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Vintage Painted And Rustic Home Furniture In Spokane, Washington – Paint In My Hair


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Paint In My Hair is a vintage store located in Spokane, Washington. Check out their facebook page with more than 4,000 pictures uploaded to their fan page.  If you are looking for rustic furniture for your home, you need to visit this shop.  pimhfurniture.com

Paint In My Hair
3036 N Monroe St
Spokane, Washington

French Provincial Dresser- Paint In My Hair

9 drawer Drexel $350- Here

Secretary desk $325Paint In My Hair

Rustic Wood Shelves- Paint In My Hair

English styled Highboy $350 Paint In My Hair

Secretary Desk- Paint In My Hair

Steamlined Gray Painted Dresser – Paint In My Hair

Aged Silver Patina Painted Vintage Bassett French Provincial Dresser

Featured from Craigslist – NY Craigslist

You are viewing a stunning mid century French provincial chest of drawers, manufactured in the 1950’s to 1960’s by Bassett Furniture. The piece was in excellent condition prior to being refurbished. It was completely stripped (not just sanded) of its “Golden Bisque” paint, and given a makeover in a beautiful aged metallic silver patina with a satin clear coat. The 4 large drawers were embellished with a dimensional stencil design. All 6 drawers have also been painted on the inside and lined in an exquisite black and reflective metallic silver fabric lining. Hardware was refinished in a gloss black.

The furniture is made of solid wood, with no particle board or plastic pieces. The original Bassett brass seal is in the top left drawer, which was their guarantee of quality back in the day. And it truly is a quality piece of furniture that was made to last for generations. It is made of choice pieces of solid wood with quality dove tail constructed drawers and strong, solid hardware. They don’t make furniture like this anymore.


29 Of The Best Rustic Iron Hardware For Your Provence Chests

There has been more of a public draw towards rustic natural wood furniture without the heavy lacquer or polyurethane finishes. Many people are gravitating towards the unfinished furniture with all natural stains that look worn, rustic and embody a and antique old appearance.

If you like this look above, you may really enjoy bleached pine furniture.

The dresser above is featured on Decompras Elmueble is made of natural oak and tends to embrace the elaborate stylings of Provence furniture.  Instead of the prominent gilt hardware featured on classic French furniture, Provence style gravitates towards the rustic iron which works nicely on this piece.

A. Classic Hardware Drop Pull-Oil Rubbed Bronze $13.50

B.Classic Hardware Drop Pull Oil Rubbed Bronze $16.43

C.Bosetti Marella Louis XV Brass Handle Pull,Antique Brass Distressed $8.50

For More Brass Styled Hardware see this post…..

Classic French Provence Choices:

1.Classic Hardware Knob Oil Rubbed Bronze $6.27

2.Classic Hardware Drop Pull Natural Rust $25

3.Classic Hardware Drop Pull Distressed Antique Brass $14.50

4.Classic Hardware Pull French Antique Gold $10.71

5.Classic Hardware Drop Pull Antique Brass $14.71

6.Classic Hardware Pull French Antique Gold $15.26

7.Classic Hardware Ring Pull French Antique Gold $9.74

8.Classic Hardware Drop Pull French Antique Gold $17

9.Liberty Hardware Pull Kentworth $22.93

10.Liberty Hardware Pull Kentworth $22.93

Rustoleum produces an amazing spray paint that takes on the very looks of all the high end Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware. Ebay has some of the best selection of french hardware lots, and if you find a lot that you love why not spray the hardware to look like the high end oil rubbed bronze french hardware?

If you like the look of the old rubbed bronze hardware, and have a dresser with good looking hardware that you want to update, consider purchasing the Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze. I have had great success with it through the years. It particularly looks great with rustic barn colors, natural woods, black and really primitive colors. I think you will enjoy it as much as I have.

Here are some of the projects I have used it with in the past:

Dresser 1 – Striped Colonial With Sprayed Hardware

Hutch 2– Painted Black Hutch with Sprayed Hardware

Colonial Dresser– Painted Black Sprayed Hardware

Dresser With Sprayed Hardware– Look how I sanded around the brass hardware after the Oil Rubbed spray paint has dried, to reveal more of the shape of the hardware.

Additional Rustic Hardware For Countryside French Homes:

1. Cast Iron Large Gate Door Pull Set Of 6 $30

2.Bosetti Marella Classic Series Ring Pull, 1.97-Inch Diameter, Old Iron or Brass $7.

