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5 Paint Color Choices For Provincial Furniture

Painting furniture can be an outstandingly satisfying craft. You can find an old, outdated piece and breathe new life into it with a simple color of paint. Once it’s in a new space, it can brighten and invigorate it, adding charm and drama all at the same time.

Sometimes the hardest decision of all is what color to use. When you want to go bold, here are some top color choices to consider.

Emerald Green

Emerald green is the hot color of 2013, according to the design industry. It connotes thoughts of riches and a recovering economy, and its lushness can bring a look of jewel luster into your home.

Because neutrals are still popular to decorate with, a splash of bright, bold, emerald green can be a lovely contrast against beiges and tans. Think about painting a chest or end table emerald green and adding some gold or silver accents or hardware. You’ll have a standout piece that will take charge.


It seems red is a classic for painted furniture, one that can last through the years. Every room can hold a bold piece of red painted furniture, and the colors can range from candy apple to deep garnet. Like emerald green, a deep jewel tone will add drama, and a brighter red will add cheer.

Whether it’s a chair, table, or something else, a red accent piece of painted furniture will work well with almost any other color schemes, from neutral palettes to brighter colors ranging from blues to greens to yellows. Red can add freshness, drama, or whatever look you’re going for.


Colors of nature are very in right now, so painting a piece of furniture with the bold tones of blues in nature will be just the thing to do in 2013. Blue can be soothing like the sky, or invigorating like the sea. Choose from any blue shades to create a bold standout piece that will bring the natural world indoors.

Like red, blue tends to work well with most other color palettes and is a wonderful contrast to black and white.


Whereas pink or purple may be too young to place in areas other than girl’s rooms in the home, lavender is like pink all grown-up. A single painted piece of lavender furniture will pop in a room and add that vintage drama that can bring the room to life.

Lavender is a great color to mix with other bold tones, like yellow and green, or use it against a white palette for extreme drama. Have fun with it – go bold – remember, it’s not a kid color anymore!


Yellow is taking off on the runways now, so why not bring it in the home. A bold piece of yellow painted furniture, from chests to chairs to dining tables, will add a fresh new feel to any room.

Yellow can brighten darker areas and works great with natural woods or metallics. Don’t be afraid to go bold – lean towards the canaries, lemons, and golds rather than the softer butter and cream yellows.

Adding that piece of boldly painted furniture to your home will invigorate your home. Take a look around at what you have already; you never know, the very piece you want may already be in your home…just waiting.

Heather Legg is a writer who writes about small businesses and Spokeo removal, the art of creativity and keeping a positive perspective every day.

DE TONGE Provincial Table- Famous French Furniture Manufacture-Coco House, Palm Beach, FL

Wrought Iron Leaf Iron Chandelier In A Happy Yellow- dos gallos

Antique Yellow Painted Wicker Fiddelhead Chair – BG Galleries -Weymouth, MA

French Painted Tole Garden Table – Milord Antiques


Cabinet de curiosités Clément Lafaille, après 1766. Style néoclassique. Muséum d’histoire naturelle de La Rochelle. Source

Yellow Reproduction French Vaisselier- Traditional Home

Yellow Painted Provencal Armoire – Cote Jardin Antiques

Louis XV Painted Buffet – Bremermann Designs

French Commodes – Available Through Cote France


French Painted Buffet Deux Corps-  Jean Williams Antiques

Blue Painted French Furniture- European Paint Finishes

Etienne French Painted Furniture

Cote France Tables

Green Painted French Provence Styled Furniture- Available Through Cote France

Louis XV Period Painted Console Table,  Bermingham and Co – New York

Au Rendez-Vous de Montmartre, Paris And Beyond Blog– Red Painted Desk Cote France

Red Painted French Louis XV Chest- Cote Jardin Antiques


18 Vintage French Provincial Furniture Makeovers

Italian Painted Furniture Picture Credit – parinomercatoantiquario on ebay

Tamara V Joyner on Facebook Marketplace

Lisa Morgan-Hoffman ( Mirror Into Bulletin Board ) FB Marketplace, Lorri Posey Fowler, French Painted Side table, FB Marketplace

Jim Bobrik On on Facebook Marketplace

Terry Mowrer Kalispell – Facebook Marketplace

Touraine Double Desk KSL.com

Project Sofa…  What a find! 

