Vintage French Provincial Furniture

Buying vintage french furniture can be a very exciting buy, because the style is unique and it is very pretty to look at. Not only do these sets offer beautiful features and the charm of french furniture, but they often come at a great price, and can be found in many different styles.  In the 50's and 60's many furniture manufactures offered their sets in a natural wood finish, and a white finish.  The wood finishes were marketed as adult bedroom sets, while the white furniture was often scaled as children's furniture.  White was also used on living room sets as it went hand in hand with the look of rococo and antique french furniture.  Today if you do find a set with the original paint, it may seem slightly yellow from the paint aging over the years.  While many people look specificallyfor the original finishes and shun these pieces being painted, other people get excited about painting them modern colors to match their interiors.  Most famously, these sets are known for being painted crisp white, and just as popular of a choice is the Tuscan distressed black which works well with cottage and french interiors.  Some features found in higher end antiques are the serpentine wavy drawer fronts which have also been produced in some french provincial lines such as the bassett french provincial furniture.  Other beautiful french features found on Dixie for example are the architectural raised features formed on the drawers which give the dresser an authentic french feel.  Many of the bedroom sets came with beautiful curvy mirrors which attached to the dresser, and have been re-purposed as vanity mirrors in bathroom remodels, than the traditional look of  the dresser and mirror combination.  Drexel's vintage sets in particular  offered very large mirrors the size of their 72 inch dressers, which sat on the back of their 9 drawer dressers and were also made from solid wood.  

Buying vintage french sets is one decision you cannot go wrong with, as they are just as popular as they were in the past.  French furniture is not being produced much at all today unless it is specialty ordered off the Internet which can get very pricey.  Ikea came out with a couple french inspired end tables, but really couldn't produce a well made piece people would want to buy for a staple piece of furniture for their homes.  The lack of french furniture has made these sets popular and in demand more than ever, as many people scour craigslist and ebay for them.  You can find these sets for as much as 900 dollars, while other people may list their sets for bargain prices thinking vintage isn't worth much in a mix of new and modern pieces.  In fact, older furniture is better made than the new composite sets now sold at big chain stores.  Many brands such as Thomasville, and Ethan Allen will remain to be great quality choices new or vintage.  While they remain popular with new parents looking for a quality set for their children's rooms, they are also being found by people wanting to redecorate in shabby, cottage, and nautical interiors.  They also offer a second income for small business minded people who are willing to put a little hard work sanding, priming and painting these sets for a small profit.  One thing is true, these sets are certainly full of potential and offer beauty, old or newly painted.  

A Cery Unique And Rare DIXIE French Provincial Bedroom Set

1960's Thomasville French Provincial Furniture

Marble Top Coffee Table - French Provincial

Antique French Provincial Chairs & Dixie Dressers 1965

Bassett French Provincial Bedroom Set

French Provincial Dressers

French Provincial Nightstand Sidetable

Thomasville French Provincial Chest Dresser

Thomasville French Provincial Dresser

Huntley by Thomasville French Provincial Dresser

1962 by Thomasville Furniture (Don't Put Knobs Where Pulls Should Be)

Dixie French Provincial Dresser

Twin French Provincial Bed

French Provincial Dresser Mirror

1939 French Provincial dresser

Dixie French Provincial Furniture

Drexel and Dixie French Provincial Dressers

Drexel White Provincial Dresser

French Provincial Bedroom Dresser

Dixie French Provincial Bedroom Set

Dixie French Provincial Dresser

Bassett French Provincial Dining Set

French Bombe Dresser Set

French Provincial Dresser Set

Kindel French Provincial Style Dresser

Dixie French Provincial Furniture Set

Bassett French Provincial Coffee Table and End Tables

Bassett French Provincial Dresses

Bassett French Provincial Dresser

French Provincial Dixie Dresser Set

French Provincial Bedroom Set

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34 comments to Vintage French Provincial Furniture

  • Steve Solverson

    looking for a drawer pull for one of the dressers post here,can you help?

