’ Instead, buy only what you absolutely love, what you simply cannot live without. ”

Isn’t this true for buying in general? We tend to come across something locally, and we just purchase it, even though it’s not exactly what we are after. Instead, put the items that really match your vision in your online cart, or hold back until you find exactly what you are after. Highly edited interiors show a distinct style. When you look at the piece, and your not really sold out for it, eventually it will be discarded after you get tired of it anyhow.

6 Biggest Colour Mistakes I’ve Made – Maria Killam



I was invited by Style at Home to be on a Twitter chat about colour a few weeks ago and one of the questions the editors asked was “What’s your biggest mistake choosing colour” and I immediately chimed in with “I have a few” and immediately listed three:

So here they are, with a few more just for fun:

1. The first mistake happened during one of my very first consultations. I chose a colour for the walls and then went down the strip to the lightest one and specified it for the trim colour.

Read more of this terrific post here. I know I have made these exact same mistakes along the way.

Decorating Around A Neutral Interior – French Provincial Decorating

Historic Styled Lighting –

Cambridge – 18 Inch Two Light Wall Sconces Burnished Brass Finish $319.00

This beautiful French Provincial chest features a multi- finish paint finish.

French Louis XV Country Auffray Style Paint Decorated Triple Dresser, $1,356

Distressed Vintage French Country Sofa –
Baskets with greenry on the wall – Love this!
I love how Karianne used objects from her own home to change the entire look of this room…3X! Now that’s re-purposing, economical, and green.

MILIEU  Fall 2014,

French Sofa –

Cosette Chair $3,399.00

French Chair From

Pair of Louis XV French Chairs – $1950

French Mid-19th Century Painted Wood Five-Drawer Chest $3,675.00

French Decorating – Etsy

Back Drop Home Paint

I wanted to introduce you guys to a new chair that I got last week from a good friend of mine. My friend Holly sells at our shop, The Found Cottage, & every time she comes to drop stuff off at the shop I want it all. Like, really. I want it all. Well, last week when she dropped off at the shop I spotted a chair of my dreams that she had re-covered & I about died. I took some quick cell phone photos of it today in our back living room to show you…
Beautiful spring home tour with vintage cottage style. ” –

Chalk painting an old French Dresser   –

French Style Chest by Baker Furniture – Von Meyer Ltd. $1,395.00


Top 7 Must-Have French Furniture Pieces

From the opulence of Louis XIV to the sophistication of the French countryside, every period throughout France’s turbulent history had a unique style. For those trying to recreate these looks in their own home, here are some of the most classic must-have furniture pieces with French origin.
1. Armoire 
Armoire is a word borrowed from the French language to mean wardrobe. The  armoire has a long history in French design, but its style has changed quite a bit throughout history and even differs based on region. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, when French style was quite opulent, armoires featured intricately carved doors.  French country furniture, which has the more traditional style of the French countryside, has more subdued armoires with simpler carvings.  Antique armoires are still popular, commonly sold in a variety of wood finishes.
2. Chaise Longue 
Literally translating to “long chair,” a  chaise longue is an upholstered sofa in the shape of a chair. Although many see the chaise longue as a luxurious but primarily decorative piece of furniture, it was not always this way. French craftsmen began making such furniture in the 16th century for aristocratic customers, who would relax on these sofas in sitting rooms as they greeted guests. In more modern times, many have used them to accent living rooms or as benches in master suites.

French Louis XVI Style (19/20th Cent.) Walnut Full Size Bed with a Cane Pane- Newel on eBay

3.  Louis Bed
When shopping for French furniture, one may often come across the term “Louis bed.” The “Louis” in “Louis bed” is likely referring to Louis XIV, Louis XV, or Louis XVI. The rules of these men span from the mid-1600’s to the late 1700’s and the French Revolution, and during this time, the popular style of bed was largely the same. The Louis bed commonly features intricate hand-carved head and footboards fit for a king. The wood comes either stained or painted, depending on one’s personal tastes.
4. Vitrine 
While people commonly use the word ” vitrine” in English, it is originally a French word for a display cabinet. Traditional  French vitrines feature glass doors so that one can display cherished items on glass shelves. Many also have mirrored backs, allowing for one to view both the front and back of the items on display inside. The vitrine dates back to 18th-century France, but they continued to grow in popularity throughout the following centuries.
Read more at Ebay


Antique 19th Century Hand Carved French Provincial Bookcase Cabinet –Scandinavian Antiques Co

Antique 19th Century French Morbier Grandfather Clock- Scandinavian Antiques Co

Habersham Plantation Large French Louis XV Style 3 Door Armoire-Bucks County Estates

25 Pictures Of French Country Dining Rooms

French Country Dining Room Seen In Architectural Digest

French Country Dining Room Seen In Architectural Digest – Found on

Decorating a dining room in the French Provincial style can be easier than you think.  With the right furniture, and a few accessories, you can ease into the French style with a limited budget.

– Country Life Images shows a beautiful gray dining room in the prestigious Weldam Castle. White painted French caned chairs are paired with a long rectangular table, matched up with a formal white table cloth. A red carpet breaks up the white and gray in the room. 8 small table lamps add light during late night feasts.  View it here

– A French dining room featuring a stone fireplace, stone walls, upholstered French chairs, and a tapestry against the far wall- View it here

How To Identify Size

How To Identify Size-

Open-plan dining room - House To Home

Open-plan dining room – House To Home

Grace Notes At Home Arkansas

Grace Notes | At Home Arkansas

Rustic French Country Dining Table Seen At French Country Cottage Blog

Rustic French Country Dining Table Seen At French Country Cottage Blog

Set Of Four French Carved Wood Three Arm SconcesSet Of Four French Carved Wood Three Arm Sconces


Comptoir de Famille - French Home Furnishings

Comptoir de Famille – French Home Furnishings

Country French Interiors In Dallas TX

18th Century Painted Cabinet from Provence- Country French Interiors

French Farmhouse Table- Ann Koerner Antiques

French Farmhouse Table- Ann Koerner Antiques

Provence InteriorsInterieurs De Provence On Amazon

Provence Interiors/Interieurs De Provence On Amazon, Seen on Belle Francaise Interiors

Corey Amaro, Tongue In Cheek Blog

Tongue in Cheek Blog- French-ness

Jane Moore’s townhouse in Veranda

Jane Moore’s Townhouse in Veranda- Jane Moore – Veranda

Veranda March 2011

 Veranda March 2011

French Style Decorating Seen On Luc Productions web site.

French Style Dining Seen On Luc Productions web site.

Pam Pierce Linen

Pam Pierce Designs– Linen Dining Room

French Country Dining Table – Antique Reproduction Furniture from Laurel Crown

French Country Dining Table – Antique Reproduction Furniture from Laurel Crown

French Country Dining Table – Antique Reproduction Furniture from Laurel Crown

French Country Dining Table $1,750 On Amazon From Laurel Crown

Primitive Decor - Country Style Decorating Judith Miller Influential Country Styles

French Provence Style Decorating Judith Miller Influential Country Styles

French Style Dining Seen On Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

French Style Dining Seen On Better Homes and Gardens Magazine,

A Simple Way Of Displaying Flowers - French Provence Style From French Country Cottage Blog

A Simple Way Of Displaying Flowers – French Provence Style From French Country Cottage Blog

Found on

Craigslist Chair Makeover Seen On Me And Jilly Blog

Louis XV Straight Cane Back Chair- $440.00 From Laurel Crown On Amazon

French Style Decorating Seen On Luc Productions web site.

French Style Dining Seen on Luc Productions web site.

Jeanne d'Arc Living

Jeanne d’Arc Living

A 16th-Century French Countryside Estate Seen In House Beautiful

A 16th-Century French Countryside Estate

Savvy Southern Style Blogs' French Country Dining room

Savvy Southern Style Blogs’ French Country Dining Room

See more at






12 Ways To Bring The Rustic French Countryside Into Your Home

Château de Pintray Bed and Breakfast near Saint-Martin-le-Beau 

Château de Pintray : Bed and Breakfast near Saint-Martin-le-Beau –

French country is a look that is comfortable and inviting. It is no wonder why it still remains to be one of the most popular styles to decorate around.

When you think about touring a French countryside home, you would expect to see classic printed drapery in the living room and natural stone floors throughout the house.  The walls would be finished in plaster and wooden furniture would be seen in a rough and distressed state.

Here are a few things you can do for your home to give it a classic French look:

Rough painted plaster walls are seen in most French interiors, and is a key element to achieving this style. Faux painters often start with an ivory base and use a sponge with darker shades of cream to give the look of plaster. Mixing translucent glaze with several shades of ivory softens the look, making it appear more realistic.

Natural stone floors can give the look of primitive France.  Architectural elements can be added such as a stone fireplace in the living room, iron lighting fixtures, and railings in staircases.  For tight budgets, consider polishing your concrete floors, instead of installing stone and using throw rugs which can bring back the warmth into the room.

Buy reproduction rustic furniture with raw or painted wood. A large dining table in a dull low-sheen finish gives the look of old age. Purchase ladderback, vertical slat chairs with rush seating for a provincial look. New upholstery or paint can update a vintage chair, so look for great chair frames which can be improved. The French style has always been one surrounded by natural elements of stone and brick and warm colors such as gold, burnt rust, and cobalt blue.  Furniture is featured in painted black, gray, corn yellow, deep grays.  Heirloom furniture with layers of patina show a history generations that have passed. Most important when buying a chair, buy a frame and style that you love!

Work With Opposite Colors– Typical French country interiors often have contrasting texture and color. Pale plaster walls and ceilings can be punctuated with dark rough wood beams. Colorful provincial printed fabrics can set against lighter-toned interiors.  If your interior is based around lighter colored walls and furniture, work with prints in blue and red, or purple and eggplant.  These warmer colors bring out the French country style.

Work With Copper– Think about accessorizing with copper pots, natural linens, and glass tableware for the kitchen areas.  Use a pot display rack in the windows above the sink or table to give that old world feel.

Decorate With Pottery- Colorful and muted pottery often adorns a French country table. Work with iron or wooden bowls for centerpieces, and iron candle stick holders to create the perfect centerpieces for your buffet tables.  Pottery, and colorful tablecloths are some of the classic marks of the French style.

La Valette Rouge Bleu cotton print by Braquenie - Pierre Frey. From the 18th century Chateau de Montgeoffroy in the French Loire Valley.

La Valette Rouge Bleu cotton print by Braquenie – Pierre Frey. From the 18th century Chateau de Montgeoffroy in the French Loire Valley.

Work With Traditional Printed Fabrics– The beautiful colors of the French countryside are seen in the traditional fabrics like basic plaids, checks, and stripes.  Classic prints combine shades of primary colors with greens, lavenders, and bright orange. Motifs include roosters, olives, sunflowers, grapes and lavender.  Often the most beautiful designs are arranged in intervals accompanied by a border.

Work With Toile – Toile has always been a traditional design seen in France.  Toile themes are often seen with animals, Chinese patterns and country scenes.  This classic 18th century look often is printed on linen or cotton.

Create Window Benches – Deeply cut window sills and benches are a feature in these old estates.  Tall, narrow windows with shutters were drawn to keep out the hot sun out in the summer. Windows and doorways often had wildly growing vines which added to the romantic aesthetic, but were functional in keeping things cool.  Create window seating which can be dressed up with bench upholstery and throw pillows.

Dried Flowers– Bright flowers are often seen in baskets, old pitchers and copper pots.  This is a fabulous way of bringing in the color lilac, orange or bright red into an interior.  Opt for the higher grade of faux flowers that have a wax type surface for your tables, or entry way consoles.  Consider installing window boxes outside to grow geraniums and lavender in the summer seasons.


Faux Ceiling Beams - Ana White

Ana White | Build a Beams of Light

Hefty beamed ceilings also are key architectural elements in old chateaus.  Styrofoam beams can be painted to look like real wood instead of going to the trouble and cost of the real thing.  Wood supports can be drilled into the ceiling, while thin plywood can be anchored into place to create a box, which then can be  faux painted.

Decorate With Baskets – Woven or wire baskets can hold magazines, plates, towels, bedding and so much more.  This natural element can be used for storage in the bathroom, on the floor in a bedroom to hold extra blankets.  Use it in the living room to contain throws or toys.  Baskets can be an inexpensive way of bring in the natural elements into the home.

Enjoy these inspirational photos of French Provincial style interiors below.


This reproduction Louis-style children’s desk from French company Jardin d’Ulysse comes with a matching chair and is aged to lend your child’s room an antique look. More furniture and accessories from Jardin d’Ulysse.

17th Century Farmhouse With French Furniture

Inspiring Interiors blog featured some wonderful pictures of a 17th century farmhouse which is located in Catalonia, Spain. The home featured beautiful stone walls, and some beautiful white slip-covered sofas and dining room chairs. In the bedroom, sat some Louis XVI stools, and a Louis XVI antique french chair. In the living room area, a beautiful natural wood desk and a Louis XVI chair in white sit amongst white slip-covered furniture. Wood herringbone floors show throughout the home with plaster white walls. This home is very similar in style to those found in the countryside of France.

17th Century Farmhouse With French Furniture

17th Century Farmhouse With French Furniture

Home of designer Henri Quinta in Perpignan, France. Elle Decor.

Home of designer Henri Quinta in Perpignan, France. Elle Decor

17th Century Farmhouse With French Furniture

17th Century Farmhouse With French Furniture

18th Century Louis XVI SofaBermingham & Co. Antiques

17th Century Farmhouse With French Furniture

17th Century Farmhouse With French Furniture

19th C. Louis XV Style Painted Armoire- Melissa Levinson Antiques

19th C. Louis XV Style Painted Armoire-  Melissa Levinson


Primitive Rustic Provence Decorating Ideas Shabby Chic Mania


A French Provincial Ebonized Oak Slant Front Bureau From Christies


Rustic Old World Decorating Ideas Marie Claire Maison

Colefax & Fowler 2010

Colefax and Fowler 2010


Old World Decorating Ideas Luc D’Hulst (source here)

Manuel Canovas From Mscott218 Photostream

Manuel Canovas From mscott218 – Flickr


17th and 18 Century Decorating Ideas Trouvais


Rustic Old World Decorating Ideas Bijsterveld


French Provence Decorating Ideas

French Sofa Sold by Karina Gentinetta

French Sofa  Sold by disegno Karina Gentinetta


French Provence Decorating Ideas – Axel Vervoordt


Swedish Bench French Country Decorating


French Country Decorating By Designer Betty Lou Phillips

French Provence

This beautiful French Provence interior with light plaster walls shows you that black furniture can really stand out against lighter interiors such as this. Stein World sells a really stunning black crackle finished chest that would be ideal in the bedroom, but also could double in a living room against a feature wall. Bombe chests like this are typically regarded as Italian, but also has some of the stunning features that French furniture is famous for.

A Fine Louis XV Painted and Parcel-Gilt CommodeA Fine Louis XV Painted and Parcel-Gilt Commode Bermingham & Co. Antiques

Laurel Painting Reproductions

Laurel Painting Reproductions,

Le Grillon Voyageur

Le Grillon Voyageur,

Architecture examples - Saint remy de Provence, Luberon

Architecture examples – Saint remy de Provence, Luberon

French Style Seen On Luc Productions web site.

French Style Decorating -Seen On Luc Productions web site.

Louis XV Petite BenchBermingham & Co. Antiques

Manuel Canovas

Manuel Canovas

De Rohan Chabot French Chateau- Architectural Digest

The Rohan-Chabot Family’s French Chateau– Architectural Digest

French Louis XV Style Settee Stamped Jansen Greenwich livingGreenwich Living Antiques

Pair of Gilded and Painted Louis XV Style Chairs

The Antique andArtisan Center – Stamford, CT

French Style Decorating Seen On Luc Productions web site.

French Style Dining Seen on Luc Productions web site.

French Style Decorating Seen On Luc Productions web site.

French Style Dining Seen on Luc Productions web site.

European Chef Apron Red Stripe - FrenchGardenHouse

European Chef Apron Red Stripe – FrenchGardenHouse

Linda McDougald Mirror Table

An antique French painted and gilded mirror is set within the custom-designed paneled walls that are finished in the manner of old French blue created by Greenville artist Jeff Renow. In front of the mirror sits an antique French desk. – Found on

Manuel Canovas

Manuel Canovas

17th century country house of the Marquise Marie-Anne-Françoise de Beauharnais (1757-1822) (related to Josephine, future Empress ) in the old village of Sézanne, France.

17th century country house of the Marquise Marie-Anne-Françoise de Beauharnais (1757-1822) (related to Josephine, future Empress ) in the old village of Sézanne, France.

Chateau de la Goujeonnerie outside of La Rochelle, France 2

Chateau de la Goujeonnerie outside of La Rochelle, France

Chateau de la Goujeonnerie outside of La Rochelle, France 4

Chateau de la Goujeonnerie outside of La Rochelle, France

Christiane De Nicolay-Mazery, Bernard Touillon

Christiane De Nicolay-Mazery, Bernard Touillon

John Hall Designs

 John Hall Designs – Fine Furniture since 1967

Château de Bresson ~ Moissieu-sur-Dolon ~ Isère ~ France

Château de Bresson ~ Moissieu-sur-Dolon ~ Isère ~ France

Chateau de Groussay

Chateau de Groussay

Chateau de Hautefort, Aquitaine

Chateau de Hautefort, Aquitaine


Bukowskis Auction

Chateau de Cheverny au beau milieu des chateaux de la Loire

Chateau de Cheverny au beau milieu des chateaux de la Loire

Don Ziebell.

Don Ziebell

Marie Claire

Marie Claire Maison



4 Unique French Style Estates- Provincial Decorating Ideas

Château de la Bourdaisière hotel

Chateau de la

Charles Spada’s French Provence Home In Normandy– The Polish design magazine Weranda featured Boston based interior designer Charles Spada’s  chateau, a former hunting lodge, located in Normandy. Charles Spada Interiors was established in 1980, after leaving a successful career as a designer of women’s apparel in New York City and Boston.  He has been known to decorate with a rich color palette, layered in high end antiques, and architectural elements such as stone and wood flooring. His work has appeared in almost every design magazine including Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, and Veranda magazine as well as Boston Magazine, Design New England, New England Home Magazine and Interior Design and Architectural Digest Italy.