Vintage French Provincial Baby Blue Accent Chair  – vintagelafurniture1 on ebay

Baby Blue Ottomans – vintagelafurniture1 on ebay

French Provincial Louis XV White Lacquered Lingerie Chest – Liberty 33 On Etsy

French Provincial Louis XV White Lacquered Triple Dressers by Drexel – $1,760.00 – Liberty 33 on Etsy

John Widdicomb French Provincial Louis XV Style Long Dresser or Credenza $1,516.00 – Liberty 33 on Etsy


This French Provincial Dresser made by Kittinger is from Sharon at Fabulous Finds in Vienna, VAThis French Provincial Dresser made by Kittinger is from Sharon at Fabulous Finds in Vienna, VA

Kittinger 1940 French Chest -from Sharon at Fabulous Finds in Vienna, VA

David Abrams On Facebook – (Marketplace)

A Dixie dining table turned into a console wall table.  Ideas? 

Very chippy furniture – some people look for this very look! Sarah Goms

French Provincial Furniture seen on Facebook Marketplace .  Red Hutch, Megan Fulbright, Stephanie Pierce French Highboy

How To Update Vintage French Provincial Furniture

French Provincial Furniture From Stiltskin Studios Esty

A Beautiful Light Pink French Provincial Furniture From Stiltskin Studios Esty

Vintage French furniture can be a terrific opportunity to getting the upscale French looks for less.  Vintage furniture can be found in most American and Canadian cities and for the most part they are affordable.  Many of these vintage sets can be transformed with paint, or even stripped of it’s varnish and re-stained a different color.   Vintage French furniture allows you the opportunity to experiment with finishes, textures, colors and distressing techniques, when the prices are reasonable.  There are so many possibilities with vintage French Provincial furniture.

Before you consider colors, decide whether your interior scheme is country style, or formal and elegant.  There are a number of ways to give these pieces a facelift, but truly most French styles fall into these two categories.


1.  French City Styles

French furniture can have a polished look, as well as a country look.  Depending on the paint color choice, and the style of furniture, it can be painted to have a more sophisticated look, or looks that resemble furniture belonging to country homes.

My other site- French Style Authority features many of the upscale French looks that you might see in formal French interiors.  Some examples of the formal French looks, include extravagant marquetry chests, gilt wood chests and wall clocks, and upholstered furniture with rich silk fabrics.

How To Pull Off This Look…..

-Consider painting your furniture gray and white wash the frame with a creamy white.  Upholster your pieces with rich pastel upholstery in raw silk, or velvet.  Raw silk has some of the most saturated color choices around, and will surely give your pieces a high end look.  Satin is another choice to get that rich Marie Antoinette look for your home.  You can also shop for fabric online to help you reupholster your furniture yourself. Check out your favorite fabric shops online and get the materials shipped right to your home. You can either reupholster it yourself or hire a company to do it for you.

-Go for the more saturated colors.  This photo shows an exceptional emerald green and gilt wood combination.  Have custom marble or stone fit for your dresser, or buffet tops.  See this post “Decorating With Pastels” for more inspiration.  To make your dresser look richer, gold leaf the hardware, and add more hardware to the chest, such as furniture mounts and keyholes.

-While I can hardly compare this 75 thousand dollar vitrine to a 300 dollar French chest, you can certainly borrow some ideas for your own furniture.  Instead of painting your furniture, why not stain it?  Simply remove the finish with a heat gun, or paint stripper.  Consider faux finishing the raw furniture with lines that look like the expensive veneer woods.  (This would only work on the solid wood pieces) All that is needed is polystain, and a couple thin brushes.  Improve the look of your furniture by adding custom ormolu to the drawers, feet, and hammer on matching keyholes to a dresser or chest.  Gold leaf the hardware to create the look of a matching set.

– Color really makes a huge difference on these pieces.  Paint companies such as Annie Sloan, Darryl Carter For Benjamin Moore, and The Williamsburg Color Collection By Benjamin Moore are specially designed after the historical colors.  Having the just right color can make a tremendous difference in the overall appearance.

-9 Ways To Transform Vintage Furniture- Painted Furniture Online
-The Interior French Furniture Of Versailles- The French Style Authority
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-Marie Antoinette Behind the Scences For Vogue Magazine- The French Style Authority
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-Absolutely Breathtaking French Painted Furniture- The French Style Authority

2.  French Country Styles

The country styles can have bold color as well, although you will find the finish and colors to be different.  Consider the color palette of the French countryside such as the purples, green and blues found in Frederic Mechiehe’s Provence Home In Hyeres, and yellows, seen in Tremolet’s Chateau d’Ailly in Normandy.

In this post, “5 Paint Color Choices For Provincial Furniture” I show a number of country colors that would work perfectly on painted chairs, desks, armoires, beds and chests.  Consider skipping the bright gold hardware for rusty pieces, or iron looking hardware.