3.Bosetti Marella 1800 Circa Brass Round Knob, Oil Rubbed Bronze $7

4.Bosetti Marella Louis XVI Brass Drop Pull Oil Rubbed Bronze $10

5.Classic Hardware Appliance Pull Antique Brass $147

6.Classic Hardware Knob Natural Rust $10

7.Classic Hardware Card Holder Distressed Antique Brass $6.38

8.Classic Hardware Knob Natural Rust $16

9.Classic Hardware Hinge Natural Rust $13.50

10.Classic Hardware Card Holder Oil Rubbed Bronze $4.33

Classic Rustic Ring & Bin Pulls:

1.Classic Hardware Bin Pull Distressed Antique Brass $12

2.Classic Hardware Ring Pull Distressed Antique Brass 10.82

3.Classic Hardware Card Holder Distressed Antique Brass $7.68

4.Classic Hardware Bin Pull Distressed Antique Brass $5.30

5.Classic Hardware Ring Pull Distressed Antique Brass $4.76

6.Classic Hardware Knob/Plate Distressed Antique Brass $9.

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How To Sell Your French Provincial Furniture On Craigslist

French Provincial Louis XV Style Chair

French Provincial Louis XV Style Chair- Seller Shawnum On Ebay

Many people inherit vintage furniture sets from their parents and they don’t know how much they are worth in today’s market or where to sell them.  I am not an appraiser of furniture, and cannot give a fixed amount for a piece, but I can tell you that French Provincial sets are really popular since Restoration Hardware, Aidan Gray, and Wisteria all sell the same looks for hundreds of dollars.

French Provincial furniture has become a hot commodity with people who are looking for the same looks for a lot less.  Wisteria and Aidan Gray sell french provincial furniture with stunning paint finishes, new linen upholstery, and it really goes to show how these vintage sets can look stunning with a little bit of improvement, modern upholstery and a coat of paint.

For years, as a hobby, I would pick up french provincial bedroom sets and repaint them.  It enabled me to try out new finishes and resell them on craigslist.  For me, I enjoyed the process of learning new faux finishes, but I was also able to gather some valuable lessons in reselling vintage furniture.

From my experience the three main buyers for French Provincial furniture.  There are those who are looking for a set for their children, and the other market is the individual who is looking for additional furniture for their homes, and last but not least, there is the last buyer who turns furniture over for a profit.

The first set of buyers are usually parents of toddlers who have outgrown their baby furniture, and are looking for something beautiful, but within a budget.  Often times they are looking for something freshly painted, which looks like new. Sadly, solid wood furniture can be hard to find, which leads many people to craigslist, ebay and second hand shops which carry vintage quality furniture.  New parents enjoy the first time experience of decorating their children’s rooms, so often times they want something nice, and not used and abused.

In the past I would pick up french provincial dressers, paint them a cream, distress them, glaze them and resell them for around $280 for the typical french provincial dresser.  9 drawer dressers I would price around $320-$340.  These dressers were freshly painted and refinished.  If you are selling a simple vintage dresser without the paint finishes, don’t be afraid of pricing your furniture a little high, which gives you plenty of room to lower your price.  Most new parents want a fresh creamy white set, than any other color.  When I experimented with color at one point, I also noticed some of these buyers moved on to other pieces because they wanted white dressers, not colored pieces.

The second buyer are people who are interested in decorating.  They are looking for French, Swedish or cottage looking furniture to improve their homes.  French furniture has been tremendously popular in all the current magazines.   Since this furniture is not available at an affordable price point, it forces most people to buy it used.

I have noticed that some cities have more french furniture than others.  Port cities will have more french furniture than the middle of the United States.  The bigger cities have a fair bit of nice looking antiques on their local craigslist, and within thrift stores, but every location will vary.  Living in Washington DC, I found I really had to dig around for French Provincial sets, while living in Seattle, more sets would show up monthly.

The third set of buyers are the people who are looking for sets to refinish, and turn over for a profit.  These people can range from the average husband or wife who paints to supplement their income to antique shops with a country wide market.  These buyers are working with budgets, so they will try to get the lowest price possible.

It is important for both buyers to be fair and deal with each other with the utmost respect.  Remember, buying from one another is supporting families not huge box stores with multi-million dollar budgets.   Spring and summer are times where these vintage sets would come out, where as the winter times are slower.

In terms of how much to sell your set for….

Looking through craigslist is a great place to see what other people have their sets marked at.