The Castle Of Chenonceau – This royal palace was built during the 1500s in the Renaissance style. The current château was built in 1514–1522 on the foundations of an old mill and was later extended to span the river. The bridge over the river was built (1556-1559) was designed by the French Renaissance architect Philibert de l’Orme. After King Henry II died in 1559, his widow Catherine de’ Medici made it her own residence, adding a new series of gardens. She also added rooms between the chapel and the library on the east side of the corps de logis, as well as a service wing on the west side of the entry courtyard. On Catherine’s death in 1589 the château went to her daughter-in-law, Louise de Lorraine. Read more about this palace here

A European Styled Home Designed By Eleanor Cummings

Home Beautiful featured an impressive European home designed by Eleanor Cummings in collaboration with Babs Watkins and Julie Watkins Baker. The home was transformed into a old world looking estate but started out being a typical builders model from the 1980’s. Cummings added a few key architectural pieces which gave the home a classic European appearance.

The foyer reveals Louis carved walnut front doors in their original paint finish, and wood beams which were cosmetically added to the ceiling in the living room. 150 year old planks replaced old limestone floors and wood from a Scandinavian diary were used to make custom cabinetry in the kitchen.

The homes plastered walls show a palette of soft blues and platinum grays. Baker tells Home Beautiful that the color blue can be the most challenging color to get right in a room. The colors surrounding the blue can change the appearance of blue.  Natural wood warms blue up, while silver tends to do the opposite; it creates a colder appearance.

The focal points in this home cannot be missed – The antique painted Louis XV carved walnut front doors, the 18th century tapestry, and the beautiful faux finished walls, and painted furniture.

The Château de la Bourdaisière located in Loire Valley has been transformed today into a three-star hotel by the Prince Louis Albert de Broglie and his brother.  Although the chateau has had an interesting history.  In 1775, the château was partially destroyed by order of King Louis XV’s most powerful Minister, Étienne François, Duc de Choiseul. In 1802 the property was acquired by Baron Joseph Angelier who undertook a massive reconstruction of the chateau, and built it back up.  Then during World War II, the château was occupied by the Nazis, and after the war because of a lack of funds from it’s owner, it became run down. In 1959, its contents were auctioned off and government turned the château into a home for the elderly.  It wasn’t until  1991 when it was acquired by its current owners, the Prince and Princess of Broglie that it has been transformed once again, and turned into a lavish hotel.

Louise de Lorraine, The Castle Of Chenonceau - Keywords: French Renaissance, French Decorating, French Furniture, French Antiques, French StyleThe Castle Of Chenonceau

Louise de Lorraine, The Castle Of Chenonceau - Keywords: French Renaissance, French Decorating, French Furniture, French Antiques, French StyleThe Castle Of Chenonceau

Louise de Lorraine, The Castle Of Chenonceau - Keywords: French Renaissance, French Decorating, French Furniture, French Antiques, French StyleThe Castle Of Chenonceau

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70 Picture Inspirations Of French Provence Style Interiors

Old World French Provence Homes- maison-deco

Grand Provence

French furniture in the 17th and 18th centuries has been considered to be some of the most breathtaking furniture in history. In 1610 when Louis XIII took the throne, the furniture styles around the regions of France started developing their own signature styles. In Provence, furnishings were carved from walnut, while in Normandy, oak was popular for making armoires, buffets, and vaisseliers.

The Provencal style has always been inspired by the beautiful colors of France.  The atmosphere of the countryside picks up the bright colors of lavender, yellow, mint and blue.  Provencal style changes with the colors of the seasons.  The dirt and natural settings seen around France has been the inspiration for earthenware and ceramic hand-painted pottery.

Some of the key elements of this style are stone flooring, rustic furniture,wrought iron accessories,  tin enamel, painted pottery, raw cotton and linen.  Architectural elements such as beams and alcoves,  basin sinks, concrete corbels bring in the antique elements we all desire and admire. Soft, linen curtains and heavy linen upholstery has been a timeless choice for sofas, side chairs, slipcovers and cushions.  The perfection of raw-wood furniture has been thought to be a noble choice for furnishings for centuries.  Working with rustic hardware, such as wrought iron brings to mind the pastoral, country living that many people find refuge in.  It is not only a style, but a way of life that is deeply anchored in a traditional way of life.

moissonnier 2007 CD 022

Moissonnier Furniture

Old World French Provence Homes-

Old World French Provence Homes-

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18th Century French Style By Coorengel Calvagrac

Michel Coorengel

Michel Coorengel Photo Credit  April 2013 Elle Decor

Photography by William Waldron

When interior decorator Michel Coorengel and his partner Jean Pierre Calvagrac first met, they discovered a mutual passion for antiques and decoration. Born and raised in Holland, Michel is half Dutch and half Indonesian whereas Jean Pierre is a native of France. “We had both studied law and had similar tastes,” explains Michel who started his career working for antiques dealers and decorators during his school holidays.

This 18th-century estate above had fallen to disrepair over the years when designer Michael Coorengel and Jean-Pierre Calvagrac, of Coorengel and Calvagrac, were hired to renovate the estate, which lasted over three and a half years.  The pair transformed this estate by selecting age appropriate paint colors, drapery and antique furniture.  Through the process the designers stumbled upon a thrilling discovery.  Several rooms which had been boarded up and forgotten for decades revealed antiques untouched for years. It was there that they revealed 18th-century painted chinoiserie panels and gilded-bronze candelabras, and so much more.   Read more about this at Elle Decor

Here are several more spectacular rooms from this team of designers.

Previous Works

-Louis XVI armchair covered in Verel de Belval silk in drawing room with renaissance walnut table and grey taffeta window hangings, also by Verel de Belval – See Here

-A satin covered Louis XVI canape in front of a wooden sculpture of Saint Joseph in a drawing room with grey taffeta window hangings from Verel de Belval” – See Here

-Three plaster head busts placed on glass columns designed by Coorengel and Calvagrac – See Here

-A restoration daybed or lit de repos covered in red silk satin by Prelle in a blue room, with white columns, gilded wall sconces and lion skin rug with mounted head- See Here

-A pair of vermeil and jade candelabra by Puiforcat on a restoration gueridon with white marble top in blue room with lion rug and red daybed – See Here

-A mahogany Louis Phillip bed and circular table in bedroom with Jansen 1940 bronze and brass chandelier and a wrought iron astrolabe from ‘Aero’ in NY. A 17C portrait of Louis XVI hangs on the wall. – See Here

-A head bust of Voltaire on a Louis Phillip table along with an astrolabe from Aero, NY. A mink blanket is draped on an 18C chair in front of a marble mantelpiece. – See Here

-A pair of rattan chairs by Jean Michel Frank flank a 1940’s plaster column and vase in room with wrought iron table with a mercury glass top and parquet floor- See Here

-A portriat of the Count de Quelen above a Louis XV style desk in room with a white vase in faience and a silk chinese lantern. On the desk is a sterling sillver bowel by Jean Puiforcat – See Here

Michel Coorengel Photo Credit April 2013 Elle Decor

Michel Coorengel Photo Credit  April 2013 Elle Decor

Michel Coorengel Photo Credit April 2013 Elle Decor

Michel Coorengel Photo Credit  April 2013 Elle Decor

Michel Coorengel Photo Credit April 2013 Elle Decor 2

Michel Coorengel Photo Credit  April 2013 Elle Decor



9 Homes Decorated Around The European Old World French Styles

“Gerard Tremolet’s chateau in Normandy, France. 

French provincial color palettes are usually inspired by hues found in the countryside of France. Brick red, dark brown, forest green, cornflower blue and weathered white are all good candidates for the wall colors in a French provincial room. Muted shades, or those colors that have a bit of gray added, are best, as they amplify the time-worn appearance of the architecture often found in France. For an authentic look and feel, use a faux finish, such as color washing, to give the walls added depth, dimension and texture. The end result will be walls with an Old World appeal.

Add the classic look found in France by incorporating an armoire, or large carved storage cabinet. Armoires are often painted and distressed showing darker weathered wood. Use storage pieces to show off dishes, bedroom linens, jars, metal objects and plaster carvings.

Ladder-back chairs have also been quite popular with natural, rush seats for a country style French appearance.  Work with tufted, upholstered piece to accent the design style.

1. Marie-Lise Dulac Fery’s Apartment in Lyon

The apartment is located in the 19th century old building in Lyon, it’s been completely renovated and redesigned. The long corridors were removed as well as the walls. Only the large and elegant arched windows and old doors were preserved. The owner, Marie-Lise Dulac Fery, is a young antiques dealer and decorator.

2. Monique Waque’s Country House In Germany

Canadian Monique Waque’s picturesque cottage seems like it comes straight out of a fairy tale. It was renovated by the previous owners and she re-decorated using the colors that evoke the French / Scandinavian style.

3. Gerard Tremolet’s chateau in Normandy, France.

This home was featured in Elle Decor October 2012.  The walls and curtains are of a Thevenon toile de Jouy, and the bed’s alcove is covered in taffeta, the armchair is Louis XV,and the rug is Russian.”  You won’t see a more classic French style home.

4. Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale

Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale, completed a careful restoration of 17th century chateau – Pau, South of France. The owners found gorgeous antiques in Parisian flea markets and every room is tastefully decorated in the French style.  The home has gorgeous stucco ceilings, original floors, a large kitchen with an impressive fireplace from the 1600s. In the dining room, a rustic table of chestnut planks is where the family has their dinners.

5. Nicky Haslam’s Home

Your going to love the wallpaper in this home.  Fowler installed an over-sized Mauny wallpaper in the hall, staircase and second floor landing. Eventually it became so old and fragile, that Nicky asked Mauny to remake the discontinued print just for him – which they did.  WOW!

Chateau de Gizeux in the Loire | Yohann Legrand

6. Chateau de Gizeux in the Loire

Ivy Clad featured remarkable pictures of Chateau de Gizeux, which originally was featured in the October 2012 World of Interiors article. The grand salon, as well as other rooms and corridors, were vandalized or fell into disrepair through lack of maintenance. In the Mid 16th century, the walls were elaborately painted by Italian artists to suit the tastes for courtly life favored by the then-owners. Visit the site HERE for more beautiful shots of the chateau inside and out.

7. Old Farmhouse of Sculptor Yves Bosquet

Since 1961, Yves Bosquet, sculptor and painter, resides in Waterloo, just outside Brussels, on an old farm, which in the past was used by Napoleon during his last defeat in 1815, to prepare and conduct the famous battle. The house is filled with a collection of precious objects. When Bosquet bought the home, there was enough space for a comfortable studio with a kiln. Over the time the owners, Bosquet and his wife, renovated the house and garden and added to it in the French country style. {}

8. 11th Century French Property-Perigord, France

An 11th century French property is located in the Cognac Vineyards. The home is currently run as a hotel, with it’s 11 suited bedrooms, and would be the perfect weekend getaway to the French countryside. Keeping with the French theme, this house has kept it’s historical integrity throughout and immaculately maintained.

9. 17th Century In The Old World Style Home in Perigord, France- 

This home rests on 3.5 hectares of riverside grounds and parkland. The main house features 4 living rooms, 2 kitchens, 9 bedrooms (7 with en suites) & 2 studies. Maxwell-Storrie-Baynes


Antique French Louis XV Style Finely Carved Walnut Adjustable Vanity Chair Stool

Antique French Louis XV Style Vanity Stool, Seen On Quality Is Key On Ebay

Nice Pair Vtg Petite French Louis XVI Style Carved & Painted Bergere Arm Chairs

Petite French Louis XVI Style Carved & Painted Bergere Arm Chairs, Quality Is Key On Ebay

Marie-Lise Dulac Fery’s Apartment in Lyon

Marie-Lise Dulac Fery’s Apartment in Lyon

Country House In Germany

Gerard Tremolet- Seen In elledecor

Gerard Tremolet- Seen In

Set of Louis XV Cane back ChairsSet of Louis XV Cane back Chairs, Jacques’ Antiques

Country House In Germany

Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale

Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale

Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale

Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale

Gerard Tremolet- Seen In elledecor

Gerard Tremolet- Seen In

Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale

Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale

French Settee Painted In White From Lisa Liby RyanFrench Settee Painted In White From Lisa Liby Ryan

French Side Table with Antique White Painted FinishFrench Side Table with Antique White Painted Finish, Judy Frankel Antiques

Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale

Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale


Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale

Nicky Haslam’s Home-

C 1850s Lovely Original Paint French Bench Dearing AntiquesC 1850s Lovely Original Paint French Bench Dearing Antiques

Nicky Haslam Seen In Lonny Magazine

Nicky Haslam ~ sentimental accessories from his home: self-portrait of Cecil Beaton, a David Hockney wax sketch, French candlesticks, a Lucian Freud engraving Lucian brought to lunch as a gift and plans for a palace for the Duke of Waterloo to rival Versailles which the Duke turned down Found on

Vtg Italian Carved Green & Gold Gilt Wood French Neoclassical Style Wall Mirror

Vtg Italian Carved Green & Gold Gilt Wood French Neoclassical Style Wall Mirror

Seen On Quality Is Key On Ebay

Chateau de Gizeux in the Loire

Chateau de Gizeux in the Loire

Chateau de Gizeux in the Loire

Provencal Armchairs -Maison de Provence - New OrleansProvencal Armchairs –Maison de Provence – New Orleans

Old Farmhouse of Sculptor Yves Bosquet

Old Farmhouse of Sculptor Yves Bosquet

French Paper Back Books From English Country Antiques In NY

French Paper Back Books From English Country Antiques

Old Farmhouse of Sculptor Yves Bosquet

Old Farmhouse of Sculptor Yves Bosquet

A Pair Of French Louis XVI Style Open Arm Chairs

A pair of French Louis XVI style open arm chairs with carved beechwood frames painted gray, the leaf and floral motif detailed frames having tapering fluted legs and ribbon carving. Upholstered seats, back, and armrests covered in blue velvet.- David Duncan Antiques

Old Farmhouse of Sculptor Yves Bosquet

Old Farmhouse of Sculptor Yves Bosquet

Vintage French Louis XV Style Carved Walnut Oversized Bergere Arm Chair Settee

Vintage French Louis XV Style Carved Walnut Oversized Bergere Arm Chair Settee

Seen On Quality Is Key On Ebay

Antique French Louis XV Style Carved Wing Back Settee Sofa Jansen Style Vtg

Antique French Louis XV Style Carved Wing Back Settee Sofa Jansen Style

Seen On Quality Is Key On Ebay

Antique French Louis XVI Style Carved Wood Fire Side Arm Chair Jansen Style Vtg

Antique French Louis XVI Style Carved Wood Fire Side Arm Chair Jansen Style Vtg

Seen On Quality Is Key On Ebay

Chateau de Gizeux

Chateau de Gizeux 

Elizabeth Pash AntiquesElizabeth Pash Antiques

18thC Provincial Pine French Table With Coral Marble

18thC Provincial Pine French Table With Coral Marble

Parc Monceau – Home – Atlanta, Ga

Country French Interiors In Dallas Texas

18th Century Painted Cabinet from Provence- Country French Interiors

11th century French Property located in the Cognac Vineyards.

11th Century French Property-Perigord, France

11th century French Property located in the Cognac Vineyards.

11th century French Property located in the Cognac Vineyards.

17th Century In The Old World Style

17th Century In The Old World Style featuring a home in Perigord, France which rests on 3.5 hectares of riverside grounds and parkland. The main house features 4 living rooms, 2 kitchens, 9 bedrooms (7 with en suites) & 2 studies. Maxwell-Storrie-Baynes

17th Century In The Old World Style

Perigord, France 17th Century Home

Pair of Vintage French Louis XV Style Cream Distress Painted Tufted Settees Sofa

Pair of Vintage French Louis XV Style Cream Distress Painted Tufted Settees Sofa

Seen On Quality Is Key On Ebay

Antique French Louis XV Style Painted Marble Top Occasional Coffee Side Table

Antique French Louis XV Style Painted Marble Top Occasional Coffee Side Table

Seen On Quality Is Key On Ebay

17th Century In The Old World Style 3

Perigord, France 17th Century Home

17th Century In The Old World Style 5

Perigord, France 17th Century Home

Set of 3 Napoleon III Period ChairsSet of 3 Napoleon III Period Chairs- Jacques’ Antiques

Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale

Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale


Decorating With The Color Green French Provence Style

Color Inspiration

Color Inspiration from here, , here, here, and here

There are so many ways to decorate with green, where do you start?   One starting point is to find a shade that you love.   Borrow color combination ideas from vintage packaging.  French packaging often pairs together colors that just work with one another.

Here are just a few of the colors that are found in France……

Artichoke – the color of fresh uncooked artichoke.

Fern Green is a vivid shade of green that resembles ferns. Fern green was used in 1902.

Laurel green is a medium light hue of greenish gray, first used as a color in 1705.

Myrtle green, represents the color of the leaves of the Myrtle plant, first used as a color in 1835

Teal is a dark cyan color that is seen on the neck of a duck.  – Colors From Wikipedia

How To Decorate With Shades of Green

– Add In Green Foliage – Don’t forget the blossoms, says Nicole Sforza. “Consider green (or greenish) flowers. Forsythia branches, which bloom yellow before sprouting bright green leaves, look great on the console. The Billy buttons, arranged in a light green vase on the table, can last up to two weeks. Also try Lenten roses, which have soft green flowers and foliage.” Real Simple Magazine

– Use Muted Shades of Green– In this link, Martha Stewart shows off 24 of the best rooms decorated around green that were originally featured in her magazines over the years.  In all the pictures, one common trait exists, – she uses old world colors that are muted.

– Pair Natural Wood With Lighter Blues and Green Painted Walls Natural Wood Tones– Stephanie Hoppen says “sandy beiges, and limewash finishes balance barely-there blue rooms. And don’t forget about paint finishes. Chalky flat finishes are warm, while shiny blues will give a bit of a chill”

– Use Muted Softer Colors In Main Rooms, And Brighter Ones In Less Used Rooms– Sasha Emerson, an interior designer says  “When choosing a blue hue, consider how often you’re in the room. For example, don’t choose a very bold blue for a living room — you might tire of the color. Save it for a den or a playroom and pick a more serene tone for central living spaces”

Cooler Tones Can Work With Glass or Mirrors -Stephanie Hoppen says “Frosty blues are elegant with soft creams and shiny accents such as glass. Take the chill off icy colors by teaming them with warm browns, reds, or oranges”

– Pair Jewel Tones Together -Jennifer Flanders says, “The color emerald is synonymous with wealth, prosperity and luxury, so I think it naturally works with other colors that evoke the same air of richness and elegance.  Many other jewel tones mix well with emerald green, but in particular I love this color with deep blues and shimmery golds.”