  • karen

    hello…i purchased a Bassett French Provincial 3 drawer dresser with mirror today at a garage sale. I am wondering how much it is really worth….is there a way I can send you a pic and you give me an estimate???

  • Admin


    I am so sorry I haven’t been able to respond back to you. We have many websites, and being back to painting and moving these last several months, I haven’t been able to check my personal blogs as much as I would like. My husband approves the comments, but I know he doesn’t have much interest in decorating, so he generally doesn’t answer the questions…LOL. Anyways, my appologies**

    (If anyone has a question it is easier to contact me through michaelandmeranda at gmail .com)

    French Provincial furniture is entirely speculative according to the eyes of the beholder. If your dresser is wood instead of white, or melamine, it is more valuable. Sites such as 1st dibs often feature antique hard to find furniture, and they have outrageous prices that skyrocket into the thousands because they are hard to find antiques. French Provincial furniture on the other hand is very easy to find. The style was was produced in the 50′s and 60s tend to be more common than furniture that was made in the 1900′s. Dresser sets are worth more money than individual pieces, but as a seller it is more profitable to break up the sets in this economy. Over years of selling provincial furniture on craigslist, I do know what each piece can normally fetch.

    I have found that wood dressers, typically a 6 drawer dresser can comfortably sell for 180 to 280 very easily depending on the location and city. A 9 drawer dresser painted, or left in its natural wood can sell between 280 being the lowest I generally ask to 450. On occasion I see bedroom sets sell for 1500, but generally I see them sit on craigslist, because people don’t want to shell out those prices for “used” furniture. Not to say they are not worth that amount of money, as each set it different, but some people like myself LOVE LOVE LOVE the style, and others just pass by it, without giving it a second thought. So getting a reasonable price for each dresser for a seller is easier to sell than an entire set.

    Tall french dressers are worth the same amount as the longer 6 or 9 drawer dressers. They are very popular as condos are getting smaller, and typically families are losing room in their homes. I usually ask 280 and up for these pieces.

    Bombe or serpentine dressers are hard to find, but on occasion, I see french furniture that feature beautiful veneers for very reasonable prices. If you are looking for a french provincial dresser as a buyer, or are looking to SELL your french provincial set, one resource you can look into is the search option for craigslist under google.

    Under google, type in Craigslist. There should be a box that appears under the craigslist listing on the front page of google. Type in “french provincial” What should appear is the listings of the entire craigslist community. You will get all the search words of “french provincial” in every city.

    If for example this does not appear type this into google:

    french provincial

    This should bring up every french provincial set in the craigslist site.

    You can get more specific such as Dixie French Provincial, or Bombe chest ect.

    Even though most people are typically selling their sets, this search option will give you an idea of what other people have priced their furniture.

    Blessings!! Meranda

  • Admin

    Hello Steve,

    Finding french provincial pulls in your local town or city is almost impossible. I use ebay for my french provincial furniture, and I am always finding the exact matches with little or no effort. Keep your eyes on ebay and you will find a match.


  • Steve,
    please send me a picture of the drawer handle that you are missing. I have quite a few extra that came off of a “dixie” dresser.
    my email is

    Hope this helps!

  • Admin


    Hello, I have a white set with dark wood tops. The white has yellowed. What can I do to make it less yellow? Is there a glaze or a recipe of chemicals to do this?
    I purchased an antique mirror and want to remove the one that came with the set. I want to sell the mirror, what should I ask for it. It’s the one on your sight with the dresser and mirror attached.
    Thank you,

    Rose Marie


    Hi Rosemarie

    Thank you for emailing me. Often times these white french provincial sets do turn yellow over time. I have noticed this especially true with the Dixie brand. It could be from the age of the oil paint they originally used, as well, as varnish will turn yellow over white paint. I have found that it is easier for me to just repaint the dresser to get the white finish back.