To do a country wide craigslist search, COPY one of the lines into google search:

french provincial set site:craigslist.org


french provincial dresser site:craigslist.org


french provincial site:craigslist.org

From my own experience, I normally didn’t sell furniture in sets.  The reason for this is many people think twice when a person is asking 1K for a used set, compared to 200 dollars for a piece of furniture.  From my experience, most of my furniture tends to fly out the door around $180-$280.  Beyond the $300 range, people tend to hold back.  Again, start out high, and you will have plenty of room to move around.

French Provincial Dining Sets:

If you have a french provincial dining set with a hutch and a table and chairs, consider selling the table and chairs as one set, and the hutch separately.  In the past I have refinished hutches and sold them for $380.  Depending on the location you can sell them for less or more.

French Provincial tables vary in price.  Round french provincial tables are quite popular and very hard to find.  I have sold only 2 in the past several years.   Many people who have smaller areas to work with love the smaller french tables which work perfectly in a nook, or the house that doesn’t have an official dining room.

Vintage dining room tables donated at thrift stores often have the leaves misplaced, so expect this if you shop at second hand stores.  If you do have a set which does have the leaves, it is worth quite a bit more, than a table which the leaves are missing.  French provincial chairs are also hard to find.  Most often, typical french sets have 5 to 6 chairs.  It is not uncommon to also buy sets with only 4 chairs.

Most of the time I would find sets without chairs and would sell the individual tables for $180- $380.  10 foot provincial tables are hard to find, and would be listed close to $400 or more depending on the style.

Generally in the past I have sold my french provincial tables for around the $180- $380 mark, China Hutches around $340 mark and a set of french provincial chairs $280 for 6 or so, depending on the look.

Pricing furniture on craigslist is much different than having a retail store which typically asks for much more.  French provincial furniture on ebay are often listed by antique stores whom don’t mind listing at a certain price point until it is sold.  In addition, furniture which is antique, is worth more than furniture which is vintage.

French Provincial Bedroom Furniture

Every set is different.  I have seen some sets with 7 pieces, and others with only three pieces.  Some provincial bedroom sets were created for children, and others for adult bedrooms.  One dead give away that a set was originally marketed towards children is they often include a hutch or desk.  Some of the Dixie French provincial furniture often comes with only one nightstand, which I would find frustrating, because most adults like sets of two.  Wood dressers were mostly marketed towards adult sets, but white sets were common for adult sets as well.

I specialized in selling dressers which were repainted, and distressed, and the average price I would ask is $280. Larger dressers I would sell for more, and french provincial sets with serpentine fronts (the wavy fronts), I would sell for much more because they were very hard to find.

Nightstands in my experience, I would sell anywhere from $40- $100 each.   If you have a set of two, they can be a great find for the decorator, or the parent looking to improve their children’s room.

I normally didn’t sell the mirrors with the dressers, because it tends to date the dressers even more.  I would sell off the mirrors by themselves for $40-$60 dollars each.  Many people like the curvy mirrors for their fireplaces than for the dressers.

French Provincial Living Room Sets:

French Provincial upholstered sofas and chairs can be the hardest to sell out of all the sets.  Vintage sets often have spectacular frames, but terrible fabrics.  These sets are often bought by those people who don’t mind putting the work into them to have them slip covered or re-upholstered.  A french sofa from Restoration Hardware can easily cost up to 4K, so these vintage sets are really great for the specific buyer who doesn’t mind investing in the right fabric for their home.  A professional upholsterer can range anywhere from $400 to $2000, so remember that they might be keeping that in mind when looking at a vintage set.  The living room coffee tables and end tables fetch around $60- $100 dollars a piece.  Marble coffee tables can range from $180- $280.  There is a huge market for these pieces because of the style.

Including words like “shabby” or “cottage” “cottage furniture”, “shabby chic”, “painted furniture”, “beach”, “coastal furniture”, “white furniture”, all will call attention to those buyers who specifically look for french furniture.


How To Faux Crackle French Provincial Furniture


Many people love aged furniture finishes which are often naturally changed from ever changing weather exposure, and distressed from being handled over time.

Finding the just right furniture style with naturally worn paint can be next to impossible.  There are a number of faux finishes that can give the look of a naturally aged appearance; one of those being crackle paint.  You can take an ordinary piece of furniture and transform it with a few faux painting techniques that could give the beauty of a genuine antique.

The number one mistake most people make when using crackle paint is ONLY using the crackle finish without pairing it with other faux painting technique such as glazing and distressing.