Farrow-and-Ball Paint

Color Combinations- Real Simple Magazine gives us 4 color combinations.

  • Pair together moss green and soft blue.  Think about colors that play off nature.  The soft colors found in trees, and sky.  You can go bolder with both colors, or really soft subtle shades in the ligher hues.
  • Sea Foam Green and Chocolate.  Think about darker floors, with painted green distressed furniture.  Chocolate walls, with lighter green accessories.  Sea-foam wall colors, with darker rustic WOOD accessories.
  • Consider the classic Rugby- Kelly green and bright white. Go for a bit of a bold contrast with the brilliant Kelly green and white as an accent.
  • Pair together lime green and soft pink.  These two colors can give a soft appearance.  Consider filling an over-sized glass vase with pink cherry blossoms.

Shades of Green

 Home Beautiful’s Color Selections

The Oprah Winfrey Collection

The Oprah Winfrey Collection

Check out my favorite pieces from Oprah’s collection here

Cabinet Bonnier de La MossonCabinet Bonnier de La Mosson

Joseph Bonnier de la Mosson (1702 – 1744), was a French aristocrat who loved science and began collecting exotic insects, snakes, shells and birds. These wooden cases were acquired in 1744 when they were auctioned off following the death of Joseph Bonnier de la Maison, whom was an extremely knowledgeable amateur scientist and connoisseur of art.

They were installed in the King’s Garden Room. Inside these five units made from Dutch wood decorated with serpents a collection of preserved [“dried”] animals. In 1935, the cabinets were disassembled, and were installed permanently in the the Museum of Natural History in the Jardin des Plantes central library in 1979. They are considered an “Historic Monument.”

Borrow this look for yourself, by painting your French furniture a muted shade of light green, and use a shade of white paint to bring out the carved features in your french furniture….

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Great French Provincial Design Is a Philosophy More Than a Look

French Provence Style

French Provence

New York interior designer Miles Redd says, “Life in the 21st Century means taking the best of history and making it work for you.” That is a good philosophy to adopt, whether your design preferences are for contemporary, island chic, British Colonial or French Provincial. Selecting the best of the design traditions and adapting them to your individual lifestyle is the very essence of the design ethic.

What a Feeling

“Most of all, country French is a feeling,” according to French Heritage. Speaking of furniture, the company, which was founded by French-born Jacques Wayser and his American wife, subscribes to the adage that there is no one “period” in history that encompasses French provincial. It is, rather, a way of life, and a philosophy that encompasses the past and adapts to modern needs, uses and sensibilities. In that sense, it is neither rigid, nor formal; it is, however, very personal and always changing to meet new needs and new circumstances.

That accounts for its undying popularity. French country design is seemingly always fresh, always appropriate, and always evolving.

Flexible and Inventive

Remaining true to the beloved French Provincial style ethic is simple when you first adopt the philosophy: Respect for the styles of the past and a willingness to revise, modernize and “make do” when necessary. The essence of court-originated style during the reigns of French monarchs was captured in informal style and inexpensive woods for the “common” folk in the provinces.

Well-made, sturdy furniture lasted for generations. However, years of use took their toll, and inventive families had to make repairs and replace parts, adapting to changing needs. In time, the painted finishes and well-used looks became well-loved as well.

Personal Choice Dictates

Today, the range of options in interior design is sometimes overwhelming. It can be daunting to face the myriad of decisions involved in completing an interior design scheme. The choice of country French as a decor, however, is a wise one, allowing a wide range of available choices with an emphasis on lasting comfort and individuality.

For all your choices, ranging from wall colors to floor coverings, from furniture to window coverings, and from accessories to art, you should realize that there are no hard and fast rules. If you prefer an uncluttered modern look, you can leave windows bare if there is no issue with privacy. On the other hand, wood blinds from, in your choice of finishes, would give you room-darkening possibilities and be perfectly suited to a provincial scheme. You could soften the look with flowing draperies in a colorful toile print, or with gathered panels in a bright country check.

Animal-ish and Whimsy

Charles Faudree and Betty Lou Phillips are two of the most respected interior designers in the country; each has a personal style. They rely on a bit of “whimsy” to make a room come alive, utilizing color, layers of fabric, and a mix of textures and themes. Iconic French symbols appear as well: The fleur-de-lis, an occasional Napleonic bee, chickens, gold braid, and French words. According to their sites (, and, advice given by each designer is the same: “Enjoy the style!”

Guest Post by Timothy Allen


Timothy is an interior designer with an eye for straight lines and Mediterranean styling.

Chateau Montgeoffroy

Chateau Montgeoffroy-

Chateau Montgeoffroy

Chateau Montgeoffroy-

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4 Ways To Get The French Provence Look For Less

French Style

 French Style Featured On The Essence Of Frenchness

Creating the Provencal country style in your home starts with the right colors, furnishings and decor. Here are some of the main must-haves to create this relaxed, elegant French Country decorating style.

1.  Go Bold With The Wall Colors

A home can be instantly transformed with color.  A color palette will govern all the other decorating considerations for your home.

French Provence style has always been known for their vibrant color choices.  The color palette has always been governed by the colors found in the flowers and landscape, so it is no wonder why vibrant blues, purples and greens have always been dominant colors in the Provence home.

You may want a muted palette with warm elegant furnishings, such as raw aged wicker, neutral ticking for upholstery, stone and raw wood to take the focal interest.  In this instance, consider accenting your home with the richer shades such as browns, found in the soils. Provence style was greatly influenced by the landscape of France, and inviting the colors found in nature  into your home will instantly change the tone.

2.  Architectural Elements

Consider introducing character into your home with architectural elements.  Ditch some of the modern looks in your home with something with age and old looks.  Exchange out your kitchen hardware, light switches, chandeliers, lamps, door hardware, sink faucets with older hardware with patina and age.  You can find brand new hardware with the old world patina and looks.

– Change out the lighting to a French crystal chandelier.  Consider investing the time into installing some antique sconces on the walls in your bathrooms, and bedroom.  Light from the wall will give your room the look of candles, than the overhead lighting we are used to.

-Consider hanging iron plaques above your stove.  Some of the plaques are quite large, and painted, making it a focal piece behind the stove, which is often hard to dress up.

-Wall Molding doesn’t have to be complicated.  Check out this easy DIY wall idea which could totally transform the look of your walls.

Interesting Articles:

-Buying Secondhand Cabinets: Yay or Nay? Cabinet Hardware Ideas

-Handles, Knobs, or Pulls: Which Type of Hardware Is Best for Your Room? Cabinet Hardware Ideas

-Using Cabinet Hardware to Bring Life to a Dull Kitchen or Bathroom – Cabinet Hardware Ideas

-5 Ways to Dress Up Worn-Out Furniture & Cabinetry- Cabinet Hardware Ideas

3.  Improve Vintage French Furniture

Invest in great pieces, and improve vintage furniture pieces with new upholstery.  My motto has always been “trade up”.  Fill your home with great inexpensive pieces, and as you find better ones, trade out the inexpensive pieces, with better quality furniture.  Your home can look fantastic with second hand furniture.  Often times some of the best pieces are the ones that you put some time and effort into.  A vintage French chair can be stripped of it’s paint, and re-painted, stained and upholstered.  A French sofa can be professionally upholstered and loved for 50 + years.  A side table and dresser can be the spotlight in a bedroom, and a small French side table can steal the attention with brighter paint and gold accents.  Collect pieces you love, and invest your time in making them better.

4.  Go With Solid Pecan Finishes

Balance out brighter wall colors with solid wood stained furniture.  You can buy vintage french furniture and strip it down to the solid wood.  You can find spectacular pieces on ebay, at garage sales or second hand stores.

One thing I have learned along the years, is stripping furniture paint is well worth the effort.  Wood can be painted, and then sanded down to look antique with the solid wood peeking through.  Stripping the paint down to the solid wood, also allows you to stain a piece a custom shade.  Consider investing in a heat gun.  This is one tool, I wish someone told me about years ago.  For less than $30 dollars, you can remove paint quicker without shelling out tons of money in stripper.  It enables you to use less stripper, remove more paint faster, making removing paint bearable.

Traditional Provence Furniture is usually made of walnut and either left a natural brown and polished to a high sheen, or painted. Pecan stains are found in the most elegant French homes.  For an authentic look, consider this stain first before others for that authentic Provence look.

Styled By:Mandy Keener Photographer:Nancy Nolan

At Home in Arkansas featured some beautiful photos of a home decorated around the old world interiors we see in Italy and France.  The house itself looks as if it were European, but in fact, this home is right here in the USA!  The homeowners wanted something country and rustic, borrowing from the classic looks found in France.

Here are some tips from the article:

“In the bath, we did limestone floors, but in a different way by insetting red Indian onyx. That red shows up in the French gothic revival altar from Avignon, which we used as a vanity. The kitchen island is inset with a single basin, extra-deep, bronze sink.”

The bathroom shows a fabulous cast iron bath with an exterior color matched to the paint on the bathroom walls.  ” We wanted it to appear old, as if it needed to be filled with water by hand. And the faucet is in the middle so you can lie on either end of the tub and look out over the balcony. That allowed us to take advantage of the wall space and to approach the bathroom in a different way. If it were my house, I’d enjoy a glass of wine there every evening.”

– Cottage Of The Week in France- Home Bunch

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The Beauty Behind Château de Talcy In France

Chateau of TalcyChateau of Talcy

The Château de Talcy is a spectacular historical châteaux in Talcy, Loir-et-Cher, France, located on left bank of the Loire River. This 16th-century manor house was commissioned around 1520 by Bernardo Salviati.  Salviati was a Florentine contractor with connections to the Medici family; a political banking family, whom gathered prominence in the Republic of Florence during the late 14th century.

The château has a Gothic presence to the exterior, which is expected for a structure built at the height of the Renaissance.  The outbuildings have been preserved from the 16th century, and one of the more charming aspects of the house is a traditional vegetable garden.  An aerial view seen below, shows just how spectacular the gardens are.  The Salviati retained the ownership of the estate until 1682.   A house was owned by succession of individuals, including Philipp Albert Stapfer, ( a Swiss politician and philosopher)  until 1932, when it was sold to the state, on condition that the 18th-century interiors would be left intact. The château is visited by 20,000 tourists annually.

Castle of Talcy- View Of The CourtChâteau de Talcy’s Gothic Exterior

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Provence Decorating: HOW TO Decorate With Green

dining room at an 18th century manor house in burgundy. The World of Interiors, Jun 2005

18th Century Manor House –  The World of Interiors, Jun 2005-Seen on Genus Loci Blog

The color green is one of the most popular colors to decorate a French home around.  A cool green can can create a cool, calm, soothing atmosphere to feel refreshed in, while a darker greens can create warmth and comfort.

1.  Mix Your Shades

Pick out your wall colors first, then introduce other shades of green elsewhere.  If everything is one hue, it can be a bit drab, consider pairing strong greens with mild ones.  Consider brighter colors with darker colors.  Dark shades of green look great with punches of lime, or yellow.

2. Bring in Natural Wood

Natural wood and white accents do a good job of balancing brighter shades of green and keep them from becoming overwhelming. To keep the room light and airy, paint ceilings and trim white, or a lighter color tone of your wall color. Adding raw wood, such as a desk, or side chairs can level out the color. Consider adding in painted black accessories or furniture to add contrast. Stainless steel, tile and wood will give your room a balance against pastel colors.

3.  Use The Brighter Shades on The Ceiling

Who says the ceiling is off limits?  Are lighter colors more you?  Making a dramatic statement, by painting the ceiling the vibrant color you want, but feel doesn’t belong on the walls.  Consider painting the wall colors a really soft shade of light green that is border line white, and punch up the ceiling with a brighter tone of the same shade.

Color Combinations:

 Green + Shades of Purple

Green can blend with a variety of colors and looks wonderful with opposites. Pair green with lighter lilacs, and darker eggplant accents.  Shades of mauve, periwinkle,  amethyst and lavender-based colors can be paired with lighter shades of green.

Lavender is the color and scent of Provence.  The history of lavender stretches back more than 2,000 years.  In France, lavender grows in both cultivated fields and wild along the side of the road, so it was no wonder that it became a popular interior color.  Chefs have used the flower as a herb in sweet and savory dishes and its nectar to flavor honey, cheese and sugar.  Lavender is a light tone of violet.   The name comes from the flower of the lavender plant.  The color of the flower is still the standard for lavender but there are many other tones of light or medium violet now called lavender also.  Their are shades of lavender can range in hue from pinkish purple through violet to blueish-indigo. They can also range from light and pale to medium and greyish shades.

Green + Bright Yellow

Green also pairs well with brighter colors.  Think about bright sunshine yellow paired with this gray based green.  Green also works well with brown combinations which can bring a sense of coziness and tranquility.  Bright yellow actually gives a punch of color in a room based around a gray toned green.  Consider adding in black painted furniture with brighter yellow upholstery for contrast.

 Green + Kelly Green + Green Blue

Play several like ranged colors together.   When combined with vivid jewel tones such as Kelly green, and a green-blue range suggests a tenderness.  Light green and sky blue can be enhanced by white for extra freshness.

The trick to green in French interiors is the gray undertones.  Whether they are pale or strong, there is always a gray or black in the background.  Subtle interiors were a mark of the Provence style interiors.

Green Color Palette

Colors To Pair With Minty Green

Patina Style by Brooke Giannetti and Steve Giannetti

Patina Style by Brooke Giannetti and Steve Giannetti

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Country Styled Home in Lourmarin, Provence

This serene house located in Lourmarin, south of France, belongs to Marie and Frédéric who fell in love with the home and the lifestyle they found in Provence.   The house was renovated with help from the locals, and most of the furniture for the home was also made from a local carpenter which added a  personal touch and a connection to the region itself.  The interior of the home was designed around the Provence style found in the countryside of France.  Concrete walls, metal window frames, stone tiled floors which were complemented with stone colours such as purples and pinks.  You won’t find anything unnecessary in this home; the furniture and decor has been well thought out.

This house was abandoned for decades before it was lovingly restored. The owners did a great job keeping the old features of the house authentic to the region.  Exposed brick walls, old wooden beams and stone floors added the elements found in old world France.  By adding a few modern architectural elements such as the staircase and plumbing, allowed this home to functional.   The muted colour palate which revolved around sand colours such as light blue, greens, greys and pinks worked with the authentic colors found in Provence.

Consider the color palette for your own home. Combinations of dusty pink and mauve work quite nicely with mink, grey, cream and milky coffee shades.  These tones can add warmth in a home decorated around the rustic elements found in the countryside of France.  Neutral tones and natural materials, such as stone and wicker add that country element, while the modern furniture give this home a happy mix of the new and old.


Photos from   Photo: Nicolas Mathéus


The Extra Room- 6 French Provence Decorating Ideas

Sewing Room: No Cats Allowed

Coorengel And Calvagrac Bordeaux Library

Coorengel And Calvagrac Bordeaux Library- Elle Decor

Perhaps your children have left the nest, or you are newly married without children and you have that one extra bedroom that seems to be void of any life. You sit at the entry way deciding what to do but haven’t found a use for the room, other than a second bedroom or storage.

If you are wondering what to do with a spare room, and are looking for ideas to fill the space, we give you 7 really practical ideas to make that extra room functional, while at the same time fitting in with your French Provence countryside style.

1.  A Library

The suggestion of turning that extra room into the library, instead of a craft room,  just may convince your husband to fork out several hundred on a new built in for his, or should I say….. your books.   Men love cigar rooms, rooms where the can watch football games, so if you are into compromising, this may be the perfect idea that would work for the both of you.

Consider Provence Colors For The Extra Punch

The library of a French château decorated by Michael Coorengel and Jean-Pierre Calvagrac (above) features a French style, brighter color palette.  Colors like bright green, sunny yellow, vivid turquoise, and deep teal are exactly the type of shades that originally would have been used at Versailles. Lets face it, colors fade over 300 years, so the colors we today in Versailles, are not the colors that were originally chosen. Don’t be afraid of going with brighter paint colors.  Have fun accessorizing with a French settee and reading chairs.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed With The Cost Of A Library

Yes, built in’s can cost thousands, but it doesn’t have to.  Blogger Joni Webb transformed an extra bedroom into a library and reveals some of the in-progress photos.  In this photo, you can see how one would assemble the bookshelves, which then would be completed using strips of wood which gives the overall look a professional finish.  Paint your bookcases, and add custom lights, and a window bench and you have a room that looks and feels French.  Look at Joni’s room after here. It is a dream library.

Perfect French Furniture

-Zentique  Jute Bastille Sofa, Jute $3930, matching chair, $2600

-Wingback Chair, Natural Oak/Linen $1020

-Zentique Genevieve Sofa $3500

-Zentique Maison Sofa Natural Oak Natural Linen $2300

2.  A Serious Closet

Now that the kids are out of the house, you can spend some serious money on those handbags you always desired, show case the jewelry you have collected over the years, and the shoes you can only wear in the summer.  You can finally shop at home, and it costs you no money!

If your spare room is on the smaller side, it could make the perfect dressing room.  Custom wall-to-wall built-in shelving could be sensational for storing shoes, belts and accessories, and hanging clothes.

– Get the wood look for less.  Consider the Martha Stewart shelving systems available through Home Depot.

Use Metal Brackets- For all our closets, we decided to work with the Closet Maid products at Home Depot. I installed 4 Shelf Tracks in most of our large closets,  spray painted them with an oil based primer before installing, and spaced them in our closets using a stud finder.  After installing all the shelf tracks, simply paint over them using the paint you plan on using for the walls.  The shelf tracks then just blends into the wall.  Instead of using the wire shelving that is sold in the line at home depot, go for wood.  Purchase one foot solid wood boards in the length of your closet, and then simply paint them the same color as your wall color.  You get the built in look without spending the mega bucks.  For all of my closets, I used the lager 16 inch bracket from Closet Maid.  Using an oil based primer which will stick the existing paint, spray paint the brackets, which then can be painted in the same overall paint you choose for your closets.   Create ceiling to floor shelving for your shoes, and customize boxes by painting them the same color as your walls, for that extra designer touch.  Go for dark color inside your closets to make your colorful clothes pop, such as a navy, or rich gray. Having everything painted in one solid color brings attention to your collections.  Add corner brass hardware to bring your closet up that extra notch.  The details can go a long way.

