French Provincial Bathroom Furniture

22"w Corner Linen Storage Cabinet, CORNER, ANTIQUE CHERRY

 17.5"w Standard Linen Storage Cabinet, 17.5"W, ANTIQUE OAK

French styled bathroom furniture can transform the bathroom from a builder basic room, to a designer inspired spa.

Consider your bathroom as a room in the house that you can use to winding down at the end of the day, using candles and the steam from your bath tub while having surroundings that look just as nice as any other room in the house.

Consider your bathroom, the oasis that allows you the extra reading time, or space which you can catch up on that nightly radio program.  Unwind for hours while soaking in the tub.

Transform that space from something ordinary by adding the warmth of distressed wood and the stylings of French furniture.

Home Decorators sells a stunning corner cabinet that features the incredible looks of french furniture, while being functional at the same time.  The design allows you to take advantage of unused corner space,and the durable wood and wood veneer materials ensure long-lasting use.

The cabinet allows you to store away those unsightly hair and face products while being able to display a set of nice face cloths, or set of glass bottles.

The intricate detailing brings a look of luxury in your bathroom.  The decorative feet add a finishing touch.  The size of the cabinet will fit any corner.

Add the elegance of antique stylings to your bathroom while providing more space for your accessories in this lovely French corner linen cabinet. The cabinet is available in cherry, oak or white.  Choose which one works the best in your bathroom.

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