This beautiful bombe crackle finished chest is from Interiors Online.  As you can see this mastered finish has glazing around the handles which highlights an aged appearance.  Look at the overall base color and crackle color.  They are almost identical, which is truly the best way to crackle finish a piece of furniture.  Add on top of that glazed oil paint  was added to highlight the beauty of the curvature of this fine bombe style.

Another huge mistake is using a modern colored paint such as white, crackling the piece of furniture, and calling it done.  Brightly colored white paint is a dead give away that the piece has been newly painted, and is not an old piece.

Crackle should only be combined with antiques, (OR an antique style, either color or shape)  if you are going after a genuine look.  Crackle paint should always be combined with a off-white, a beige, gray or a color which is a historical paint color, and then dulled by either brown stain (Minwax Polyshade in Antique Walnut), or brown glaze  (brown paint mixed with glaze) to give it a slightly used aged look.   Do NOT use a metallic glaze.  Metallic glaze is another dead give away it is newly finished, and fantasy than antique.

Another mistake is using crackle all over the piece of furniture, (unless you are a professional and are skilled at combining other techniques).  I have made this mistake and the finish turns out quite messy and lumpy.

Crackle paint is sometimes very hard to paint over because it can lump together in the process.  Going back over the finish messes up the chemical process of crackling that often times less crackle is more in the long run.

Crackling an entire dresser can give a very busy appearance.  Try a number of pieces before using crackle over an entire piece. I would highly suggest going over your finish with the same overall color in some areas to make it less busy, and adding a glaze or a brown stain which will highlight the crackle in a subdue way.

Vagabond Vintage From Mothology.com Featured in Home Beautiful

The beauty of a crackle finish is that it can conceal problem areas.  If you’re considering stripping a piece of furniture down to it’s original wood finish, you could consider sanding it quite well, and crackling in the problem areas.

A) Before painting, be sure to sand your french provincial furniture.  If you have a natural wood french provincial dresser you may want to sand it well, and not prime it.  After the crackle finish has dried you can distress it, and then move on to glazing the entire piece.

B) If you have an already white french provincial dresser, prime it first using an oil based primer, such as Rustoleum’s Black or Brown flat Oil based paint.

Techique 1- Using Regular Glue.

Step 1- Sand your furniture, (prime if necessary) and apply your base coat.  (Your (water based) base coat of  paint will be the color that shows through your crackle finish)

Step 2- Once your base coat is dry, apply a semi thick layer of Elmers glue.  You can dilute the glue to make it easier to work.  Let the glue dry almost all the way, then apply your top paint color which is mixed with Elmers glue.  The paint ratio to glue should be 2 to 1.  2 cups of paint to 1 cup of glue.  Let the paint dry, and within 48 hours you should have a beautiful crackle finish.

Another variation of this finish is to paint a base coat, let it dry, paint on glue, and let it dry until it is tacky, (more than 1 hour, but not more than 2 or 3) and paint on your top coat.  If it doesn’t crackle, the glue is too dry.

Several tips I have used:

– Use a brush, not a roller to apply the glue

– Applying the glue thick than thin, which gives a better crackled appearance.  Experiment with more glue which is supposed to produce wider cracks.

-When painting the glue, use random brush strokes so the cracks don’t come out in the same direction.

– Try not to work on vertical finishes.  Turn your furniture piece over one step at a time and apply the glue and let it dry.  This technique can be time consuming, but worth the trouble to get an even finish.  Working on vertical surfaces can cause the glue to run together in a gloppy mess.

Technique 2- Porcelain Crackle Glaze

Porcelain crackle glaze is a bit different. Porcelain crackle is supposed to replicate old china which has aged over time.  Ideally this finish looks the nicest on vases, lamps and statues which would be made of porcelain.

The first coat is painted, crackle is applied, and dried, and glaze is then rubbed onto the finish revealing the very small cracked details.

French Provincial Furniture From Artisan8

This amazingly charming BASSETT french country buffet available from Artisan8 on esty comes with a detatchable hutch.   Hand-crafted distressed look  involving a 6-layer paint application for a one-of-a-kind piece. Architecturally detailed and slightly elevated by four french-styled legs.

HOW To Upholster Your Provincial Headboard

French Headboard Featured on Bob Vila

French Headboard Featured on Bob Vila

Buying a French bed is a timeless furniture choice.  Classic French beds have been around for centuries, and are still as much popular as the French style is featured and popularized in the higher end interior design magazines.