– Don’t just paint your pieces one solid color and add hardware, and call it a day….  be sure to really highlight the curves and carvings.  This yellow armoire wouldn’t look the same without having the carved areas highlighted in white

W Magazine French Chair - ROCHE BOBOIS chair, from $4,174, roche-bobois.com
Gift Guide Garden Party- W Magazine
ROCHE BOBOIS chair, from $4,174, roche-bobois.com.

 Scalamandre- China Rose on pair of Begere Chairs

Scalamandre- China Rose on pair of Begere Chairs- Furbish Studio

Marie Antoinette Seen on Business Insider
Bright red, and pastel colors seen on Marie Antoinette Seen on www.businessinsider.com
Drexel Touraine French Provincial Dresser
Drexel Touraine French Provincial Dresser- axsoris.com

Primitive & Proper’s Perfect French Provincial Painted Furniture

Primitive and Proper Painted French Chest

Cassie Bustamante and Theresa Carver now owners of Primitive and Proper, a successful restoration business,met by chance through a Craigslist transaction a number of years ago and wouldn’t consider anything else they would rather do than paint furniture.

One email lead to the next and the two were exchanging ideas and eventually teamed up together refinishing wood furniture, that had once seen better days.

Located in Virginia where antiques surface often, Theresa brings a unique edge growing up in North Yorkshire, England which is known for their antique gems and painted furniture. Both are busy mothers find time to paint after their children go to bed, get their inspiration from their children’s playfulness, and hope to pass on their treasures to moms looking for a creative piece for their growing children’s rooms.

Their selection of painted furniture range from cottage styles, to old world black polished pieces, to French painted furniture.

Primitive and Proper search all over Virginia, DC, and Maryland for their unique furniture finds, but they also work on commission if you want a custom painted piece of furniture. Having a large gallery of pictures, a person can certainly get ideas from their wide selection of sold pieces.


This gorgeous curvy French Provincial dresser was painted by Primitive and Proper. The beautiful blue and distressing really gives an attractive look to this mid size french chest.

Q: How can amateur painters accomplish this beautiful professional finish you achieved with these two nightstands?  Do you have any tips for first time painters wanting a unique look for their furniture using paint?

Cassie- “I would not consider myself a professional painter as in some sense  I use the good ol’ fashioned method.   I do not have a sprayer, as many furniture painters do, and do everything by hand.  With that being said, it is very important to invest in good quality brushes for a smooth look as well as good primer.

I use zinnser, which smells awful, but works beautifully.  I have found with zinnser I only need to lightly sand the piece to be painted.  Once it has been sanded, the primer is brushed on by hand and it is very important to follow the direction of the wood and go in nice straight lines.  You can “feather” as you brush on so that you won’t see where you lifted the brush off of the piece.

Once the primer has dried, you can use another coat of primer, which I do in the case of white pieces.  After the second coat of primer, I begin painting and use just latex paint.

I prefer to use Sherwin  and Williams harmony paint which is low voc, cost efficient, and good quality.

I personally prefer the eggshell finish, which was used on these tables.   Again, follow the same brush strokes as your primer for a smooth and even look.  After the piece has been painted with 2-4 coats of paint, the edges are distressed by hand with 80-120 grit sandpaper.

Some sites will recommend higher grit, but i prefer the lower grit and just move my hands very rapidly as I distress to avoid getting scratchy marks (if you do get these marks, you can touch them up).

Once it has been distressed and wiped clean with a damp paper towel, I sometimes choose to antique it, as was the case with these nightstands, to give it a more old world look.

There are specialty glazes you can purchase, but I use my trusty minwax stain and brush it on, and then wipe off with a rag, again following the lines of the paint.  You can use as many coats of stain as you need to achieve the desired look.”

How To Create Patina On Furniture

This lovely french Provincial Dresser features a detailed layered paint finish not typically seen on vintage furniture.  This chest has what looks to be a blue paint, accented with gold around the drawer frames.

Sold by Karina Gentinetta, an antique dealer in New York, this provincial dresser sure hits it out of the ballpark.

The distressing seen on the wood, and wear over time gives it that antique appearance.  As you look closely at some of the photos, the chest does have some dirt which might be just normal use over time.  It certainly adds to the overall time-worn appearance. 

When painting blue,  many people go wrong by just painting the dresser a shade of blue, and calling it a day.  Going the extra mile by adding the gold accenting can really push a vintage french provincial dresser from something typical to a dresser that looks to have antique worth and value.