    1. You could tape off the wood top and spray paint the bottom in white.

    2. You could take a foam brush and just brush on the white paint, leaving the gold trim that is often found on French provincial furniture.

    3. Another way of leaving the original finish is to get a hand foam sander with fine grit, and slightly sand the finish. Eventually you will get down to the beautiful white which was originally on the dresser. It would take a lot of work to do it this way, I have to warn you. You can seal it up with a water based polyacrylic.

    Hoping that helps.



  • Admin

    Hi Miranda,

    I stumbled on your blog page while looking to find this French Provincial set that I recently picked up for my sister at an auction. Turns out, the set will be too big for the guest room she wanted to use it in. I was wondering if you had any ideas as to it’s value, and where a good place might be to sell it .. if other than eBay or Craigslist.

    BTW.. that tip you posted on your blog about how to search all of craigslist for this stuff is great.!.. I always wondered how do do a craigslist wide search! THANKS!

    This furniture set is made by Johnson/ Carper. That’s what it says inside one of the drawers.

    Thanks so much for your help

    George Gregorian
    Cranston, RI


    Hi George,

    Thank you for contacting me. I have sold my share of french provincial sets over the few years, but to be honest, I am not a dealer of furniture, so I wouldn’t be in the position to appraise your set.

    The craigslist search is great, isn’t it? I stumbled upon it myself, and posted it as a way of finding the value of your set based on what others are asking.

    In my opinion, its not necessarily what different sets are worth, but what they are able to sell for. I have seen overblown prices up to 1K for some of these sets in antique malls, and online, but I often think to myself that pricing furniture high is just another way to sit on it. French Provincial furniture is vintage, not antique, so they can be located easily.

    Ebay and craigslist are great places to gather price points. I really don’t have any other suggestions for other sites. You will have to research your own location to see how many people use other online classifieds, and if it worth your time to post. I have also noticed that a persons location makes a tremendous difference. Having the perspective of living on the east coast in Virginia, and then living currently on the west coast in Seattle, you cannot get away with the high prices out west as you can in the east. Cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC tend to be areas where the nicer things always find a high end buyer, but that is not the case in small town America.

    I would recommend, starting off pricing your set reasonably on the higher end, and advertise a lot. Post your furniture on craigslist every day.

    Include words like shabby chic, cottage, to attract the right people.

    If it doesn’t sell at the price point you want, lower it, and start the process again.

    Don’t be discouraged, as there are weeks of slow times, and then weeks where everyone wants a bite of your sale.

    With craigslist, the key to selling is posting often, and posting when everyone is looking. Post your ad between 10 and 2pm.

    Sign up for a free photo bucket account, which gives the option of adding the HTML into your add, which blows up the picture that appears on the craigslist add. This gives the customer a better look at the furniture you are selling.

    If you still have not sold your set, break up the set into pieces. Your most valuable pieces are the bed, and the dressers. Most dressers depending on the style can sell between 160- and 480. Sometimes higher, or lower depending on the quality. Women especially need to buy dressers for new nurseries, but don’t need the queen sized bed which come with the sets. Sometimes breaking up sets brings in more money than keeping them together.

    French provincial is always one style many people looking to decorate in shabby,cottage, and nautical costal styles specifically for. Painting these sets always sells these particular styles. Leaving it in its natural wood is another plus for people looking for a pretty set in natural wood. I hope that helps.

    Being a buyer of French provincial furniture, I know I still have to really dig to find a set for sale. Many others who refinish and paint furniture seek out these sets, so I hope you get a good price for your set, because they are still sought after.

    Blessings! Meranda

  • K A

    Morning;;;I have 3 Tables; like end tables and I’m wondering what year their from.
    They appear to have reverse painted glass tops. It looks like gold with scrolling on top.
    The body of the tables are white with gold trim .
    How can you tell for sure if their reversed painted without taking off the glass ? I don’t want to damage any of them.
    Thank you.