French antique beds are normally made from sturdy wooden frames and are often delicately carved which makes them both interesting and elegant.  The workmanship that goes into a carved bed takes patience and skill in order to get the precision and detail which can make them quite a bit more expensive.

Many antique French beds are made from a variety of woods, depending on their particular country and location.  Some of the most common woods found are mahogany, walnut or Black wood.

Often seen in the rococo beds, the footboards are also delicately carved, which makes them highly coveted.  A common signature to French furniture is the curvature of the legs of the furniture.  You will see the circular feet on many footboards, chairs, and chests.

There are a number of great styles when it comes to antique French beds, but if you are on a tight budget and you really want the look of a French home, why not go for the reproduction French provincial beds of the 50’s and 60’s? Many of the beds were made to mimic the antique Louis styles but on lower end scale. The 1960’s French provincial furniture is pretty easy to find, and relatively inexpensive in price.

1. Painting- One way of recreating the antique looks is to paint the frame of the bed. There are three main French styles you can paint.

A) Classic Gold is a very traditional French look. Gold works with every single upholstery as it acts like a neutral, so you are free to choose a variety of fabrics, as gold goes with everything. One very simple way of painting your piece gold is to spray it gold, letting it dry and gold leafing it for a realistic sheen of actual gold. Tips on leafing can be found here. Once the leaf has dried, you can rub on gray and with a damp cloth wipe the excess paint off which will stick in the cracks.

B) Classic cream is always a beautiful French choice. Be sure to get a creamy white with a green undertone. Once your paint has dried, add a brown glaze to add to the antique feel of aged furniture. You can buy glaze at your local home hardware store, or home depot, or Here – Wm Zinsser 04201 Blend & Glaze Decorative Painting Liquid

C) Swedish Grays are always an upscale French look. It is often a grown up style because it is not found on new furniture, but classic antiques. You can get that antique feel with gray and finish it off with a yellow wash. I have tried most of all colors with French furniture, and a cornflower yellow works the best over gray. Like the steps above, (after your gray has dried) paint on the yellow, (doing small sections) and wipe it off using a damp cloth. The muted yellow should give your piece the feel of a white wash but leaving the gray color intact.

2. Upholstery – You can create the rich looks of higher end antique French beds by simply buying the curvy headboard that was popular in the 60’s and upholster them with rich French fabrics. Classic antique French patterns were floral and landscape scenes. It is a relatively easy process to upholster a bed frame, so don’t feel overwhelmed.

You will need 4 major things to complete the task. 1. Batting 2. Fabric 3. A Stapler 4. Nail head trim.

The batting can be found at your local sewing fabric store. Ideally you want to find a flat foam padding, or cotton felt. You can always stuff inside the flat felt if it isn’t fluffy enough, but you will always have a smooth surface when it comes time to upholster. You do not need an industrial upholstery stapler, but they cost just as much as your basic stapler, (check below for links)  . A t-150 will work just fine, which can be purchased at your local hardware store for 20 dollars.   (I have been using a T-150 for years, and haven’t bought a electrical upholtery gun, but after seeing how cheap they are, I might order one!)

When it comes to finishing off your project, I would highly suggest getting nail head trim which you apply with a real nail every 3rd nail head. It gives you a nicer and cleaner appearance, and saves a lot of energy of lining up each nail so it is perfectly straight and in line with the rest. You can buy 30 feet for around the 7-15 dollar mark from Nails to You on ebay.  With that said, you can have your stunning French bed with fractions of the cost of an antique.

Hitachi N3804AB3 1 1/2-Inch 18-Gauge Narrow Crown Finish Stapler

Surebonder 9600 Pneumatic Fine Wire Staple Gun with Carrying Case

Arrow Fastener T25P Wire Staple Gun

Cotton Batting Medium Grade Roll Natural
Hillman Fasteners 122682 Upholstery Nail (Pack of 6)

Today with the convenience of ebay, you can shop around for antiques from all across the nation (and world) from the comfort of your home. Many antique dealers are now listing their inventory online which has made it easier to locate the antique you are after. With all the antiques in one location and the option of comparison shopping, it has made the prices honest, in addition to healthy competition to get the consumers business. Always go with a seller with a strong reputation of positive feedback. Be sure to get shipping quotes before committing to the bid to buy.