Lisa Vanderpump’s Closet

Lisa Vanderpump’s closet is one of the most beautiful closets I have seen.  In this picture, you can see the closet is painted in white, which nicely shows off all her colorful designer clothing. Consider adding an island with drawers for jewelry like Lisa did.   In this photo, you can see all of her pretty heavy jewelry on display.  Clothes and handbags are organized by color.  Custom floating shelving on the wall show off a variety of pretty handbags and accessories.   Make room for a decorative full-length mirror and stool, bench, or French chair.

3.  An Old Fashioned French Game Room

Family time now can be set as a priority.  All in one games are perfect for kids. This 6 in 1 Multifunction Sport Game Table can be set on a table top, and has a variety of games that can keep grand kids busy.

If chess is your game, order this beautiful wood chess table.  Add two French chairs, and enjoy endless nights as your husband teaches you chess.  Game rooms can be perfect for connecting with your better half.  Conversations can be ignited in a game of cards, something we think is so ancient.

A game of darts, ping pong, or pool are great activities to play with another person.  Coffee dates with your best girlfriend can be rather fun over ping pong than sitting in the back yard.  These games don’t have to be out of plastic.  Today you can buy high quality sets in wood that work with an upper scale theme room.

Here are my favorite links:

– Rome 8 Foot Pool Table- Buy it on Amazon for $1549 , available in Maple

– Athens 8 Foot Pool Table- Buy it on Amazon for $1799

– Marietta 8 Foot Pool Table Buy it on Amazon for $1549

-Stiga Insta Play Table Tennis Table Buy it for $560

– Worcester Arcade Style Dart Board Cabinet Buy it for $349

4.  A Multi- Hobby Room

A hobby room can be the best use of space out of all the options.  Having a room dedicated to a passion can turn the available space into a serious second income.

This Atlanta Homes Magazine picture features a hobby room that could serve multiple hobbies. Book shelves and baskets serve as good storage options.  Two large tables work great for sewing crafts, quilting, photography and scrap booking.

Arts and Craft Hobbies:

Painting, Drawing, Photography, Pottery, Quilting, Sewing, Knitting, Crochet, Scrap booking, Jewelry Making, Candle Making, Soaps making, body scrub making, Flower arranging, Dressmaking, blacksmithing, dollhouses, knife making, musical Instruments, candles, sculpture, film Making, stained glass, shadow boxes, doll making, sewing, glass blowing. Paper Crafts such as origami, decoupage, and quilling.

– Harbor View Craft Armoire Buy it on Amazon $272

– Knotty Alder Raised Panel – Scrapbooking, Jewelry Making, Hobby Storage Armoire- Buy it on Amazon for $1230

– Minibox Sewing Supplies Organizing Desk $945

Music Hobbies:

Music can be so rewarding and bring so much pleasure.  Learn to play an instrument. Play guitar, piano/keyboard, the violin, or learn how to sing.  Create a dance studio, and learn how to Latin dance, or create a ballet room for your daughter.

Electronic Hobbies

Electronics is a popular past time. This can include building circuits, robotics, R/C Cars, Boats, Planes and Helicopters

Science Hobbies

There are a wide range of science hobbies that a room dedicated to the love of scientific advancement can be thrilling. Many of these hobbies include astronomy,
microscopy, model airplanes, and rock collecting

-Scrapbooking collections can easily get out of control when storage isn’t available.  For those who love scrapbooking,  in this post, I detail furniture specifically designed for scrapbooking from Martha Stewart.   Paint additional furniture in the same color to get a built in look.

French Accessories

– The Alvin Heritage™ Basic French Easel not only has the antique charm of the past, but could serve as a centerpiece in a painting room.

-Alvin Pavillon Art Table – Unfinished Wood Top $182

– Wood Drafting Table with Pencil Ledge and Storage Drawer -$319

Choose furnishings that double as storage and seating, such as convertible storage benches, ottomans and stools. Line the room with open and closed door shelving to store and display hobbies.

5.  Home BUSINESS Office

A home office can be a great place to get organized. A desk can hold the supplies that often get dumped into the kitchen’s junk drawer.   Lots of people love to write but don’t know how to get organized.  Write on a blog, write an e-book, or write poetry.  A library, or room dedicated towards your dream of being published might be the best way of really getting serious about putting a plan into action. 

A room dedicated to a home office also could allow a second income to earn you money.  If you are an attorney, a seasoned accountant, able to do payroll, or any online medical jobs, a second room dedicated towards work can pay the bills and afford you a vacation that you have never taken.  Additional jobs that can be done at home are graphic design jobs, website development, and software creation.  Any editing jobs can also be done from home.

6.  A Simple Drop Dead Great Gorgeous Extra Bedroom

Go buy that dream French bed, and create the perfect French guest room, while at the same time having your hobbies in the closet.  Yes, I said closet!  Transform the closet into your hobby desk and organization area.  If you plan on regularly hosting family and friends, make your spare bedroom a comfortable place for overnight guests.  Transform a closet into your storage space for your hobbies, an extra seasonal closet.  Save space by using a trundle bed, positioned against the wall.

Additional Ideas- 5 Ways to Makeover Your Spare Room- Cabinet Hardware Ideas

French Provence Decorating

Christophe Laurent Durand Rouffio – Nov. 2011- pictures from

French Bedroom

An 18th-century portrait of Marie-Joseph of Saxony, daughter-in-law of Louis XV, in the Polonaise bedroom; the Louis XVI daybed is upholstered in a chintz based on an 18th-century fabric, the chandelier is 18th century, and the walls are painted in Farrow & Ball’s French Gray.

Picture –Elle Decor

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French Provincial Looks: Stone Floors

Chateau Montgeoffroy in the Loire Valley

Chateau Montgeoffroy in the Loire Valley

Choosing the right flooring is the simplest way to get the French Provence style in your home.   If you are considering decorating in this style, laying down tiles, or simply polishing the existing concrete is an easy way to get this old world style in your modern home.

The Provence style is associated most commonly with stone floors, plaster walls, french styled furniture, raw wood, and rustic interiors.  The ceilings in these old country homes were often ceiling beams of distressed raw wood and timbers, and irregular walls of plaster.  The walls often looked as though they were faux finished, and had the appearance of many colors layered upon each other.  This effect was a result of thin paint, which didn’t cover well, and so, as an addional layer was added, it gave it a washed appearance.  Stone floors are a common element seen in the Italian and Provence styled homes.  Here are a couple ways to get the look of stone flooring in  your own home without spending a bundle:

1.  Faux Stone Molds 

Stone is a must in any home which is being decorated in French Provincial style.  If you are like me, you really have no idea where to begin when it comes to construction.  If you have the money to invest in real stone, I say go for it.  If you are on a limited budget, consider faux stone.

You can make your own stone with concrete and stone veneer molds that can be made for just pennies and save up to 90% off retail prices of stone veneer, pavers, tile, brick, and stepping stones. The beauty of molds is they can be made out of cement, plaster, or concrete. This project can be made over the winter and installed in the summer months.  You can find a wide variety of stone molds on ebay, in different sizes which can be made over a couple months and installed room by room, without spending thousands.  Consider using a combination of molds, perhaps a series of rectangular molds along the walls, and cut stone in round and square shapes in the center of the room.

Stone Master Concrete floor block mould - World

Stone Master Concrete floor block mould – World $47 US +$15 Shipping

12X12 HEXAGON SLATE Texture Concrete Floor Tile Mold– $19 Free Shipping

If you want to make an interior wall of stone, you simply buy the concrete or plaster and buy colorant to the mix.   You can mix both plaster and concrete for a mold that doesn’t take on the weight of concrete, but has a bit more durability that is found in concrete.

The colorant will give you a foundation of color which you then can glaze paint over top for a more detailed look. You can start with orange styled plaster colored stones and gradually build up white paint which is mixed with glaze which could give you a white washed appearance.

Create custom floors with concrete tiles made from molds.  The opportunities are endless when you are working with molds that cost you pennies each.  This can save you thousands and allow you to put more money into the authentic furnishings of this period.

2.  Polish Existing Concrete

Most modern buildings are built on a concrete slab, making polishing the exposed concrete a budget friendly option.  Polished concrete floors are low-maintenance, as they are more durable and easier to clean than many flooring options.  Polished concrete reduces dust mite and allergen problems, and does not support mold growth.

How to Polish Existing Concrete:

Heavy-duty polishing machines, for example concrete grinder, are used to gradually grind down surfaces to the desired degree of shine and smoothness. The closest equivalent example would be polished granite or marble.

Polishing can be done wet or dry depending on the location in the house.  The benefits of wet grinding eliminates crystal silica exposure of dry grinding.  Stains can be added, and additional polishing will give you the high gloss shine of marble.

Videos- DIY How To Polish Concrete With A Concrete Floor Grinder – Youtube

Simple Gray Polished Concrete- From Pinterest

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French Farmhouse Tables For The Country Home

New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles Magazine

New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles Magazine

Farmhouse tables are a rustic style of furniture, often seen in the countryside of France. The style of the table table is suitable for a simple lifestyle, one where formality is not important, but function is. The dining room table of the past served as the most practical piece of furniture a family would use through out the day.  These tables were designed to be long and large. Imagine food preparation, sewing and knitting done on one end of the table, while the children were doing their homework on the other end. In our Facebook group (Swedish & French Decorating), I posted a wonderful raw wood farmhouse table, here, and here to give you a visual on the sheer length of some of these country farmhouse tables.

There’s no strict style of what a farmhouse table looks like, but the look is always rustic in nature, large, and often rectangular. The legs of these tables differ from one table to the next. Some leg styles are straight with no design what so ever, and other tables feature turned legs. Most farmhouse tables are made from solid pine and oak wood. The table itself consists of four legs that support the table top. The design of this style of table is not complicated and is often left in it’s natural wood state, or can be seen painted. Practicality very much takes precedence over design when it comes to this style of table.

Painted Or Left Raw?

Farmhouse tables are one of the essentials in a rustic countryside home. A large table can be elegant, and dressed up or dressed down depending on the style you are after. A raw solid wood table can really be a centerpiece in a kitchen or dining area, and provide a nice contrast to a painted room.

Often times, the design is seen with the bottom apron and legs painted one color, while the top is left in its natural wood, which can be waxed, or sealed to preserve the wood. This allows the wood to be appreciated, while the painted legs might tie the room together quite nicely.

With a raw table, a layer of paint, which then can be heavily distressed may add to the rustic, shabby nature of the country. If the table is already painted, take the extra time to strip the paint off, leaving the raw wood the ability to soak in the paint. When the paint is dry, take a sander to it, and the finish will turn out spectacular.

Overall, these designs tend to be plain and simple.The design of this beautiful country style table is based around the family lifestyle. The function of this table allows for it to be dinged, gouged, and distressed over years of wear and tear. That’s the charm! Today’s entertaining takes place in the kitchen, and around the table, so invest in a great table that can last you through the years.

Other great posts featuring dining tables:

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-Primitive Wood Tables- The Swedish Furniture

-Gustavian Oak Weathered Dining Room Tables- The Swedish Furniture

-The Very Best Swedish Wood Outdoor Furniture- The Swedish Furniture

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3 Tips To Getting A French Look For Your Home

Picture Credit –themalibubergdorfblonde on ebay

18th Century Home Located in Located in Uzeste, France Maison-Deco

18th Century Home Located in Located in Uzeste, France  Maison-Deco

Here are three tips to get the French looks in your own home.

1.   Painted furniture shouldn’t look freshly painted.  Black furniture, can be left alone, although lighter colored furniture should have some sort of washed glaze over it.  Blue looks fabulous with a white wash.  Green paint looks great with a cigar glaze.  White looks great with distressing and a slight aged look.  It is amazing what a simple step of glaze can do for any painted piece of furniture.

2.  I never clued into sheens until several years after I started painting.  Your walls should always be eggshell, or matte.  Glossy walls don’t work with antique styled interiors, although work terrific in Hollywood Regency, or modern homes.   Matte walls show no flaws, because the light doesn’t reflect off of them, making them appear like fresh drywall.   Furniture on the other hand should never have a flat finish.  Even if you finish your furniture using a flat paint, furniture should be finished with wax, glaze, or polycrylic.  I have learned that an eggshell or a satin works the very best on furniture.  Glossy furniture should be very carefully selected for bombe pieces, or regency furniture that has a slight modern touch to it.  Again, specific styles call for specific finishes.  If you want your pieces to have a flat sheen to them, consider mixing a water based polycrylic with water.  Paint on a light coat, and the overall effect will look matte, but will stay protected.

3.  Architecture can be just as important as furniture.  Consider investing in faux finished walls that look like limestone, or washed plaster walls.  Brick, or stone flooring is a trademark design of the French Provence style.  Invest in anything with stone or metal.  Makeover that fireplace with rough white stone, or consider installing faux brick to 1/3 of the wall.  Find the elements of the French style and collect the main elements of the style, but also focus on the architectural elements.  Focusing on both elements will pull together your look with a designer edge.

Classic French Interiors

Classic French Interiors –

Classic French Interiors

Classic French Interiors –

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Authentic French Properties For Sale

Charming Villiage House

Charming Villiage House

Dream Home Provence has a few sensational French properties for sale. Here are just a few of my favorites:

1. Property 1 – This renovated Provencal villa for sale is located only 5 minutes from the historic town of Uzes in the highly sought after Uzege area of The Gard, Languedoc Roussillon. The 6 bedroom house for sale near Uzes is made up of 2 large holiday rental properties (gites) as well as the main dwelling for the current owners and is set in stunning grounds of 3 hectares with swimming pool and panoramic views of the exquisite Uzege countryside. In addition to the main house and the rental apartments there is also a studio with water and electricity, currently used as an office, that could be turned into an additional gite or guest house. The fully fenced garden is equipped with an enourmous 12m x 7m swimming pool ideal for cooling off during the long sunny summers in The South of France.

2. Property 2-  A  charming XVIII century Provencal property boasts a fully fitted kitchen, cosy living room with fireplace, 2 bedrooms and an office (or 3rd bedroom). It features traditional Provencal floor tiles and authentic old beams throughout.   There is a terrace with magnificent views of les Monts de Vaucluse and also room for additional table and chairs at the front of the house. All this in a pretty little village in the heart of The Luberon, one of Provence’s most sought after areas.

3. Property 3– This wonderfully renovated farmhouse comes with landscaped gardens, a guest house, swimming pool, double garage and spa room.  The property consists of the main house with lounge, fireplace and dining room both of which open onto the swimming pool and terrace facing the Petit Luberon.  The outbuildings consist of a separate double garage, spa room with jacuzzi, sauna and walk in shower. All this surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens boasting various fruit trees provencal flowering shrubs.

4. Property 4– Situated near the lively town of Cavaillon, in the countryside, at the entrance to The Luberon Regional Park, this old farm house for sale in Provence is features several fruit trees native to the region and is located in a region that has over 300 days of annual sunshine.

5. Property 5- This cosy 2 bed village house is situated in the beautiful Provencal village Rustrel in the heart of The Luberon Natural Park in Provence. The village is alive all year round and is home to a bakery, a restaurant, a bar, a school and a grocery store. The lively market town of Apt is just 10 minutes away. There are wonderful walks to be had directly from the house, with the Monts de Vaucluse directly behind and the ochre hills of the “Provencal Colorado” also at your doorstep.

6. Property 6- This manor house for sale in Provence is situated in a typical Provencal village just 5 minutes from Lourmarin in Luberon South. The property dates back to the late 1800s, is south facing and has been excellently renovated throughout. All rooms are light and spacious with high ceilings and lead onto exquisite views of the surrounding countryside. Aix en Provence is only 35 minutes away.

7. Propery 7 This exceptional XVIII century manor house for sale is located just 15 minutes walk from Aix en Provence city centre. The entrance to the house is made up of an alley of 200 year old plane trees and garden features numerous fountains and a 25m x 5m infinity pool.  A haven of peace just minutes away from the lively and highly sought after town of Aix en Provence. Ideal as an investment in Provence, a large family home or tourist business in The South of France.


Stone village house for sale near Apt en Provence

Stone village house for sale near Apt en Provence

French Property With Fruit Trees

French Property With Fruit Trees

Provence Home With Views of Luberon

Provence Home With Views of Luberon

French Manor House

French Manor House

French Manor House

French Manor House

French Manor House

French Manor House

French Manor House

French Manor House

Mansion in Aix en Provence City 1

 Mansion in Aix en Provence City

Mansion in Aix en Provence City 3

Mansion in Aix en Provence City

XVII century house Roussillon Luberon

XVII century house Roussillon Luberon – here



A Restored Farmhouse In Provence, France


When the three farm buildings merged to create a single luxurious home, the result was a functional, yet beautiful to live in.  A trio of worn 1850s structures in Provence was transformed into a single, spacious farmhouse. Renovating a trio of Provence farm buildings wasn’t an easy process. It all started with two decrepit houses and a gaping barn in between. Today the three buildings are linked together, which are seen as one whole home with all the modern comforts and old-world charm. Old beams and stonework were preserved, and the new stonework was created mimic the original.  A wisteria-shaded pergola is the perfect spot for taking in the tranquil scene of the stone-edged reflecting pool. The house’s original structural beams are displayed in the living room area, enhanced by the patina of generations of paint.   To add depth to these beams, the flaking and peeling layers were lightly sanded to reveal the wood with just a touch of subtle colour. Double living rooms bring an open floor plan to the main level of the home. These two rooms are linked by newly constructed arch.  A fruitwood-topped buffet running along the rear wall of the large living room provides display space for the homeowner’s antiques.

In the kitchen area, old stone gives this room an old Provence feel.  Wooden cupboard fronts, and limewash blends the shelving subtly with the rest of architecture.  An antique Italian mirror at the top of the stairs makes a strong statement.  A trumeau mirror is heavily distressed and works nicely with a rustic wood pedistal which sits am urn with a splash of red foliage.  One of the bedrooms shows an saturated blue painted ceiling and beams.  The bathroom shows off a pair of porcelain basins were mounted into a country table.