  • Lisa

    I don’t know if anyone can help me but my aunt passed away and we are trying to sell bedroom dining room and living French provincial furniture in pristine shape. I put out an ad on craigslist and received numerous response. The problem is that I don’t know how to price them in a way that is fair for both myself and the buyer. Is there some kind of pricing list or does anyone have any suggestions ?

  • Kristine

    I am looking for a double headboard (and footboard if possible) to match my old bedroom set….it seems to be the Dixie set judging by the pictures, it was bought at Sears in the 70s. Do you know my best bet in finding one that can be shipped to Canada? Or who sells a more modern make of something that would blend in with what we’ve got?

  • Sheryl

    I have two of the exact Dubarry Dixe French Provincial Nighstand Sidetables featured above…same color, design, etc. Tongue and groove attachments. How much can I sell them for?

  • Admin

    French Provincial nightstands could go up to 100 dollars per nightstand, depending on the quality and the area of the country. My best advice is to look on craigslist or ebay and see comparable pricings.

    Here is a great article for selling your french provincial furniture on the internet

  • Barbara

    Just wanted to say that I have my grandparents Bassett French Provincial dressers and nightstand, and instead of getting rid of them and buying new, I decided to paint them gloss black and the pulls silver and I am so glad I did. They came out beautiful! I used lacquer black paint and silver paint pen and one shot silver paint to repaint where the gold trim was. So its an idea to pass on because this is really a pretty design.

  • Michelle

    I have an antique French Provencial coffee table with two end tables and a F P bedroom st that I inherited. I’m curious to know more information about it. Including the value of it. If I send you photos would you be able to give me some info.

    Thank you,

  • Admin

    Hi Michelle,

    I adore the French Provence style, but I am afraid I am not an expert on the subject. Many companies in the 50′s- 70′s produced countless lines of French Provincial furniture, that it is impossible to know information on all the companies out there that produced them. Some companies produced really high end looking quality lines with solid wood furniture, and there was also companies who produced looks that were made of low grade quality materials. With any sort of furniture, consider buying something made of solid wood. To determine if your piece is made of quality, take the drawers out, and look how they finish the frame of the inside of the dresser. I have dressers where the inside is of cardboard, and it suits me just fine for the room it is in. If you are looking for the worth of your set, I would go onto ebay and keep an eye what sets that look similar are priced at.

  • I want to sell sears white and gold provincial little girls bedroom. I have a long bureau and a shprt chest, and two bookcases, and a desk with chair. I will sell all of them for 400.00contact Ann Marie at

  • joyce

    I have a French provincial vanity, dresser, night stand , and two twin bed frames. I am looking to sell all. If you have any ideas on how much they are worth and or anyone that might buy them it would be very helpful. Thank you

  • I have a 3 piece french prevetial living room set. Sofa, loveseat, and chair. Its oyster white with cherry oakwood trimming. It is in very good condition its around 15 years old but looks 3 years old. Do you have any estimate of its value? If so contact me at.

  • Syndi Lewis

    I have a whole bedroom set of what appears to be the Dixie brand. This includes a full size bed with two end tables, a tall dresser, a long dresser with a mirror on it, a dresser with a hutch on it, and a full length mirror as well. It is all the original yellow color and in great condition. How can I tell if this is an original? And if so who would I contact about appraising a set like this.

  • Ghia Bohl

    I have an original French provincial walnut antique settee (70″ x 41″) restored and reupholstered in excellent condition. The settee was transported from our home in France years ago and never used other than being restored. I put it on OC Craiglist but got replies only spammers despite my request for cash or paypal only. nothing else. I pulled it out of Craiglist. I’d like to find a good deserving home for it. Any suggestion?

  • Mary

    I have a french provincial bedroom set that I have had for about 54 years. The dresser w/mirror w/9 drawers, middle drawers are small; three drawer chest and kingsize headboard with twin bedrails. The gold around it is faded in some spots, there are only a few spots where the paint chipped, put it is smooth there are no dents in the furniture. The wood is very very heavy. It is too big for my bedroom that I have now. Can you tell me how much this is worth or where I can find an appraiser for this, I would love to sell it.