French Provincial Chest of Drawers by Kent Coffey – $650 (San Antonio)

$650 FIRM
~Vintage refinished French Provincial 5 drawer chest by Kent Coffey
~Original Brass Hardware
~Solid Wood Construction
~Dovetailed Joints
~Finished in a Linen Gray

*Available through my online Etsy Shop BluePoppyFurniture @

*Shipping is available! Message me with your zip code to receive a quote.
*Pick up San Antonio
*Items can be seen by appointment

52 1/4”H

Vintage French Provincial Dresser by The Dixon Powdermakers – Blue Poppy Furniture – Etsy

5 Ways to Update French Provincial Furniture

Painted Finishes on Vintage French Provincial Furniture Using An Overhead Projector – By Meranda S.

While French Provincial furniture is beautiful to look at just by itself, it can also become dingy and old looking over time. There are ways to make it more modern and artistic though. Here are a few ideas for ways to update your French Provincial furniture into a more modern style:

1. Update the Hardware –  Paint the original hardware.  Look to see how this French dresser painted in a cremy white has the original handles which are updated in a brushed bronze.  If you end up painting your dresser black, consider painting the pulls black and distress them to show the beautiful metal in the ornate parts of the handle.  This technique works with any paint color.  To make the pulls stand out a bit, consider adding a brown glaze to the painted pulls or a dark brown wax to show off the details a bit more.

2. Go Pastel – Painting your furniture in pastel colors is a great way to keep the authentic feeling while still updating the look. Distress the paint finish with a hand sander.  Even brighter paint colors look antiqued with a bit of brown glaze.  Paint on the brown glaze and wipe it off.  Consider painting with an eggshell finish as your basecoat, which gives the glaze something to grip on to.  The glaze technique leaves residue giving you an aged appearance.  If a paint finish doesn’t look right, add some glaze and you will love the finished look.  Glaze makes everything look nicer, and is the trick many professionals use for brighter paint finishes.

3. Black, White or Red – If you want a really modern look, you can paint your furniture bold black ,white or red. Consider going glossy for a very rich French look. Rust-Oleum has a wonderful oil based line called “Enamels Spray” that produces a rich glossy lacquered appearance that doesn’t need any priming. Consider only using this brand in the warmer weathered months.

4. Bright Colors – Fun colors can bring new life to your furniture. Neon pink, bold blue, bright yellow and glossy green make it stand out and also give a great juxtaposition to the classic style of the furniture itself.

5. Cushion Crazy –If you have chairs whose cushions are looking a bit rangy, don’t reupholster them with the same old boring stuff.

Example of Tip 1- Look how the hardware is painted blue, and slightly distressed? 

6. Patterns – Add bold stripes of color to boring furniture and liven them up. You can change the whole look of a piece with just a few stripes. Use tape to make sure your paint comes out crisp and clean

7. Frames – If you have a French Provincial mirror or picture frame, do not toss it away. Make it into a centerpiece by framing something unusual like a wreath of flowers or a chalkboard. It will stand out and make your home a talking point.

These are just a few ideas on how you can update your French Provincial furniture. There are so many opportunities to make the most of this beautiful style. Just take a few minutes to think about what you could do with it!

Author Bio: Paul and his wife Julie both spend quite a bit of time coming up with ideas, blogging, and researching all things related to childcare. They take care of all the necessary information related to “babysittingjobs.com/”. He personally thinks his blog will help with finding information on all things related to a babysitter.

Jenn Baker Details How She Refinished Her Vintage French Provincial Nightstands

The minute I see a pair of nightstands, I scoop them up instantly. They are the most highly sought after furniture pieces in my selling area. So when a sweet dealer at Morgantown Market had a pair of French Provincial nightstands in her garage, you better believe I bought them!

Read more at eighthundredfurniture.com

What Type of Paint Works Best For Painting Outdoor Furniture?

Painted Furniture Seen On Safavieh

French Painted Furniture – Safavieh

We have all come across wicker sets second hand that could use a new coat of paint, or a wooden patio set that has seen better days.  Why buy new, when you can fix up something vintage or used?

Here, we’ll provide recommendations for the best paint options out there for your outdoor furniture painting needs.

Consider bringing a swatch of your exterior house paint or that of your outdoor furniture fabric along with you when deciding on color choices.  With so many color choices available, it is nice to be able to get the exact shade of the hue you are working with, rather than just guessing.

Consider the theme of your surroundings– Equally important is the consideration of floral  colors that surround the furniture. What colors are in the natural landscape of flowers and other vegetation? Do you have a stone wall or patio? You want your outdoor furniture to blend nicely with the environment in which it sits, so consider the many elements of that environment when picking your paint color.