All images and information from Remodeling Center.

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating

French Provence Style Decorating



Book Review: French Country Living By Caroline Clifton Mogg

With the pricy cost of books these days, often times, I like to try them out at my library before buying them.  If they are great, I tend to write up a post, because an exceptional book needs to be known.  This is a book worth buying!  I tend to enjoy the books that reveal more of the historical properties, because they provide a unique and fresh approach to decorating.  After looking at thousands of pictures for our many blogs, there are a few books in my library that I can look at over and over again, and they never become dull.  This is one of those books.   With close to 5 stars on Amazon, selling new for $32, and used from $8, this book can be a classic in your library.

There is a great beauty of discovering the old, the worn, something loved for years, and passed down through families.  Caroline Clifton Mogg writes a number of chapters, on the elements which make a home.

Page 12- Color, Page 24 Materials, Page 36 Furniture, Page 48 Fabrics, Page 60 Accessories, Page 72 Kitchen and Eating Areas, Page 86 Living Rooms, Page 100 Bedrooms, Page 112 Bathrooms, Page 122 Hallways & Other Spaces, Page 130 Outdoor Rooms

In this book, 140 pages covers 307 color photographs that illustrate the beauty of the French countryside.  City decorating is quite different from French country decorating for the most part.  The country approch is rustic, rough in some situations, and a bit more relaxed.

One review left this comment:

“If you are afraid of color, this book is for you. Don’t let it convince you, though, that french country is not about bold colors- every other book I’ve seen says the opposite. That said, it is a beatiful book, with lots of rustic elements.”

If you are looking for the saturated colorful interiors like this, this or this, this book covers more of the muted styles.  Intead of rich saturated colors, it works with colors that are muted.  This book certainly presents an elegant approch to the French countryside home, rather than the folk country looks with rich vibrant colors.  Certainly many of these looks that the author presents can be used in the city as well as the country. 

Pictures from the book featured on Blogs

– Trouvais Blog features page 57, 13, 122

-Painted Furniture – Page 46

-Brooke Giannetti- Page 14, 50, 102110, 12, 18, 96, 40, 49, 27

– Aged and Gilded Blog, Page 139, 138, 76

– Paris Apartment- Page 85,

-Zsa Zsa Bellagio Blog- Page 97

Here are a couple more pictures that I cannot locate in the book:

– Spectacular French Doors, here

-A Buttercup Yellow Wall Cabinet – here

Quotes From The Book:

“From gray also come mauve and lilac—either as bright as the color of violets or or closet to the quiet, almost musty tones that are quintessential French, and which look so winning when teamed with gray green, perhaps used on woodwork.  A more sophisticated combination that is sometimes seen is a gray mauve offset by a dark, almost terra-cotta red—the red known as sang de boeuf makes a particularly effective contrast. Pinks and peaches are also to be found among the range of
French country colors, but they are not childlike nursery tones—there is nothing of a sugary or sweet nature about them. Like so many French country colors, the pinks and peaches appear
almost organic, seeming as though they might have emerged from the color of the original plaster than applied on top of it,  and again, they often seem to include a hint of pale ancestry”

“A wide variety of woods is evident in rural interiors,but the woods used in different parts of France
were and are largely those from the trees growing in the surrounding countryside—fruit woods such as walnut and cherry, and traditional hardwoods such as oak and elm. Exotics such as mahogany or
maple will not be found in abundance here, for self-sufficiency is the name of the game”


By “Caroline Clifton-Mogg’s French Country Living is a delicious book to look at; the pages are filled with beautiful, airy rooms and the accompanying text does a good job of explaining how the effect is achieved–lots of grey in the colors, painted furniture, small-sized fabric prints, etc.

By Hollygolightly- “This is French country living in the Marie-Antoinette-at-Petit-Trianon style, not truly rural la France profonde, however. The exquisitely restored rooms are filled with priceless antiques, and a cursory glance over the photo credits suggests that the majority of houses shown are located in either Provence, or the richer departements near Paris (the most famous house in Yvelines is Versailles, if that gives you an idea of what’s in the neighborhood of some of the chateaux photographed). Having seen more than one room in a rural French house with vinyl wallpaper on the ceiling and door, I can only wish that all of French country life was this beautiful! ”

By John Matlock -“In this book, hundreds of color photographs by Christopher Drake, illustrate the essence of the French countryside. The book is in two parts, the first emphasizes the soft, non-contrasting colors and the natural materials and textures that are distinctly France. The second part of the book looks at the overall style. It looks at the French home, starting of course with the kitchen (this is after all France). Only then does it move on to the rest of the house, ending with the French garden. And this is France, so the garden also emphasises a place to eat and drink.”

By Julie BarrettZiegler- Fantastic photography, and a generous, diverse selection of beautiful interiors. From iconic over-the-top French decorating, to simple Provençal country style, this book celebrates the special environments for real living evoked by good French decorating style.

By D Thoden- I got this book as a Christmas present 3 yrs ago, and it is still one of the best decorating books I have ever owned. If you like whites, creams and soft, grayish colors, along with authentic chippy antiques shown in lovely old homes, you should love this book. It’s not LOOK AT ME decorating. It’s used, comfy, old furniture and fabrics, and it’s divine. This book ultimately changed the look of my home. The holidays were especially rough that year; I missed my Mother and was sick while at my in-laws over the holidays. This book got me thru it all!!! I just laid in bed and read it and looked at the photos over and over.

By Gerard Brady -Love this book. I have all kind of pages marked for ideas. Beautiful pictures, descriptions. The book is in great shape as advertised. It will become one of my “go to” books for decorating. Love it!

By Savannah, GA USA- By I love this book for ideas and inspiration. My favorite part of France is the Loire Valley and Sologne. The pictures in this book show that classic casual style. I also love Paris, but the Parisian style is more formal and ornate. I like the brick and terra cotta floors, the wood furniture, the lavender and sunflowers of the countryside. This will take you beyond chicken figurines and calico prints! Great read, great price. Great book for daydreaming! Enjoy!I have also bought Italian Country Living by the same author. Another wonderful book.

By T. Brashear “Dessa”- Sumptuous photos of sumptuous French provincial houses, with helpful guidelines about what characterizes French country decors (though I agree with one reviewer that not too many French country houses look like this). I particularly like the author’s emphasis on how livable the style is, and find this to be true too. Buyer beware however that French country may look a lot different in an American ranch house: a lot of the charm comes from plastered stone walls, old beams and well-worn tile floors.

By Stacey M Smith- Beautiful book. Inspiring photographs that capture French country style (obviously, note the title). My only complaint about Clifton-Mogg books is that the photos are recycled. I see the same photos is many other books. There are MANY wonderful estates, villas, and country properties out there – – – it would be nice to see more of them instead of these multi-used images. The “recycles photos” are no problem if you just have one of her books – – but if you buy many European decorating books, you may see repeat photos.

French Country Living By Caroline Clifton Mogg2

 Striking distressed doors with a neutral background

French Country Living By Caroline Clifton Mogg 12

One common paint technique we don’t see today is the bottom half of a wall painted in a different color.  Perhaps this was done to clone the look of wood architectural wainscoting? 

It certainly looks amazing, and a look that can add a bit of color into a room,without having to paint an entire wall. 

Look how the pale pink on the walls picks up the beauty of the tile.  Spectacular!

Book review French Country Living By Caroline Clifton Mogg

This is the other part of this amazing room

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Dan Carithers French Provincial Designs

Dan Carithers October 1999- Featured on Magpies and Magnolias Blog

Now retired after a 50-year career creating rooms photographed for shelter mags like Veranda, House Beautiful, Traditional Home and Southern Accents, Carithers rooms still remain current, and is often the most blogged about designer around.  In 2003, Carithers was named one of House Beautiful’s “Giants of Design”—the highest honor bestowed by the magazine; it’s only been given to a handful of honorees during its 100-year history.

Dan Carithers grew up in small town Jefferson, Georgia, and first gained notoriety as the design director for home furnishings at Rich’s Department Store.   The job had an added bonus of being able to travel abroad which exposed Carithers to the latest home fashions and antiques from London and Paris. Carithers launched his own firm, and also established a long-time consulting position with Baker Furniture, and created an high-end upholstery line with Sherrill Furniture.

Carithers tends to lean towards the elegant side of decorating.  Antique-filled homes with bold punches of color is a signature style of Dan Carithers. He suggests to pick out your accent color first, and repeat it throughout the house.  As you can see in many of his designs, he tends to use neutrals on the walls, such as chocolate browns, creams and beige.  Carithers often used mirrors to expand light, using slipcovers that often left the bones of the chair exposed.  He often utilizes thought-out pieces for his rooms often looking around for the perfect choice.  He mentions that a chair can have great impact in the direction of a room.


Dan Carithers French Style Decorating – Carither’s Home Featured in Southern Accents 

Dan Carithers French Style Decorating – Carither’s Home Featured in Southern Accents

Dan Carithers French Style Decorating  Featured in Southern Accents

Dan Carithers French Style Decorating – Carither’s Home Featured in Southern Accents

Dan Carithers- Southern Accents Magazine

Dan Carithers Traditional Home Magazine

Dan Carithers French Style Decorating – Carither’s Home Featured in Southern Accents

Southern Accents Oct 1997

Kitchens I Have Loved Blog scanned in some pictures of the Carithers Home which show a provence styled interior

Carithers Home –Kitchens I Have Loved Blog

Carithers Home –Kitchens I Have Loved Blog

 Dan Carithers In Veranda Magazine

Traditional HomeDan Carithers- Featured On Developing Design Blog

 Dan Carithers October 1999- Featured on Magpies and Magnolias Blog

Dan Carithers October 1999- Featured on Magpies and Magnolias Blog

Dan Carithers October 1999- Featured on Magpies and Magnolias Blog

Dan Carithers October 1999- Featured on Magpies and Magnolias Blog

Dan Carithers October 1999- Featured on Magpies and Magnolias Blog



Tremolet’s Chateau d’Ailly in Normandy

Gerard Tremolet worked in the fashion world most of his life, but after leaving the industry of fashion, he pursued his own interests in interior design. Back in 2007 he and his partner purchased the Chateau d’Ailly in Normandy and renovated it to transform it into a bed and breakfast. To decorate the castle Gerard Tremolet drew his inspiration from his love of the 18th century, adding his own personal touches along the way.  While the colors aren’t historically accurate, Tremolet shows us that bright, bold color can be used in period styled homes and furniture.

Saturated dark red walls in the dining area are paired with a beautiful collection of natural vintage styled baskets and blue-gray provence chairs for a nice contrast.  The combination of the damask wall fabrics, striped velvet fabrics, and iranian patterns show us that even complex color combinations can work together. Colors such as yellow, turquoise, hot pink and lime are some of the colors used throughout the Chateau d’Ailly.  French XV, XVI furniture, and Italian Venetian furniture and accessories are paired together giving off a look that is carefully collected and adored.  A modern styled “Renaissance-style ” approach is used through the home, and can be seen in the guest bedroom.  One the best rooms is shown below.  The walls and curtains are of a Thevenon toile de Jouy.  A Louis XV armchair sits in the bedroom and can one of the best examples of French style in the home.

To read the full article head over to Elle Decor.

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Nicky Haslam’s Romantic Country House

Nicky Haslam’s Folly de Grandeur: Romance and Revival in an English Country House’, is Haslam’s newest book on authentic, English country style decorating.

Haslam shows interiors with carefully mismatched antique and vintage furniture, with color palettes of warm welcoming tones.   From vignettes, to getting the most bang from your hallway, Haslam gives away a wealth of visual interest to the reader.  Learn how to incorporate art, accessories and furniture for a home which is comfortable, yet strikingly beautiful.

Haslam shows off his own 1720 house in Folly de Grandeur.   Floor plans and diagrams illustrate the homes detailed history, as well as the traditional garden, furnishings, and the details of the conservatory.  Images of the house through the seasons shows his true love and attention for the home’s details.  Images of his collecting from flea market finds and treasures from boot sales are captivating.   He shows off upholstery, curtains, chair backs, improvised lampshades and slipcovers.

Interesting Links:

– Nicky Haslam -British Interior Designer’s Website

-Nicky Haslam’s Country House – WSJNicky Haslam, renowned interior designer and London man-about-town, calls a 16th-century royal hunting lodge in the English countryside his home away from home—rose chintz sofas, portraits, flourishing garden and all

-NOW AND THEN: Dreamy English Country Cottages by Colefax and Fowler- Decor Arts Now

-1stdibs Introspective – Nicky Haslam- 1st Dibs

-Interview: Nicky Haslam- House & Home Magazine

-Oh, Nicky, You’re So Fine, You Blow My Mind, Hey Nicky! The Style Saloniste

>Other Design Books Featuring Nicky Haslam:

Designers at Home: Personal Reflections on Stylish Living –Personal Reflections on Stylish Living presents the personal living spaces of fifty distinctive design leaders, including Charlotte Moss, Celerie Kemble, Ashley Hicks, Barry Dixon, India Hicks, Vicente Wolf, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Kevin Sharkey, Suzanne Rheinstein, Rose Tarlow, Jay Jeffers, Michelle Nussbaumer, Jan Showers, Alex Papachristidis, Madeline Stuart, Matthew Patrick Smyth, Colette van den Thillart, Malcolm James Kutner, Ken Fulk, Scot Meacham Wood, Bunny Williams and more. These select dwellings range from chic apartments and luxurious estates, to charming country homes.

Sheer Opulence (Decor Best-Sellers) by Nicholas Haslam


By L. M. Keefer

You will savor every word and image in this book as Nicky Haslam takes you on a remarkably personal tour of his folly of an English home which he describes as “quite simply the prettiest small house in the world.” Formerly the home of renowned designer John Fowler, Haslam fell in love with its “fairy-tale facade”, as Fowler did shortly after the end of WWII. Haslam describes seeing the folly for the first time: “History does repeat itself. And so it was that, some thirty years later, I turned the last bend in the rough lane through these woods, came to a clearing by a lake, and, turning, saw this rose-pink, brick-gabled folly glinting in the evening sun.”

Haslam recounts, “I like to think of him (Fowler) standing in the doorway as his celebrated clients like Debo Devonshire or the Pembrokes drew up to be greeted by his quizzical smile and promise of a nifty Blood Mary. One of his early assistants, Nina Campbell, told me recently that, even before he came to live here, John’s nickname was ‘Folly’ Fowler….”

Situated on the hunting grounds of King Henry VII, the home has a rather magical past before Fowler. It was on these grounds that Catherine of Aragon first set her black Spanish eyes on King Henry’s son Arthur, Prince of Wales, to whom she was betrothed. You may sense a certain magic pervading the house, or maybe it’s Haslam’s unabashed affection for it. In its Tudor beginnings as a refuge from hunting, it was a humble three rooms. Around 1720-40 a fanciful Jacobean facade was affixed to the front, and it was expanded.

Describing his first walk-through after Fowler inhabited it, Haslam allows us to see it through his eyes: “There was no furniture inside the house the first time I saw it…. But in each of the tiny rooms – not one is more than 12 feet wide – the walls were beautiful…. Shabby drapes, some edged in fading hand-painted borders, fell forlornly at dusty windows. Le Grand Meaulnes and Miss Havisham had nothing on this sleeping timeless Wunderkammer. And, strange as it seems now, I knew then that I must retain an echo of this delabre atmosphere; it seemed an essential element of the building’s magical being.”

You may feel you are in the midst of an E.M. Forster novel as you read this, complete with iridescent photos by Simon Upton, to accompany the descriptions.

Leaving much of the home the way Fowler left it, Haslam brings fresh life and luster to it with his original and fresh style. He says of his style: “It would be hopeless to pretend that my style, at home, is anything but a hodgepodge of the things I love….And the house’s soul doesn’t seem to object to the hodgepodge.” It seems every room and piece in the home has a story, and Haslam is happy to tell them in his colorful and amusing storytelling style. His storytelling matches his decor: charming, lighthearted, insouciant, droll and sentimental.

You may find yourself raptly reading every word and studying the pages as Haslam chats about the house and its history, walls, soft furnishings, curtains and drapery, and furniture. Then he takes you on a grand tour of the rooms: the old hall, the staircase hall, the library, the dining room, the kitchen, the flower room, the guest rooms and master bedroom and John Fowler’s old bedroom, which, surprisingly was one of the smallest bedrooms in the home.

Along the tour, Haslam sprinkles his design admonishments: “Increase the scale of wall coverings in small spaces.” And “I never buy anything purely for its monetary value. I like possessions that smile back at me.” Then there’s: “Edging chintz in a solid color is an essential touch.” (This book may make you wonder if it will be the catalyst for reviving the classical appeal of chintz in a major way.)

You will get to stroll outside, too, and view the terrace, the conservatory, the lake and the unique Garden Room. You may feel you have stayed for a pleasant weekend as Halsam’s guest.

This is already one of my favorite of the many decor and design books I own. It should become a classic in design libraries. If you like florals, stripes, painted walls and furniture, tole and hurricane lamps, ruffles, chinoiserie, slipcovers, skirted tables, leaded glass, carved mantels, flagstone, portraits, architectural engravings, busts, books, flowers and rooms that look like they have evolved for 30 years – because these did – you should adore this book. If you enjoy English, cottage or European country styles, you should have this book in your library, or on your ottoman to peruse over and over again. Because you will.


Nicky Haslam- Featured On Kalynor Blog

Nicky Haslam- Featured On Kalynor Blog

Nicky Haslam Architectural Digest January 2011 Little Augury Blog 


Nicky Haslam Design Featured On Meade Design Group Blog

Nicky Haslam Design Featured On Meade Design Group Blog

Nicky Haslam Design Featured On Meade Design Group Blog

Nicky Haslam – Mrs Blandings Blog

Nicky Haslam’s Country House-

Nicky Haslam Pinterest

Nicky Haslam – New Orleans-

 Nicholas Haslam DesignThis Is Glamorous Blog


Nicholas Haslam DesignThis Is Glamorous Blog

Nicholas Haslam DesignThis Is Glamorous Blog

Nicholas Haslam Design- 


3 Ways To Borrow Pam Pierce’s Slipcover Looks For Your Provence Home

Pam Pierce has single-handedly brought back the popularity of slipcovers, as her interiors bring forth the charm of the old world European interiors to center stage once again.  Slipcovers have always played a key role in her interior designs.  Linen ruffles and gatherings in dark olive, and oatmeal are paired with stone floors, re-claimed wood tables, white washed wood furniture, and time aged painted decor.  Pierce tends to use natural materials like stucco, limestone, reclaimed beams, and sea-grass to create a sense of warmth and history.  Her designs also incorporate architectural salvage such as reclaimed antique doors, and iron to create an aged European feel.