  • Sonia LeFrancois

    I have a bedroom set that I need information on. I was told that it is a French Provincial Set. I have pictures and would love to email them to you for your review. I believe the maker was Utica National Furniture in NY. (I will have to look at the name again but I think that’s it)
    It is a beautiful set, it has a 9 drawer dresser, a tall dresser, a vanity table, and a headboard. There are painted flowers on it and the name “Genoa” written next to them.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Thank you.

  • Admin

    So sorry, I am not an expert appraiser on this furniture. I just blog about antique french furniture. So sorry, I couldn’t help more. Huge Blessings!

  • Admin

    So sorry, I am not an expert appraiser on this furniture. I would look in your local area for a furniture appaiser that could come over and look at your set. I just blog about antique french furniture. So sorry, I couldn’t help more. Huge Blessings!

  • K. Foster

    How do I restore the gold finish on my dixie french provincial bedroom set?

  • Admin

    Gold leaf, or gold paint will fade over time, and tend to look gray or take on a brown tone.

    You could always apply new gold leaf with gold leaf sheets, or simply by using a gold leaf pen.

    Gold leaf pens can be found on amazon. I have used them on my french sofas….

  • Roberta

    I am desperately seeking pieces of Davis Cabinet provincial girls bedroom furniture. the set is in white bisque with blue trim, and I have twin cane headboards, a chair, and a long dresser. I would love a chest of drawers, armoire and/or a desk to add to the set. I’ve scoured the Internet and cannot find anything! any ideas? Or, if it’s incredibly hard to find, do you have suggestions for other pieces (provincial or otherwise) and in what colors (do I try to paint other pieces to match exactly or throw in a new color, like a pale yellow)? Thank you so much for your help.

  • Rene

    Hello, I need some advise about a dining room set I inherited.
    I have the buffet hutch, dining room table with 2 sleeves, 6 chairs(2 arm), and side board dresser. They are white(yellow now) with gold trim…
    Not sure what they are worth, or if I should sell them separately or keep the set together.
    Any advise. A photo can been seen on Kijiji listed under Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada.

    Possibly a diamond in the ruff???

  • Rene

    Hello, I need some advise about a dining room set I inherited.
    I have the buffet hutch, dining room table with 2 sleeves, 6 chairs(2 arm), and side board dresser. They are white(yellow now) with gold trim…
    Not sure what they are worth, or if I should sell them separately or keep the set together.
    Any advise. A photo can been seen on Kijiji listed under Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada.

    Possibly a diamond in the ruff???

    There is a raised red seal inside the drawer that says it’s made by Basset company
    405-55-493 J38 is stamped on the bottom

  • Hi,

    I have a folding rocking chair that appears to be French Provincial. It looks almost exactly like the one pictured in the link I have listed. The carving on the top of mine is a little different, though.

    Is it definitely French Provincial? How old is it? How do I find out its value?

    It needs some repair. Who should fix it?

    Thank you!

  • Margot

    What about the heavy, high relief , intricately carved furniture imported from Italy in 1950? It’s nothing like what I see here. I am trying to help a friend sell her mothers. I can’t find anything on the Internet to help me value it or find buyers. Any advice?

  • Bunni

    I have 4 French Provincial pieces in original yellow wood. Bed. hutch, desk and ch from the 60′s and believe to be Thomasville. Very good condition. How does value compare to other colored woods? Thanks

  • Angelina Karos

    I have 3 rooms of French Provincal Furniture that I would like to sell. I’m moving and cannot take furniture with me. I have photos for your viewing – if anyone is interested. Furniture is as close to mint as possible. Please email me if interested. Location: New York.

  • elizabeth

    I’m interested in buying some pieces. I need a small dresser and nightstand

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