Dixie 3

A Cery Unique And Rare DIXIE French Provincial Bedroom Set

  • J

    What is the age of the furniture in the bottom right corner (spindle bed with side table & dresser)? I have just purchased this set & the owner didn’t know how old it was. Also, should I leave in it’s original light green & cream or will it affect the value to paint it? Thanks

  • Charlotte Black

    Hi, what is the price for the dresser, mirror & nightstand and the shipping amount to 28210.

    Thank you

  • http://thefrenchprovincialfurniture.com/vintage-french-provincial-furniture/dixie-3-2 M Fisher

    is the bedframe in the lower right picture available for sale?

  • Julie

    Hi, I have a 1960’s French provincial bedroom set that is unique and would like to sell it. A dresser with mirror, chest of drawers, and twin headboard. Another headboard is located at my mother’s home. All drawers work well and it is in good condition. Off white with light yellow accents. The set was mine as a child and now my daughter’s.