Paint when it is dry- Paint needs time to dry and will not adhere to surfaces that are not dry.  Don’t consider painting your project on a rainy day, but rather wait for a dry warm day.  If you plan on painting in the winter or the spring when it is cold, or rainy, move your furniture in the garage, and use a space heater to warm up the room.

Clean your furniture first- Paint won’t adhere very well to dirty or rough surfaces, so be sure to clean your furniture well before spraying or painting your furniture.

When working with left over paint, mix it in one container– Mixing multiple cans of the same color of paint into a larger container, such as a five-gallon bucket, will help ensure a uniform color is applied to your outdoor furniture collection.

One important thing to be aware of when considering the type of paint you’ll use on your outdoor furniture is that indoor and outdoor paints are different from each other. Moisture from the outdoors can cause paint to chip and peel so it is best to choose something formulated for the outdoors.

Enamel Paint

Enamel paint is resistant to peeling and is an example of the type of paint you want to buy for outdoor furniture.  As enamel paint dries, it tends to be harder.  This means that it is less impacted by moisture from rain, or snow.  Enamel paint is often oil-based, but you can also find water-based enamel paints.

All-Acrylic Paints – “100 percent acrylic latex” on the label is a paint that remains flexible, breathable, and colorfast far longer than paints made with vinyl resins or acrylic blends. It also adheres well to most surfaces allowing you to use it on wood, vinyl, metal, and masonry.

Water-Based vs. Oil-Based Water-based paints are flexible enough to expand and contract with the change of the weather.  In general, they are breathable, so they won’t trap moisture and crack or peel. Oil-based paints offer better adhesion and stain blocking, so they are better for chalky surfaces, stained surfaces, bleeding woods (tannin or sap) and metals that rust.

Krylon Paints

To make the process far easier, Good Housekeeping recommends the Krylon brand, which can be found at Ace Hardware or online at Amazon.

Krylon H20 Latex option is environmentally friendly, low-odor, and is water-based so it cleans up easily when you’re done!  The Fusion For Plastic® series allows you to spray paint plastic pieces without primer or prep.  The plastic series can also be used outdoors.

Sherwin Williams Duration Acrylic is self-priming, mildew-resistant, and is also resistant to blistering and peeling. PermaLast technology enables the paint to last far longer than other outdoor paints. There are also over 1,500 beautiful colors from which to choose.

Best Paints According To Consumer Reports Sherwin-Williams’ Duration, in satin and semigloss finishes, took the top rating in the rankings, and finished No. 2 in ratings of flat paints, behind California Paints’ Fres-Coat Velvet Flat according to Consumer Reports.  They say this brand still looks impressive after the equivalent of nine years.  Glidden’s Premium flat and satin paints are two of “several” finishes that performed almost as well for a markedly lower price. Read more here

Instead of spending a bunch of money buying new outdoor furniture, consider just giving it a new coat of paint. You’ll save money and your furniture will look almost as good as new!


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Wood luxurious 5 Feet Bench $417 On Amazon

Wood luxurious 5 Feet Bench $417 On Amazon

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Teak Wood Luxurious 7pc Sectional Sofa Set From Teak Station

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Veranda March April 2002

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Classic French Interiors – classic-french-chateaux.co.uk/

Classic French Interiors - classic-french-chateaux.co.uk/

Classic French Interiors – classic-french-chateaux.co.uk/

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Travel Photography -Beautiful Pink Door Art Buy it At Gypsyfables

The Garden of Siki de Somalie, Provence, France – Image Country Houses Of France by Barbara & René Stoeltie

The Garden of Siki de Somalie, Provence, France – Image Country Houses Of France by Barbara & René Stoeltie Found on thegardenerseden.com


If you want to have a good time with people who are very important to you, in an ideal environment is a good place to start looking for comfortable furniture. Finding the best furniture that suits your outdoor place within your budget is not as challenging as its sounds. Below are some tips to help you get the idea.

1) Select Furniture That Is Practical:

When selecting furniture for your patio, one of the most important things to consider is the comfort.  Why spend thousands of dollars on a set that you don’t want to lounge in on your Sundays?  Furniture that comes with cushions is ideal for supreme comfort. Most importantly, working with furniture that fits your space.  You want look for furniture that is also practical for what you would be doing often.  Do you have BBQ’s?  A full size dining table with matching chairs would be perfect, rather than a sofa.  Rocking chairs also can be a really nice investment if you like to read your morning news outside.