Decorators and homeowners have realized the possibilities that slipcovers offer a home. Slip-covers are not only decorative, but practical. At one time, slipcovers served the means of protecting upholstered furniture from the dust of summer months, although they have evolved over the years, from just large sheets which covered furniture, to be tailored to fit the shape of sofas and chairs, even having decorative pleating, ruffles and embroidery.

3 Ways To Borrow Pam Pierce’s Slipcover Looks:

1. Use The Same Material On All Of Your Furniture

Get the look of a set for less, by slip-covering all of your furniture in the room with the same material.   Unite several pieces of furniture out of the same bolt of material.  Buying matching sets of vintage or antique furniture can be rare and costly.  Create the look of a set by using the same material on all the pieces.  Create drapery out of the same material to unite the room.  Several ebay sellers offer bolts of fabric, which can be shipped to your home without having to drive from store to store.

2. Choose Natural Fabrics

Heavy linen, and cotton canvas have been popular as natural slipcover choices.  French tickings can give a natural look, while at the same time, isn’t plain to look at.  Consider using unbleached muslin, which can be dyed in soft shades of blue, green, or yellow. Gingham, simple checks and stripes lend a sophisticated touch to a Provence styled home.  Stripes, patterns, florals hide dirt well, and are easier to launder.  Checks, stripes and florals work hand in hand.  Consider using 2 or three fabrics together in a room to create interest.

3. Go The Extra Mile With Detailed Slipcovers

Gathers, and wide flat box-pleats add interest to the bottom of slipcovers. These details can be used just below the seat of the chair,  on a line with the seat frame. This style works particularly well with French chairs, as the legs themselves are decorative in themselves that they do not need to be concealed.  Consider pairing down the accessories and furniture in your room, and opt for longer gathers, which puddle on the floor.  Work this idea in larger rooms, where the furniture itself is the main focal point.

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Improve Your French Dresser Or Sideboard With Faux Marble

Faux Marble Painted Chest From Old Town Crossing

Marble painting has been an art form since the sixteenth century, and was quite popular in India. In Rajasthan there are around 4000 marble mines and because marble was so widely available, it became a canvas for the local painters. The intricate designs were captured on stone with paint, and sealed to preserve it’s extravagant beauty.

Marble has always been considered a luxury, and can be more expensive in the areas of the world where it isn’t naturally located. The look of marble is the result of interlocking mosaic of carbonate crystals. The swirls and veins form patterns as a result of the mineral impurities such as clay, silt, sand, iron oxides that are present in the layers of the stone. Pakistan is one of the largest marble exporters of the world with exports totaling to around a 100,000 tonnes.

The textured look of marble can add a regal and sophisticated touch to any interior space or piece of furniture, however the trouble is, marble can also grab a chunk of change out of your wallet. Faux marbling is the practice of copying the look of marble with paint.  You can improve the tops of your chests, dressers, sideboards and buffets with faux marble.

Faux stone painting was known to be an art used in Pompeii, but it really took off during the Renaissance in Europe where two schools taught the art of faux painting.  For professional artists during this time, it took an apprentice 10 years or more to fully master the art.  Many of these  techniques were used widely by the 17th century and remained useful in architecture well into the 20th century.


Start by identifying the style of marble you want to replicate.  Marble comes in varied hues of white, pink, gray and black.  Go on to the internet and look through the various pictures and decide what look of marble you want to transfer.

Step 1- Sand down the top of your chest or dresser, then paint it with a satin paint.  Satin paint will allow all your other paint layers to be able to move around easier.  Flat paints will only eat up your paint, and cause them to smear.  Start with eggshell.

There are a number of ways to paint marble.  Here are a few ways to start as a beginner:

-One very easy way of getting detail and depth without over thinking things is to use plastic.  Take a garbage bag, and cut it a little larger than the size of your dresser or chest top.  Second paint the plastic, and crumple it slightly before you press the plastic on to the surface.  With your hands or a kitchen dough roller, press the plastic into the paint.  Next, pull the plastic off, and let the paint dry.  When the paint is about dry, smooth out the pattern using an over-sized badger softening brush.This technique works quite well if your paint isn’t thick, but rather thinner.  Ideally, you want to build up several layers of detail. I have found using wood stains, which are tinted and transparent, you can get the depth that is seen in marble.

-Another easy technique is creating marble patterns with a sponge.  Take the sponge and dab it lightly along the surface to produce a “marble-like” pattern.  Take paint and glaze and combine a mixture of 60% transparent glaze to 40% paint.  This will enable your pattern to look a bit more organic in nature.

-In the past I have created marble “veins” using a feather, or a paint brush which you can alter, by notching out some of the hair to create a a three prong comb.  The smaller paint brushes are usually the best.  Drag all your lines diagonally using a twisting and turning motion. Soften the marble lines as the paint is near dry.

The key to faux marble is lots of softening, and transparent layers.  You don’t want your marble to appear like it is a two step process, but rather marble that is deep, and takes on the appearance of rich marble.  A couple prominent veins really go a long way, amongst softer features.

When you are ready to “seal” in the marble look, use poly-crylic clear gloss or satin.  Apply it with a sponge applicator, and let it dry overnight.  Then, using 320-grit sandpaper, lightly buff the surface before sweeping off the dust and apply a final coat with a spray can.  You can buy polycrylic both in a can and in a spray.  The final coat creates a stroke free finish when sprayed.  You may want to repeat this process once after the second coat dries.

Using paint to portray a marble finish isn’t as difficult as you might think.  Don’t over think the finish, and you will love how it turns out.


Faux Marble by Pierre Lefumat- $28 Amazon

This is a monument to 60 years dedicated to decorative painting. The first part of the book is a step-by-step guide for painting the most widely imitated marble varieties including white breccia, yellow sienna, sea green, and more. The second part of the book is a gallery of Lefumat’s photorealistic faux marble. Each page represents a closer and closer detailed view. Experts and beginners alike will draw inspiration from this magnificent book

Step by step instruction for recreating Lefumat’s masterworks in Faux Marble. Over 140 pages of rich close-up color photographs of Lefumat’s painted panels. Hundreds of pages of faux marble for reference and inspiration.

French Painted Enfilade With Faux Marble Top- Foxglove Antiques

Faux Marble Painted Chest From Old Town Crossing


French Painted Enfilade With Faux Marble Top- Foxglove Antiques

Provincial Style Marble Top Painted Side Table

Provincial Style Marble Top Painted Side Table Doyle Auction

Faux Marble Writing Desk- Hideaway Antiques

Swedish Giltwood And Cream Painted Table With Faux Marble Top- Christies 

Pair White Granite Urns on Faux Marble Pedestals- Gottlieb Gallery

Italian Neoclassic Faux Marble Scagliola Pedestal- David Neligan Antiques

A Painted Faux Marble Serpentine Bombe Commode From Christies

Italian Painted Console Table- Piet Jonker Architectural Antiques

A Pair Of Painted Wooden Night Stands- Piet Jonker Architectural Antiques

A Pair Of Painted Wooden Night Stands- Piet Jonker Architectural Antiques

Set of Four 18th Century Faux Marble Columns 1st Dibs Paris

Louis XV Painted Console Table With A Faux Marble Top- Wirthmore Antiques

Pair of Faux Marble Painted Columns- LEBRETON INTERIEURS

Modern Louis XVI Style Giltwood Table Painted Faux Marble Top- Seller Glo

A Florentine Gilded Console With Faux Marble Top- Valobra Jewelry & Antiques

Pair Faux Marble Columns- Greenwich Living Antiques & Design Center

Located 30 miles south of Paris and widely considered one of the most spectacular examples of 18th-century style, the Château du Marais is home to the apartment of designer Juan Pablo Molyneux and his wife, Pilar. The castle was built by the architect Jean-Benoît-Vincent Barré for Master Jean de La Martinière, Treasurer General of Artillery and Engineering, and has been considered one of the most remarkable examples of castle style Louis XVI located near Paris. This castle has been owned by families like Noailles, Castellane, Talleyrand-Perigord and Pourtales.

Additional Links:

New York Social Diary– The Hotel Claude Passart, the 17th century Paris residence of Mr. and Mrs. Juan Pablo Molyneux.

Designer Juan Pablo Molyneux refurbished the 17th-century structure at Château du Marais with rich tones to suit his grand style. An 18th-century gilt-wood chandelier hangs above a Régence bureau plat, a Louis XVI armchair, and a rug from the 19th century; the oil painting is from the 18th century. (Photo Credits- Architectural Digest September 2006)

Check out the beautiful marble walls

A Pair Of Painted Wooden Night Stands- Piet Jonker Architectural Antiques

19th Century Italian Carved Wood Bust On Faux Marble Base. Thomas Jolly Antiques

20th c. French Faux- Marble Column or Pedestal- Olivier Fleury Inc.

Pair of Italian Faux Marble Planters- Dragonette Ltd


Frederic Mechiehe’s Provence Home In Hyeres

When Frederic Mechiehe arrived at this chateau in Normandy, he was faced with decaying floors and a missing roof. Everything in this home had to be reassembled or “faked”. Period style wooden stairs were installed and artificially worn and hollowed by an industrial sanding machine. The stone floor with black marble lozenges were also added. In this picture, the only thing genuinely to be period is the Louis XVI barometer on the wall. Taken From-Rooms To Remember – Interiors Inspired by the Past By Barbara Stoeltie.

Interior designer, Frederic Mechiche is known quite well in France for re-creating the old world interiors that many of us dream about.  So it comes at no surprise that his own home would be fulled with beautiful French antiques, and breathtaking detail.  His home is located in Hyeres, which is the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in southeastern France.  Hyères is the oldest resort on the French Riviera.  His home, a fourteenth-century fisherman’s cottage which has retained much of it’s architectural elements  The details which are preserved give the home warmth and depth, and a sense of story behind the charming details.  The irregular walls, original plasterwork and ancient floors have all remained true to their original form and provide some interest.

Avant-Gardenist on Flicker features the chapter that covers Frederic Mechiche in the book Rooms To Remember – Interiors Inspired by the Past By Barbara Stoeltie. Here are few excerpts from the book:

“Whatever the reason, the desire for the patina of a bygone era is very powerful. Frederic Mechichc, one of France’s most prominent designers, has busied himself in his old fisherman’s house in the south of France in an attempt to “deceive the eye”, furiously attacking his walls with a hammer and having them re-stuccoed as many times as necessary to achieve an age-worn surface.Mechiche has proved over the years that he is a master of the most complicated means of achieving an illusion of age. He has stained his walls with pigment, milk, and coffee, ground away at the edges of a stone staircase to create the impression ot wear, and applied layers of paint to a wall, only to scrape them off later to obtain a multi-layered that could have been caused by centuries of repainting.”

” A few years ago, however,he managed to overcome his horror of the French Riviera for long enough to visit a friend in the area who claimed to have found a haven of peace. Strolling through the narrow, twisting streets of an ancient town with a Romanesque church, he was suddenly confronted with “a small, tall house, eaten away by time, unusually beautiful, and up for sale.” The estate agents description of “warped” floors and “appalling” condition were enough to whet his appetite. Mechiehe was on the lookout tor things authentic and deeply suspicious ot terms like “luxury,” “frilly restored,”and “impeccable,” saying “I’d rather contemplate a door and a few windows with their paint peeling off!” Where the patina of centuries did not exist, Frederic Mechiche invented it. First of all, he astonished the whole neighborhood by climbing up a ladder and plastering……  the entire surface of his facade with an ocher paste,daubing it with evil-smelling mud, and drenching the result with hundreds of gallons of greasy, opaque water to recreate the effect of age. Then a team of masons,
carpenters, and painters came and went for six months, and Mechiehe spent weeks going around the demolition yards of the region, tracking down eighteenth-century architectural salvage”

If you like the pictures featured in Rooms To Remember – Interiors Inspired by the Past consider buying the book….

More About Rooms To Remember:

The Stoelties, regular contributors to World of Interiors magazine, depict European and American interiors that use the period of their historic buildings to inspire their interiors. Rather than authentic re-creations of period decorating, these interiors have been designed to combine contemporary decorating styles with historic furniture and decorative accessories”

Barbara Stoeltie has been a regular contributor to The World of Interiors since 1984 and regularly collaborates with her husband Rene’ on magazine articles.Rene’ Stoeltie’s own interiors have been featured in Decoration Internationale, and his photographic work has appeared in magazines all over the world, including The World of Interiors, House and Garden, Elle, Country Homes and Interiors, Harper’s Bazaar, Colonial Homes, and Classic Homes.

Timeless Interiors: Rooms Inspired by the Past by Barbara Stoeltie and Rene Stoeltie– Timeless Interiors is about capturing the romance of the past without throwing away your washing machine and living in an old fashioned way. Primarily an inspirational source book, it shows how to recreate the tricks designers use: she shows why a room looks romantic and how to get that effect through colors, paint, wallpaper, flower arrangements or still-lives on a shelf. The opening chapter of the book is a detailed story of the featured houses. The following sections are divided room by room: halls, sitting rooms, studies, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms.

Picture Credits

Picture Credits are due to Sotto Il Monte Vineyards Blog, whom scanned in all these beautiful pictures below.  The original source is – Mediterranean Living By Lisa Lovatt-Smith

Other Beautiful Posts By Sotte Il Monte Vineyards Blog

Christian Tortu – Design Inspiration – Christian Tortu is one of the leading floral designers in France

– Charleston Interior Designer Amelia Handegan’s summer house at Folly Beach

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French Style Authority Blog– French Decorator Frédéric Méchiche

Elle Decor -In a former office building, French decorator Frédéric Méchiche re-creates 18th-century grandeur for a couple who also love contemporary art.

Trouvais Blog– An 18th century Venetian églomisé mirror are from Frédéric Méchiche’s Paris apartment in the January 1994 issue of World of Interiors photographed by René Stoeltie.

Door Sixteen Blog–  Interior designer Frédéric Méchiche‘s 1712 home in le Marais, which he calls “a tribute to Bauhaus in Paris”.

My Best Interior Design Ideas– Interior Designer Frederic Mechiche’s apartment in Paris

Interior Archive– Interior designer Frederic Mechiche’s Parisien home was once 3 separate apartments that he has reorganized to form one light, harmonious apartment on two floors with the guiding idea of creating something of the feel of a small Directoire townhouse. Remodelled with salvaged wooden panelling, period stone floors, cornicing and mouldings the space has the laid back organic feel

Frederic Mechiche in the book Rooms To Remember – Interiors Inspired by the Past By Barbara Stoeltie.

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5 Tips To Combine Both Antique And Modern Styles In Your Home

Sébastien and Raphael Llado Levavasseur

There are some people, who just can’t stop gushing about their Provence inspired elegant bedrooms. You may also come across people, who hold minimalist contemporary furniture, in very high esteem. Yet, every once in a while, comes a creative soul, who wishes to incorporate furniture designs from widely varying historical ages, in his home.

The ensuing unique mix of tradition and modernity that their homes possess becomes an extension of their quirky and eclectic personalities. If you happen to be someone, who falls in this category, then the following 5 tips are sure to give you some great ideas.

1. Existing Furniture Must Be Removed

It doesn’t matter if you plan to combine tradition and modernity, in one particular room of your house. Your eclectic vision might even encompass your entire home. Whatever might be the case, a clean space is necessary in order to invite timeless design ideas to inspire your mind.

This means that rather than moving things around, and making haphazard additions and omissions to your design area, you should remove all furniture from it, and start from scratch.

2. Retain Pieces That Match Your Larger Schemes

Once you have removed all furniture from the particular room that you wish to design (or redesign, for that matter), you can proceed to think about what goes and what stays, in them. Here, you need to be objective about the furniture pieces that would mesh into your design, rather than letting your emotions rule.

Remember, only the truly deserving furniture pieces must find a place of honor in your eclectic home.

3. Rethink about Your Walls and Flooring

Sometimes, it is easy to get caught up in the larger designing scheme of your house, so that you completely ignore the finer and subtler details. If you are not careful, you can end up with all the right furniture in your eclectic home, only to realize that the color of your walls, and the material of your floor, totally kills all your efforts.

In order to avoid this, it is advisable that you dabble with neutral colors and designs that go well with all kinds of furniture, be they from the 19th century, or the current era.   This will give your home the poise and balance to carry off an assorted look.

4. Add New Pieces

Once you have got the basics right, then you can proceed to adding more and more appropriate furniture pieces to your room. The key here is to maintain a delicate balance between furniture from differ rent historical periods. You can approach several furniture West Palm Beach stores that have in-house design consultants, who can help you to acquire the right look.

5. Accessorize Leniently

In order to have a really eclectic house, which also feels like home, it is essential to add some personal details to it. You home will look more and more inviting, as you inject drapery, mirrors, framed photographs and art that mix well with the larger plan of your home.  For instance: a postmodernist painting can strangely work well with old-fashioned motifs on a wooden chest of drawers, beneath it.

A combination of eras, in your home, is all about experimentation. Yet, with a bit of luck, you can also chance upon customized furniture packages Miami that make your task easy.


With its elegant decor based patinas, furniture and unusual objects unearthed in the region, ” Gustave  “is a small house of the sixteenth century, in the walled city of Belleme, transformed into a delightful tea room, deli and curio shop.  Read the original article at Magazine e-magDECO 

Raphael and his dog Donut.

Sébastien and Raphael Llado Levavasseur
18 rue Ville Close, 61130 Bellême
Telephone: 00 33 (0) 2 33 73 94 89

A Louis XV Style Gilt Metal Mounted Painted Side Table

At the entrance of the teahouse is the deli.  Two-body Swedish early nineteenth Lisa Martino “The House Fassier” display and confectioner Louis XV style chair XIXth “Stephanie Mayeux Antiques”.

