How To Restore Faded Leather Furniture – Kimberly Satorre’s Russet Leather Couch Makeover

Have you ever come across a leather couch that has been faded, yet still appears in excellent condition?  Kimberly Satorre posted some pictures of a couch that was apparently free because the color was faded and worn out.   She says restoring leather is an easier process than most people imagine.  You can do it too! 

Kimberly Satorre–  “Before and after real leather couch refinish,  free for removing  First photos were before shots and the last were after layers of dye and refinishing. Carmel color leather stain and sealed. I used Fiebing’s russet color…It turned out beautiful”

Here is what it looked like after she restored it. 

  • I used Fiebing’s Russet color”
  • ” The key to redying would be to wet the surface first “

Kimberly Satorre It is best to color it close the same color I think . Get some dye and simply clean the leather with soap and water and then on the under side test an area by taking a really wet rag wipe an area and while it is wet.  Apply the dye with a dust free cloth.  I use circular motion and it will appear darker until it dries and if you like that color won’t be while thing. Once u let it sit for about 72 hours apply the sealer.


She mentions that Fiebings sells both dye’s and sealants.  She comments on the thread that the plastic container is what she used for the sealant. 



Does It Cover Cat Scratches One Reader Asks:

Kimberly Satorre it does cover scratches. I am not positive but I was told that real leather doesn’t leave scratch makes as it is really hard to tear. but I used the die on a pleather couch with cat scratches and it covered them but the scratches were still there.

Another reader asks ” Does the dye ever come off onto your clothing after sitting on the couch after dying? I have a stained and soiled leather sofa in a condo in Fla. I may want to dye. It’s a rental unit too!”

Kimberly Satorre If  you are wet it may…., just as if from the factory though.

Renee Seeling I used to use Fiebings on my saddle leather. Kept it pliable, clean and did not rub off no matter how much riding I did.


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