Working For Yourself, You Can Do It Too.


This French Provincial Dresser made by Kittinger is from Sharon at Fabulous Finds in Vienna, VAThis French Provincial Dresser made by Kittinger is from Sharon at Fabulous Finds in Vienna, VA

Kittinger 1940 French Chest -from Sharon at Fabulous Finds in Vienna, VA

Many savvy business minded women are leaving their jobs and working for themselves fixing up and decorating furniture.  In a rough economy one thing is for sure, there is always a market for children and baby furniture.

New parents are excited to build nurseries, and within a couple years are then looking for chic bedroom sets for their toddlers.

Being a furniture painter myself, it is rewarding to pick up these vintage sets and breath new life into them.  It is even more rewarding after a new mom sends me a picture of her nursery with my painted piece just where it was meant to go.  A once vintage set easily ignored at a garage sale, can be transformed into a work of art worth several hundred.

In an economy such as ours, where people are no longer safe and secure in their jobs as they once were a generation ago, are now looking for an alternative ways of making money.

Through my transition of working for myself, the most rewarding part of the experience is the casual conversations from one person to another which has allowed me to grow in thinking outside the box in a business sense.

Working for different business through the years, most conversations and outside connections were off limits, as an employee you were meant to work, not to learn and leave.   Sending business down the street was certainly something I would be fired for, where as today, I don't support my business connections because the business is always returned.  Greed is not name of the game, but rather sharing the large business that is available is what works.

Many people are having success working for themselves.  Sometimes new starts aren't necessarily from skills, but hobbies and pastimes.

I heard of a lady in the Washington DC area who only shops second hand stores for luxury handbags.  She knows the value of a label and is able to spot the fakes from the genuine brand name labels.  She resells her purses and handbags on ebay and rakes in 5K a month, better than any attorney who slaves away night and day for a firm.

After taking to many people making a full time wage working for themselves, most started in an area of interest, or area they know quite a bit about, and started off small.  Most often they didn't start it as a business, but more so to downsize their hobby collection.  When you get your feet wet selling, your options open up as you get better.

Ebay and Craigslist have opened up a lot of avenues for the customer and the seller.  The customer benefits by being able to find a specific item at competitive prices, and the seller is able to provide a unique products which are not sold in chain stores.

If you have ever viewed the documentary  Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, it shows how corporations can be very greedy, immoral and destructive to small towns and communities.  Craigslist has been a tremendous blessing to many people as there are no fees to list, and it builds a community of trust and connections.

While some people are afraid of purchasing from some one's home locally, over the 5 years of purchasing daily, I have never run into any problems.  Ebay, on the other hand has been the perfect solution to very hard to find items.

A good friend of mine collects vintage electronic and music instruments which he in turn gets buyers from around the world which would have been impossible for both him and the customer to connect with a unique item such as the particular product he sells.

I shop ebay for vintage hardware which I wouldn't normally come across in stores, and a favorite of mine vintage brass buttons which cannot be found at my local craft store.  "Lots" of items, (similar items bundled up as one sale) on ebay excite just about any consumer looking for a great deal.

Supporting small business becomes first and foremost in the mind of a small business owner.  Working from home becomes rewarding especially to young families who are now turning to homeschooling, and retired people are now looking at their hobbies as a new way to generate cash.

It is fun to do what you love everyday.  I know several women who wouldn't find anything more enjoyable than to knit for a living.  There are options out there, and connections make it possible.  When you support each other, the doors open up.  Take a second look at that collection and see if you cannot sell something you haven't used.

Along the way, I guarantee it, you will find something better, such as the game of buying and selling...........and sometimes keeping!

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