Petite Antique French Lady’s Writing Desk w/Orig. Tooled Leather

Provence Style Chest –Benjamin Wilson Antiques

Distressed paneling sits behind a Louis XVI style caned seat

Portrait of Lord Swedish Lisa Martino 

 Gustavian clock with a Louis XV style hunting table, with a  Caned Louis XVI style bench

Pair of Louis XV Painted and Parcel Gilt Chaises a la Reine

A fruitwood table -Louis XV period

A Pair of Louis XV Style Fauteuils

Provence Style Chest Greenwich Living Antiques & Design Center

A 19th Century French Carved and Painted Provincial 3 Tier Table



Breathtaking French Provincial Office Furniture

French Secretary Tiered Desk – GBP 4,295.00 by Sweetpea & Willow

In many homes, space is at a premium so many home owners need to think strategically about how to best use the space they have available.   The dining room is a great option for a space that can double as a home office, while at the same time functioning as an area to eat.  In many modern homes, the dining room is left unused, so why not turn it into an area that functions for a secondary business?  In some homes, space is very limited after the kids all get their own rooms, so family rooms need to be thought out.

If you’re thinking about using your dining room in this way, then consider investing in a secretary desk, which can hold a computer, keyboard, which can house all the computer equipment, leaving the dining room table left clean for dinners.  Slant desks are perfect for dining room furniture as they often have  additional cabinet space that could  house extra books and binders for school or business.  At the same time, they close up so you don’t need to see the computer keyboard, and all the mess that everyone has while they are working or studying.  You may also want to get a sideboard that can double up as a filing cabinet.


An antique Louis XV desk of rosewood and fruitwood with marquetry inlay and original ormolu and hardware.

Painted open front Biblitheque with barooque bonnet

Rare 18th Louis Xv Century French Oak Desk, Vintage 1950 French Secretary Desk Louis XV

French Provincial Louis XV Painted Chestnut Bibliotheque – This white painted, display cabinet or bookcase displays a moulded cornice above a conforming, paneled case enclosing open shelves, on a plinth base. It offers great display space and storage. Eron Johnson Antiques

This large and impressive French writing desk is hand-painted in antique white and rubbed down considerably to achieve a heavily distressed vintage look. It features four small drawers below four classic pigeon holes. The shapely legs and scalloped underside make this a wonderfully sophisticated piece of French furniture

Louis XV Polychrome Painted Two Part Breakfronted Bibliotheque– A French Louis XV Polychrome Painted Two Part Walnut, Beech and Oak Breakfronted Bibliotheque C1780, the uppermost with molded conforming cornice above the paneled and scrolled sides with a pair of inset screened doors flanked by outer conforming screened doors, each with thumb molded decoration and with arched asymmetrical tops and center panels enclosing shelves, above a base section with four solid arched panel doors on a plinth base.


36 French Landscaping Looks For Your Back Yard

French style decorating has become so popular because of beauty of the the old world looks that are associated with the style.  There are a couple of elements that you can incorporate into your landscaping and the type of furniture you choose which will give you the classic French looks found in Provence.

1.  Consider replacing your lawn with gravel.  It sounds like a bad idea right?  Create texture using raised garden beds, and add in patio furniture, water gardens, which adds a lot more texture than just plain grass.

Consider showcasing the lawn that you do have.  If you have rectangular backyard, consider cutting around your lawn, forming a circle shape in the center of your property. A circular or square pattern which you can edge with stone or coordinating greenery can give you more of a designer look.

2.  Add In Rustic Container Gardens- Garden style urns can really capture the old world romance that you see in Versailles.  Paint can do wonders to those new resin urns that you see at home depot.  To get a rustic look, start with painting your urn an oil paint in flat black.  After it dries, mix together sand and brown paint and apply it to the urn.  When it is almost dry, take the hose, and spray water on the urn.  The pressure of the water will create a natural distressed effect that doesn’t look like you painted it yourself.  Consider using this picture as your inspiration.

3. Create Order In Your Backyard- Pair common elements together to create a landscape that looks like it was designed by the pros.  Plant fruit trees, instead of regular trees that will mature and produce dozens of fruit from year to year.  Line up urns, and patio chairs along the edges.  Line up shrubs and hedges in a row to draw special attention to these selected areas.

4. Consider investing in metal furniture that you don’t have to shelter over the winter.  Having a large yard is a lot of maintenance.  Wood furniture over time can root if it is left in the snow, while metal furniture, does a lot better in winter conditions. If you can shelter your furniture, do!  If you cannot, purchase clear plastic shower curtains at your local dollar store to drape over some of your furniture.  Wood, and metal furniture can be touched up with paint from year to year.

5.  Folding outdoor furniture is really popular in France.  Consider investing in a set of folding chairs which you can paint.  Any sort of metal furniture will create the French mood you are after.  Don’t worry if the furniture you choose is vintage, as anything can be improved with paint.  Metal garden pots, posts, fences, chairs are all elements that are commonly seen in the French countryside.  You cannot go wrong with anything metal in your back yard if you are after the French look.



2 Tips to Clean Old Outdoor Resin Furniture

In almost all households that take pride in owning a lawn or a backyard for recreational purposes, you will find that there are one or more pieces of old outdoor resin furniture. This type of furniture is preferred over the usually popular metal or wooden furniture (for indoor requirements) due to the fact that wood tends to decay when left in the sun and the rain and metal will tend to rust and undergo degradation.

This immense popularity of old resin furniture for outdoor requirements can be attributed to the fact that this discount furniture Los Angeles pieces have become quite popular and almost every household is buying it in order to save some money.

While resin furniture are more sustainable to the environmental degradation factor, there is no point denying that they will be needing their fair share of care and cleaning in order to stay in the peak condition. Here are 2 tips to get rid of the dirt on your old outdoor resin furniture:

1. Use The Right Type Of Brush

What do you use for dusting off dust and other form of debris from your old resin furniture? The obvious answer to this question will be a brush. But have you ever considered the type of brush that you are using for this purpose?

In case you didn’t know, the type of brush that you must use for brushing off the loose dust and debris from your old resin furniture is extremely important for the cleansing procedure as well as for the condition of the furniture.

This is why almost all furniture cleaning experts are of the opinion that you must use a long and stiff bristled brush for the purpose of getting rid of loose dirt from your old outdoor resin furniture. This will not only make your cleaning procedure more fruitful but will also ensure the long term longevity of the furniture.

2. Use Water Force

The fact that the outdoor furniture is made of resin and not wood or steel in contrast to the commonly found indoor furniture is kind of a boon in disguise when it comes to cleaning.

The stubborn dirt, grime and dust that you find on your old outdoor resin furniture can be eliminated by using the garden hose’s water power on the spot. Take the garden hose, point it at the spot where you find the stubborn grime and then use your fingers to increase the force of the garden hose and ensure that the grime is eradicated.

This way you can rest assured that your furniture Los Angeles is not being damaged but is being clean at the same time. Don’t forget to wipe it dry after this process.

These 2 tips for cleaning your old outdoor resin furniture is extremely helpful in case you are looking to add a few more years of usability to it and ensure that it stays clean and clear. Grime free furniture is a visual delight!

Cooper Rustic Reclaimed Wood Industrial Farmhouse Side Chair Kathy Kuo Designs

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Architect François-Xavier Van Damme’s French Inspiration

Belgian Pearls blog had an interesting post on Belgian architects François-Xavier Van Damme. The architecture of the French southwest region are a huge inspiration for his architects work. François-Xavier sent Greet, (author of Belgian Pearls blog) pictures of his own country house, which sits in the Flemish countryside.

Inside the home are carefully chosen reclaimed materials, designed around the French style.  The door is left untouched, in it’s bare state, and reclaimed oak boards line the floor and give the room that rustic touch. A painted beamed ceiling gives the room detail and an old world effect. The white painted walls give the room a lot of bright light, while the raw wood seen in the furniture and on the floors add charm that we might see if we lived back in the 17th and 18th centuries.  French 18th century furniture designs can be seen throughout the house. Take for example the study corner with beautiful cabinetry, as well as the bathroom cabinet  which both have the classic door designs that we see in 18th century furniture from France. The gorgeous paneling is the perfect finishing touches for this French inspired home.  Carefully planned furniture, a lack of clutter allows these outstanding architectural features to really shine in this home.


An 18th Century Provence Castle Up For Sale

The current owner of this castle must sell as he is moving to Hong Kong. Just five years ago, he found the property in terrible shape, fell in love with it, and painstakingly restored it back to its previous glory.  All five bedroom suites, several living rooms feature working fireplaces, a study, and hobby room are all in pristine condition. The owner even used reclaimed materials from other French chateaux to be sure that no “foreign” or inappropriate materials interfered with the building’s integrity.

The property even has modern luxuries such as a pool and pool house. In addition a wine cellar, caretaker’s cottage and parking for ten cars makes this property an interesting business investment. The original castle dates back to the early 18th century but its gardens surrounded by olive and fruit trees and rose bushes.

The price is €5,900,000. Details at

About Le Bar-sur-Loup

Le Bar-sur-Loup (City of Oranges) is an enchanting old village which is restored with the old houses clustered around the 13th-century chàteau and church in the center. The narrow village streets below the chàteau are still very medieval, with many covered passages (“abris”) where houses now fill the space above the streets.

The Château (which is privately owned and cannot be visited) was probably built from the 10th-13th centuries. The present construction is from the 14th-16th centuries, although it was pillaged and partially burned in 1792.



3 Easy Old World French Elements To Add To Your Home Part 1

This beautiful farmhouse was newly constructed and sits between the sea and mountains of the south of Catalonia, Spain.  The house is decorated in the French country style. Borrow the best looks from this house for your own home.  Below we offer three suggestions that will give you the biggest impact for gaining the French country look in your home.

1. Old Plastered Walls

Old Plastered walls will give you an old world look automatically.  Nothing will change the appearance of your home MORE than a faux wall finish.  While there are so many finishes to choose from, it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Today there are a large range of concrete/ plaster molds that are available to FAKE a stone wall in your home.  ALSO, applying plaster that is mixed with paint can be an easy faux finish that  any person can make.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.  Consider adding texture to your smooth walls to give a inexpensivecomparable look to stone walls.

Consider adding texture to the walls using joint compound. (It is important that you test this look on a sheet of wood before applying it to your walls to see of you like the appearance before adding plaster. Practice makes perfect)  Simply apply a thin coat (1/4″ thick) of compound to the wall, using the flat edge of the joint knife. A thicker coat of plaster might crack and fall off, so working with thinner coats is ideal.   Experiment with creating various surface textures. Use a broom to create a striated, or a paint brush to create texture in the plaster.  Experiment with textures that look genuine.  When the textured surface is complete, let the wall compound dry for about 24 hours.  With a paintbrush, apply pale-pink semigloss paint to the wall.   Apply two coats of paint to seal the drywall compound. After your wall has dried, apply a glaze onto the wall with a wide paintbrush. Your glaze should be a slightly darker color of the paint color on wall.  A very light muted  yellow mixed with glaze would also make a terrific glaze.   Simply paint the glaze on, and wipe off the excess glaze with a cotton cloth.  The glaze will collect in the crevices giving the appearance of an aged look.

A large amount of faux plaster stone molds are available.  Plaster is pretty inexpensive, making this project very affordable.  The only down side to these molds, is it will take you a long time to make enough to cover a wall.

To read more details about this beautiful home, visit Campagne Decoration.


3 Easy Old World French Elements To Add To Your Home Part 2

See this chandelier here

19th Century French Iron Metal Folding Daybed Berkshire Home & Antiques

2. The Use Of Metal

In French decor, metal is a very important element, especially iron. One very easy way to incorporate forged iron is with curtain rods and curtain hold-backs.   Modern hardware can be traded out for iron hardware.  This simple improvement can make all the difference in a home.

Take a good look at your lighting.  Often times, you can quickly fix ceiling lighting simply with spray paint.  Rust-oluem produces a wonderful spray called Oil- Rubbed which gives a wonderful metallic bronze finish that looks genuine.  Rustoleum also produces a spray that simulates aged iron.  For under 20 dollars you can make over much of the metal in your home with inexpensively.  Adding a good primer can ensure that your finish lasts several years.  After trying a dozen of primers, I have found when it comes to covering metal, that using an automobile primer has been what has worked the best for me in the past.  Finding a primer in black is not an easy find.  Although Rustoleum produces an auto primer that works quite well.  Auto paints can be very very toxic to breath in.  So it is best to do spray painting outside, as well it is imperitive to wear a proper safety mask to ensure that your lungs are protected.  This is a great way of improving some of the little details around your home which will make a big impact.

Iron shelves can be put above doorways, or under kitchen cabinets for a very rustic appearance.  Use iron shelving in your bathrooms for extra storage.  The color and texture of the iron adds a touch of boldness that metals used nowadays don’t  have.

-Cast Iron Bird Knocker $13

-Esschert Design Quarter Round Etagere Plant Rack $134

-Esschert Design Cast Iron Wall Shelf with Hooks $52

-Esschert Design  Cast Iron Game Wall Hook $54

-Esschert Design XH61-AR Large French Urn $101

-Esschert DesignBird Large $13, Sitting Iron Bird, $13

-Esschert Design Boot Rack/Scraper for 2 pairs of boots $79

-Esschert Design DB56 Cast Iron Welcome Sign $19

-16″ Decorative Flowing Scroll Bathroom Towel Holder $60

-Elizabeth Narrow Towel Rack $49

-Set of 2 Vintage French Antique Silver Vanity Mirror Home Decor $64

-30.75″ Weathered Wooden and Iron Bistro Table with Scroll Accents $279

-27″ Black Iron Leaf & Scroll Lantern-Style Table Top Candle Holder $151

-Counterflory Recipe Book Holder $33

-Secrets du Potager Herb and Flower Dryer $18

-Secrets du Potager Harvest Baskets, Set of 3 $74

Cast Iron Shoe Scraper with Brush $53

-Cast Iron Umbrella Stand $86

– Large Wasp Trap with Decorative Cast Iron Holder $35

-Cast Iron Wall Mount Hose Holder $46

-Half Round Cast Iron Wall Planter $41

Other Interesting Ideas :

Iron Jardiniere Planters

-Ornate French Chateau Style Brown Iron Desk Clock $38

-Iron Wall Hook Home Decor $13

-Palazetto Fleur Cast Aluminum Bistro Set Color – Antique Wine $219

-Secrets du Potager Wire Mannequin Display Figure $181

-Esschert Design USA ZB16 Glass Cloche $54

-Esschert Design OZ13 Old Zinc Finish Round Table $133

-Esschert Design USA BR03 Bird Hook Bracket $15.48

-Set of Three White Metal Flower Pots In Metal Saucer $16

-Esschert Design USA White Metal Bucket with Wood Handle $16

-21″ Antique-Style Vanity Mirror with Two-Tier Tray $74

-Set of 3 Open Design Birdcage-Inspired Wire Urns with Finial Lids $140

-36″ Giant Wire Mesh Hanging Three-Tier Wall Shelf Rack $230


3 Easy Old World French Elements To Add To Your Home Part 3

3. The Use Of Clay

Another material we often see in French styled estates is the vast use of clay.  Pottery brings an old look to our modern homes instantly. Consider buying over-sized clay potting containers and line them up out side in a row.  These large scale pots look great at the outside of an entry way, or in the entrance to a garden.  Use them as a focal point in the middle of your flower garden for an architectural look.  Use metal forms to create manicured bushes.   Adding plants in the house with clay pots is a sure way of bringing that old world touch into your home. Paint and stencil your clay pots to customize your decor inside and outside.  Rocks are quite popular and are used instead of extensive lawns in the countryside of France.  Adding iron patio furniture outside looks great and also weathers terrific over the years.


Cortez Pedestal Bowls – Set of 3 $106

-Abydos Small Vase $34

-Rosemary Herb Pots Set of 3 – $43

-Roman Tall Vase $82

-Set of 3 Clay Green, Blue and Yellow Lidded Jar Canisters 16″ $139

-11″ Decorative Distressed Rustic Ceramic Pitcher Vase with Metal Handle $79


25 Ideas Of How To Incorporate Orange, Pink and Coral Into Your Home

When we think of French interiors, we think of pale blue, gray and white, yet French decorating isn’t just one a one-color palette. Pink, salmon, and coral are often associated with the Rococo period and was in fashion until the end of the 18th century. Today we don’t see many interiors based on these colors alone, and I ask myself why? Pastels are some of the most beautiful colors that a person can work with, and yet most of us gravitate towards the neutrals such as the gray and beige tones. I think for the most part, many of us are scared to use color, because we don’t know how to incorporate color.

The Rococo developed in the early part of the 18th century in Paris, France as a reaction against the grandeur of Baroque where most of the pastel tones came into fashion. If you enjoy the bold shades of scarlet, cerulean, pacific blue, or shamrock green, consider working with the sibling colors such as seashell pink, peach, sea green, mint and sky blue as your main color shade in your home, while incorporating the bolder colors with accessories. The combination of pale blue and coral are great matches for one another.

-In this picture we see a combination of a pastel pink with an ice blue.  Both colors look terrific together.

Fushia table cloths are paired with cinnamon and  saffron in a French Provence cafe

-Menton Provence shows wonderful architecture in shades of coral and pink.  Shades of blue in the sky and ocean work so beautifully together.

-Ceiling arches in the Royal Arcade in London. Brighter orange is paired with peach and gray ornaments. The look is amazing. Go Statue On Ebay is the number one place I purchase my molds. I have found so many great designs that could work on the wall from this store.

-A Courtyard with a fountain in Aix-en-Provence, France shows a building painted in shades of peach with sky blue shutters.

-A village in Provence shows beautiful colors of orange and blue in the architecture.

Vibrant pinks are seen in the street of Villefranche-sur-Mer, Cote d’Azur, France

-Take some color combinations from nature.  Combine earthy oranges with punchy greens in your interior color choices.

-Here is an excellent example of using three base colors in a room.  The rule many designers go by is using no more than three main colors.  In this photograph we see that rule play out nicely.  Earthy orange is used as a base coat, followed by a sky blue, and a vibrant shade of orange is used as the second accent color.

-Here we see an unusual combination using pink as the base color, and blue as a secondary color.  Emerald green is chosen for an accent color, nicely fitting in with Provence style.

-Here is a beautiful combination of colors.  Here we see a chapel with lavender field. The chapel is painted in a light peach color with a vibrant color of orange for the roof.  In this instance, lavender and green are accent colors to peach and orange.