2) Select Furniture You Are Attracted To:

Your outdoor patio furniture should be a reflection of your style.  Wooden furniture can always be painted to match the color scheme of your patio or architecture and design of your house. Consider the style of your landscape, and the overall design that you are attracted to.

3.  Choose A Great Looking Set Within Your Price Range:

Not everyone has several grand to blow on patio furniture.  Although, don’t be under the assumption that there is not great options for a small budget. If you are working within a budget, add to your collection overtime, by adding in complementing pieces such as all wood sets, or all metal sets.  This can allow you to update the pieces by buying new cushions, or simply painting your sets.

4. Choose The Materials Best Suited For Your Climate:

There is a wide variety of patio furniture available, which are made of different materials keeping different properties in mind. Here are some materials that you need to consider when buying patio furniture:

a) Wood

If you are looking for durable and maintenance free furniture for your patio than wood might not be the best option.  With wood furniture, sealing the wood, or re-painting needs to be done every few years.  Wood is one of the supreme choices for patio furniture.  It has a very high end appeal, and can look amazing as it ages outside with the elements.  Cedar and eucalyptus are the most popular types of woods. Working with the proper paints and wood seals will ensure your wooden pieces last longer.

b) Wrought iron

Wrought iron is most popular material which is used to make outdoor patio furniture. It is also the classic choice of furniture in France.  It is the strongest and reliable outdoor furniture material. Metal can be left in the sun, in the rain and in the snow, and it will always weather quite nicely over time.  Iron can be painted, but it looks quite terrific in it’s natural state.

c) Aluminum

Aluminum is considered to be reliable and durable because it is rust free. It is also lighter than wrought iron and wood. It is best for low maintenance and you can easily move as it is lighter than wrought iron and wood.

Here are several classy outdoor looks that you can get some ideas from for this spring and summer.


Wood Patio Furniture French Patio

LuuNguyen Co., Ltd company is a leading garden furniture producer in Vietnam. They produce absolutely beautiful garden furniture made from hardwood such as Eucalyptus, Acacia, and Teak. LuuNguyen garden furniture can be found on Amazon.

Here are my favorites:

1. LuuNguyen Reclining Folding Arm Chair Set of 2 $179

2. LuuNguyen Hardwood Folding Side Table $43

3. LuuNguyen Folding Table, 28 by 28 by 30-Inches $99

4. LuuNguyen Folding Chair Set of 2 $99

5. LuuNguyen – Lindy Hardwood Chaise Lounge $149

6. LuuNguyen 7-Piece Dining Set $649

7. LuuNguyen Rocking Chair $99

8. LuuNguyen 7-Piece Extension Expandable Dining Set $800

9. LuuNguyen Four Foot Hardwood Bench $139

10. LuuNguyen 11-Piece Extension Expandable Dining Set $1000

11. LuuNguyen Five Foot Hardwood Bench $139

12. LuuNguyen 5-Piece Conversation Deep Seating Set


A wisteria-covered trellis on the garden terrace- Elle Decor


Sonnet Chair and Table From –JANUS et Cie


Relais Collection –JANUS et Cie


A rustic gazebo is the farm’s only real dining room. Wicker chairs surround an antique pine table that Barber stained gray to blend with the weathered posts. –Visit housebeautiful.com


Garden chairs have cushions covered in a Perennials acrylic;

the tableware is by Oscar de la Renta. Visit elledecor.com


Living room terrace of this Hudson River Valley home

Visit elledecor.com


Basket Wagon! by Janus et Cie


Elle Decor; Deauville chaise longues by Janus et Cie with cushions
covered in SeaCloth’s Chic Stripe acrylic offer a view of the dock from
the back terrace of a Connecticut house. Photographer: Pieter
Estersohn Designer: Lynn Morgan Homeowner: Susan and Chuck Harris
Issue: June 2005


Planters with birds-of-paradise flank the entrance to this poolhouse. Visit elledecor.com


Amy and Todd Hase with their daughters and miniature donkeys Simon (left) and Cowboy


Hidcote Manor Garden – Visit elledecor.com


Outdoor Dining – Visit elledecor.com


Sorrento Double Chaise Lounge with Cushions,

British Colonial Ottoman with Cushion- Front Gate


The porch serves as an open-air dining pavilion with views of the Sawtooth Mountains Elle Decor

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