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Recreate An Old French Provence Chateau Look In Your Own Home

Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale, have ren0vated this sensational old world 1700′s chateau that was originally built by an minister who was knighted by Louis XIV.  The home sits in the town of Pau, in south of France and has a distinct French country flavor which can be seen in the furniture and the architectural choices.

Whether you are re-decorating with French tastes in mind, or a life-long admirer of the Provence style, this house is certainly one to study.

The couple were not afraid of tackling such a magnificent structure, as they were lovers of architecture and interior design. Their restoration preserved all the beautiful details, and gorgeous antiques and decor were found at the local Parisian flea markets which added to the period touches of the home.

Inside, you will see captivating stucco ceilings, and painted plaster walls that are magnificently detailed.  Consider getting the look of their living room by painting your walls a light blue and working with blue and beige furnishings. Demilune tables line the wall in a light painted ivory finish.  Linen is casually draped over the sofas with matching throw pillows.  The furniture makes this room comfortable, yet functional, and still holds to the aesthetic period style of the home.

In this post below we have collected the very best Linen furniture on Amazon with a French flare.  Consider working with all-natural fabrics in your home to achieve that rustic old world charm.

Linen- Decorating Ideas For Your French Provincial Home

A Swedish secretary in a light blue sits in the corner of the room, and a reclaimed wood coffee table float in between the sofas.  Furntiure is distressed and worn showing years of love and use.

In this picture we zoom in on the country French chair with the velvet upholstery sitting along the wall in the Deleuze’s home.  In the post we list a chair made from Currey & Company whom sells a terrific reproduction chair almost identical to Deleuze’s chair, listed at 2,138.00.  If that is a bit pricey, consider shopping on ebay under “Country French Chair” and comparable chairs will surface for lower price points.

In the picture the chair seems to have a rich velvet cushion which highlights the blue tones in the antique painting on the wall.  The bright blue also works nicely picking up the hue of the wall color and the painted secretary in the corner.  This painted Louis XV chair has the same rich velvet blue tone seen in the cushions making this fabric a supreme choice for your furnishings.  Velvet is usually rich in color and adds vibrant touch to a muted color palette.

The living room is based around blues, and the faux finishes found in their bedroom and bathroom give this home a historical presence. The home retains the original floors, and the over sized kitchen has an impressive fireplace from the 1600s that brings warmth to those cold windy nights.  In the dining room, a rustic plank table serves as a long traditional table for friends and family to gather around  for traditional French dining.

GET THE LOOK: Old World Reclaimed Wood Farm Tables For Your

Reclaimed Distressed Rustic Wood Coffee Tables Fit In Perfectly With This Style

29 Of The Best Rustic Iron Hardware For Your Provence Chests

See additional photos at Gilles Trillard’s Website , Property’s website: Magie des Lieux. If you like this article, please leave a comment, and pin it on facebook and pinterest, and come again!

How To Recreate A 17th Century French Provence Chateau Look In Your Own Home – Part 2


Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale’s 17th Century French Country Home
Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale’s 17th Century French Country Home
Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale’s 17th Century French Home


How To Recreate A 17th Century French Provence Chateau Look In Your Own Home – Part 2

Here we see a new picture of the hallway from a different angle.  Bright yellow has always been a staple color for country French decorating.  Look how the trim is painted in a greenish gray tone.  White is used on the shutters while the walls feature a deep hue of yellow.  Linen drapes hang on the wall, where an antique bench sits with a white cushion.

Borrow some of these Provence elements of this home for yourself.

If you are looking for great set of candlesticks, check out Jack’s Candle Stands from IMAX.

The candlesticks are made of turned aluminum and finished in black sheen.  The candlesticks have a wonderful footed design with incredible shape.  The set of three feature graduating sizes, and would look terrific paired together for an impacting statement.  The dimensions of the candlesticks are 14-20H x 4.75-5.25D and have been discounted to $96 dollars from $175.

Candlesticks sold in sets should always be positioned together for a dramatic statement.  Place them on a bed stand ,console table or any where you need a punch of design.  Add ornate candle sticks in your home to get that primitive feel amongst your modern conveniences.


Commode – Moissonnier Furniture

Other Provence Decor Considerations:

-Buy this set for only $90 Dollars!  3Pc finial set – stone grey & gold leaf

-Thus Foreside prosecco pitcher, certainly looks Provincial!  By Foreside $34

-Make floral arrangements from this lovely set of three round bowl with Feet – Antique Silver Finish $30.  Use it as a candy bowl or to dress up your bathroom.  Store soaps or face cloths for guests.

-America Retold sells a set of 6 dish with cloche Set For $87

-America Retold sells this trophy centerpiece perfect for the center of the table.

– Decorate with this lovely planter which features and antique style garden chicken wire cloche for $32

-The Apollo pedestal is a great distressed stand perfect for an over-sized urn.  Sit it in front of a mirror or a window or at the end of a hallway.  This stand sells for $259

-This Lester Iron Glass Bar Cart is the perfect cart to display your dishware that is too nice to sit behind cabinet doors.  Stack your white table ware and wine glasses on for the perfect display of all your silver and glass accessories.

-Buy this Copperplated Revere Bowl for a centerpiece for $53.00

-Currey and Company Provencial White 4 Light Chandelier sells for $985 Currey and Company has a number of alternatives in this same style.

-These dentiled Platinum Chargers have a period flare.  This set of 4 sells for $23.60.  It is easy to collect, when the price point is so affordable!

-This medium metal cloche makes a great decorating piece for a counter or bathroom bookshelf.  It is for sale for $30

-This terrific console table has so much potential.  It can be painted and distressed to match your interior.  It features terrific detail and is one of the nicest demilunes on Amazon.  Universal Lighting And Decor sells this table for $329

-Decorate the outside of your home with this painted old fashioned watering can, sold for $53

-Imax sells this set of 5 candle-holders that have great painted patina for just over $100.  Imax also sells this set of 5 candle-holder set in rustic wood for $138.  Split them up into different rooms of your home.

-Hang this mini pot holder above your kitchen sink.  It has a metal finish, which fits perfectly into the Provincial decorating scheme.  It is only $20 dollars

-You will adore this lovely set of mini lion bowls.  The set of 6 sells for $10.99

-This topiary two tier large planter is a great planter to line up in a row outside your home.  This great planter sells for $40 dollars

Rustic Provence Decorating Ideas- Mr Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale Own This Captivating Chateau in France

In this photograph, you can see a closer look at the Pavé French terra cotta tile floors with a distinct classic Provencal appearance. Pave Tile Blog, located in Massachusetts, were the first to develop old world French and Italian terracotta tile flooring collections from old world designs.  It is surprising to know that the natural color of fired terra cottta is not naturally brown.  Brown terra cotta tile is usually a result after a treatment of either wax, oil or stain.

They mention that  many Americans are very predictable, when they order stone flooring.  They often stick to a neutral range of beige, cream and gray colors, while Europeans fully embrace the rich earthy colors.

Why is that?

America is a very young country, and much of our architecture is fairly new.  This can be said for most of the country, with exception the east coast where the earliest settled areas have a primitive British colonial heritage with respect to architecture and decorating.

Compare that to Europe.  Europe is much older and the architecture can be seen as very colorful and vibrant.   I have a passion for Swedish interiors particularly because of the painted finishes.  This pinterest board has over 100 pins of different painted buildings featuring the most beautiful period colors.  Take for example Switzerland, which borders France is rich in color.  In this picture you have roof tops with hues of red, and lovely tones of yellow.  In this picture of Austria, you see brighter tones of red, and light power blue in the architecture.

It can be said that when a culture is surrounded by strong colors, they also feel  comfortable decorating around those same tones.  People who lived in the countryside of France often decorated with the colors they saw in their backyard.  Yellow sunflowers, purple Lilac, and the greenery were tones they felt inspired by.

I believe the reason why the western culture chooses more earth tones is the  architecture is based around the same color ranges.  If you look anywhere in America, the color palette is pretty modern.  Concrete roads are gray and beige and architecture is modern rather than antique which you see in Europe.  As a person ventures into the country, more painted homes appear in various shades.

See additional photos at Gilles Trillard’s Website , Property’s website: Magie des Lieux. If you like this article, please leave a comment, and pin it on facebook and pinterest, and come again!

How To Recreate A 17th Century French Provence Chateau Look In Your Own Home – Part 3


How To Recreate A 17th Century French Provence Chateau Look In Your Own Home – Part 3

This photo of the Deleuze’s home is one of the most captivating pictures taken of the home.

It seems as this room has several tones of peach and orange which happen to be in the same color family.  The soft patina of the fireplace works nicely with the plaster paint tones of the wall and drapery.  The grape upholstered chairs add a pop to this interior.  A table is positioned in the center of the room with an accent french caned chair.

You can see how this room appears to be soft and the overall effect is much like you would get with gray, but with a slight hue of color!  The wood floors pick up the carmel tones of the room quite nicely.

In America we are are used to seeing ceiling and trim colors painted in white, so it is natural for many people to feel as though a painted color on the ceiling might be overbearing, but in fact, if the color is soft, and works within the same hues of the room, it actually produces a dramatic, yet subtle finished effect to the room.

-In this room we see a very rustic interior with several tones in the walls.  Colors of gray, beige and white appear in the finish, and if you notice a burnt orange is used on the ceilings.  The look is terrific and fits in with a period effect that you would expect out of a 17th or 18th century building.


Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale’s 17th Century French Home
Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale’s 17th Century French Home

-Martha’s Dining Room in Bedford features the same color tones as the Deleuze’s home in the above picture, yet instead of the peach tones, she uses the color tones of yellow to complete this look which are accented by her bright silver and glass accessories.

-In this post we feature several well designed rooms by Martha Stewart where in one room the ceiling is painted a light blue and the flooring, walls, trim and dishware on the walls are all within the same hue.

-In this picture by Martha Stewart she features copper tin molds with a coral salmon colored linen table cloth.  The walls are painted several shades lighter within the same color family.  The trim is painted in an off gray, not white for a period effect. We see the contrast in the green bottle for staging purposes.  In real life, green glass would add some shine and contrast against the peach tones.

– This photo from House Beauiful features a wonderful entry way in shades of blue.  We see several shades in the wall and trim paint colors.  Color is brought in by the lovely display of hats, and the contrasting color tones in the mud boots.  The picture frames add a touch of white.

-Create a chair railing by simply using painters tape and several shades of paint.  In this photo we see a painted door with an exceptionally pretty choice of pinks.  The door and the bottom trim match, while black is used as an accent color splitting the two areas up.

-Likewise in this photo, painters tape can be used to create this look.  If you have always dreamed of ceiling to floor framing, this should give you inspiration, as all you need is paint.  Use paint colors that are darker or lighter than the ones in the photo,  the effect is terrific!

How about Green?  Pair together green and light blue for a terrific contrasting effect.  Here we see incredible architectural detail with a painted effect.  The result is spectacular!

– Here is a brilliant room painted in a bright green.  Pay attention to the the ceiling.  The mint green is just as great as white, and blends in nicely into the interior.  Lighter shades of the same tones can be just wonderful for a room!

We don’t have to be afraid of color.  The photo of the Deleuze’s home shows a room in the lighter Rococo period colors with a pop of brighter color in the upholstery.

Color needs to be executed with precision to get the right tones that give a period effect.  Although it doesn’t need to be complicated.  The way I determine my color range for a particular room is to start with the prodomenant tones that currently exist in the room.  Consider buying a sample of the paint color you wish to put on the walls, but in the darkest hue of the prodoment color in the room.  Then use several jars of different amounts of white and black paint to achieve the colors you are most attracted to.

In this series of pictures you can see how white is added to a paint color to get a particular lighter color tone.  Purchase a sample size of the paint at your local hardware store, and a small sample size of white and black.  The sample size will allow you to paint a few accessories as you decide the color that best works in the room.  Paint a slightly darker shade for a vase, urn, candle sticks and so on.

I believe the reason why there is such an excitment for Annie Sloan paint is because her paints seem to be more on the historical side of color tones that have been found in the past.

I believe that the public wants fewer colors that just work well, than 1500 choices of flouresents, and dulled down tones that are hit and miss.

I find so many people confused as they walk into hardware improvement stores looking at paint samples only to second guess themselves when they get home because it doesn’t look right.  Paper and Paint also detail historical color tones that have been collected from a company before they closed shop.  In this pinterest board, you can see many colors from the years of 1650 and 1850.

See additional photos at Gilles Trillard’s Website , Property’s website: Magie des Lieux. If you like this article, please leave a comment, and pin it on facebook and pinterest, and come again!  Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and Facebook. 

Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale’s 17th Century French Home
Aurélien Deleuze and his wife, Pascale’s 17th Century French Home


Composer Chopin And Romantic Writer George Sand’s 18th Century French Chateau

Le Domaine Nohant situated at the heart of Berry France sits a captivating Chateau built at the end of 18th Century. Chateau de Nohant was the home of the brilliant French romantic writer and journalist Lucile Aurore Dupin, otherwise known as George Sand.  Her first independent novel, Indiana, was written  in 1832, she went on to write thirty-seven more novels as well as various plays.

Sand  (1804-1876) was also known for her shocking lifestyle, and well known famous lover, composer Frederic Chopin. Leaving her husband in 1831, she moved to Paris where she sported men’s clothing, smoked cigars and had various affairs with men, the most famous being Chopin.

When Napoleon III made  himself Emperor, Sand retired to Nohant, where many summers were spent writing and composing. Frederic Chopin lived at Nohant with Sand, between 1839 and 1847, where he composed the majority of his masterpieces.  Chopin composed some of his most brilliant music in George Sand’s family chateau at Nohant.

Art & Decoration originally featured these photos in their magazine.  Today, tours are given through the Chateau and gardens at Nohant.  See Sand’s writing nook and actual desk where she composed most of her famous works. Enjoy the chateau’s garden—classified by the French Ministry of Culture as a Notable Garden of France, and a forested path that  leads to her family plot where the lady herself is buried.

Amongst all the photos, this picture featuring a carriage in front of entrance of George Sand’s manor house in Nohant, France, is the most beautiful. Another view of the dining room shows the esquisite furniture of the home.  We home this classic 18th century home will inspire you with your decorating choices.


French Provence Decorating – Home of French Novelist George Sand
French Provence Decorating – Home of French Novelist George Sand
French Provence Decorating – Home of French Novelist George Sand
French Provence Decorating – Home of French Novelist George Sand
French Provence Decorating – Home of French Novelist George Sand

French Provincial Furniture Ideas From Photographer Bieke Claessen

  • The kitchen walls in a traditional French home are  often made from brick or stone.  Consider troweling some plaster on the walls, or consider making your own  stone out of plaster for pennies which can save you thousands when you plan on re-decorating.
  • Dry herbs can be displayed in the kitchen and at the same time fills the air with their smell. 
  • Iron has always played an important look in the rustic countryside of France.  Consider adding decor with metal elements, such as baskets which can hold linen napkins, faux fruit, or extra silverware.  The table is an important part of Provence styled decorating. 
  • Painted furniture mixed with raw wood will  you complete the look.

Here are some of my favorite picks:

The Noah Dining chair will fit gracefully in a home that has a classic and soft aesthetic. If features a cane back that has been brought back to life and a beautifully tufted seat cushions for comfort. This chair features a cane back, and a lose seat cushion – Sells for $429

The Napoleon collection faithfully captures the romantic feel of vintage, painted furniture from the French countryside. Featuring gently curved frames made of solid hardwood, brightly colored then rubbed down on the edges. Adds a soft splash of vibrancy to any setting. The Louvre arm and dining chairs are accented with a cane back. The chair is made of kiln dried hardwoods , and constructed using Chinese Joinery .  Webbing placed in the seat for support, and hand-painted and hand-distressed for that special French appeal.  New, sells this Louvre dining chair for $299


French Provence Provincial Cane Dining Chairs
French Provence – Provincial Dining Furniture- Distressed Rustic Gray French Painted Furniture
French Provence Furniture- The Baltic Dining Room Table

The Baltic dining table features a natural rectangular surface and an elaborate based. It would make any dining area stand out because of it’s beautiful natural elements. The table features a Kiln-dried hardwood frame. The finishes are hand applied and sanded repeatedly. The top of the table is coated with a lacquer top coat or wax. New sells this for $1,499

The most important room in the house is the kitchen and the same is said for  the French Provencal look. The kitchen is where most of the entertaining is done in the home, so it makes sense to invest in quality furnishings where you spend hours of your time.

Reclaimed Dining Room Tables- Rustic French Country Provence Tables- Old World Decorating

Le Havre Dining Table-Elm Wood: W98.5 x H30 x D35.5 $2,949

Reclaimed Lumber Coffee Table $1,499

French Provincial Louis XV Style Game Table

Antique French Louis XVI Style Painted Blue Leather Game Table With Four Armchairs

When you think of game tables today, the first thing that comes to mind for most people are pool tables, ping pong tables, and hockey tables. Before the modern invention of the television, a family would play games together.  A game table was a very practical piece of furniture in the home, and was used daily.

Antique game tables are smaller than regular tables because they were designed with the intention of 2 people playing a game together.  Larger game tables can accommodate 4 players, and sometimes more.   Here is an exceptional example of a burl wood poker table that can hold 6 players.

Some of the most beautiful french tables often have precious mother of pearl, ebony and wood inlay combined with bronze decorative hardware that adorned the feet and mounting corner hardware on the legs.

Many game tables have a removable chess board on one side, and the table design on the other. Other tables have a chess board on one side and a backgammon board on the other side. Small drawers are often built in for storing game pieces. Some designs actually have drink holders that pull out from the sides.

You can expect French Napoleon III period tables from the 1860’s to be painted in black lacquer or cream with gilt bronze hardware. They often have tapered fluted legs compared to Louis XV tables.  French game tables make great additions to your living room. Station these tables against a window and add two comfortable bergere chairs, and you may be surprised to learn that you use it more than you think.

French Country Louis XV Game Table

Antiques Super is selling an antique French Louis XV inlaid mahogany game table. This beautiful game table is made in solid veneered mahogany and rosewood in the French Louis XVI style. This table has terrific inlaid and bronze details. Antiques Super is selling this table for $1,325.00

French Provincial Rococo White Painted Game Table– A charming French provincial rococo white painted and parcel-gilt leather-top game table; the square russet-colored leather top with hand-tooled gilt decoration; above a scalloped apron fitted with 4 drawers; raised on graceful cabriole legs ending in hoof feet