Achieving the antique blue finishes are easier than you think.  Often times in the past I have used brighter pastel colors with a darker glaze.  The tip here is pastel paint.  Brighter colors wouldn’t normally be seen in the 18th century, and no matter how much dark glaze you might use over modern day brighter paint colors, the finish never turns out right.  Pastels are typical colors that were associated with Marie Antoinette  and commonly seen on Louis XV and Louis XVI furniture.  Sticking with antique color palettes will give your furniture an authentic appearance.

Glaze is a combination of binder and pigment.  Binder is simply the glue that holds together the paint) Glaze can give a translucent look to a piece of furniture when it is applied over the furniture paint.

In the past I have used simply paint alone, but to be honest it doesn’t do a great job.  You really have to be skilled to pull off the look working with paint alone without glaze.  It can frustrate you in the end.  With the method of working with paint alone as a wash, you have to work quickly with a bucket of water and a cotton washcloth beside you.  I paint it on, leave it for a few minutes and wipe it off, and pull the paint around on the surface as it begins to be watered down.  It takes a little bit more skill working with regular paint, but the overall effect can be much the same as a glaze.

There are many ways to use Glaze.  Ralph Lauren some time ago advertised his glazing techniques at Home Improvement centers as as a way of transforming modern day patterned or tole wallpaper.  Glaze can be mixed with any color.  Lauren advertised a series of colored glazes and showed through  by simply rolling on a layer of glaze it could transform wallpaper.


Ralph Lauren Wallpaper Glazing- Faux Finishes


Painting on glaze and allowing it to dry works terrific with wall finishes, because it builds up a translucent finish that paint alone cannot achieve.   With furniture I find glaze works really well by simply painting on the glaze, and after a few minutes working the paint off with a damp cloth gives it the authentic look of dirt building up in the corners over time.

With my green paints, I usually add a dark olive green glaze over top, which is then rubbed off giving it the look that it is old and worn and slightly blue than  green.

As you look closely with this french provincial chest by  Karina Gentinetta, you can see marks on this chest which gives it an old worn look.

Get some ideas of your own of how to create natural wear by using typical things around your house like the slapping the back of an old shoe with a black sole on the chest or something else that might leave a mark without indenting the chest.

The trick is to create marks that appear sporadic and subtle, and not giving any clue to what tool you used.


French Provincial Dresser Sold by Karina Gentinetta
French Provincial Dresser Sold by Karina Gentinetta

I cannot remember where I got these pictures, but they have been sitting in a folder of mine forever, because the paint finish is so beautiful!   As you can see this antique chair was painted with a pastel blue, and then finished off with a lighter gray toned blue in the details of the frame.  From my opinion, I would go about re-creating this look by starting out with a pastel blue base paint.  After it dries, you could use an olive glaze to leave a slight appearance of dirt and patina over time.

Painted French Finishes – Author Unknown
Cyan Duchess Chest By Belle Escape

Check out the layers of paint and glaze on this chest by Belle Escape

French Provincial Slipper Chairs are tremendously popular because most people  feel as though they take up less room than the typical armchair. They are perfect in a living room, office or bedroom as accent chairs.

Todd Alexander Romano sold this lovely Louis XV Style Carved and Painted Slipper chair with a lovely colorful print, showing us how incredibly attractive a vintage re-upholstered chair can look.

Chairs started being developed with upholstery around the mid 1650’s chairs. By the mid 1750’s designers started incorporating beauty and design rather than just chairs that served the basic function only.

During the 18th century, before furniture production began, chairs were being made with even more curves than ever in history.  The French had a great effect on the development and evolution of the chair as they truly were were the first ones to develop a lightweight and comfortable chair.

French designers were the first to develop chairs with incredibly ornate frames, while at the same time being comfortable to sit in.

The process of making one chair required an incredible amount of skill and talent.  Before the process of mass production the process of making a french chair was extensive and the materials that were required were considerable.

The Louis XV chair required more wood because the chairs frame was curved and was often made out of ONE piece of wood.

Chairs during this time has bow shaped backs and curved legs making the whole process quite involved.  The french were one of the first ones to come out with a whole line of upholstered chairs, including arm chairs, wing chairs, slipper chairs,  lounge chairs and sleeping chairs.

French chairs are still some of the most fascinating chairs to look at and still some of the most prestigious furniture a person can own.  I don’t think we will ever get tired of the French chair.

Louis XV Walnut Duchesse 1750, From Marinni Live Journal Russia

Painting Colorful Furniture- Two Decorating Options

Picture Credit – parinomercatoantiquario on ebay

Vibrant Colorful Painted Furniture

Vibrant Colorful Painted Furniture

French Provincial furniture is often very curvy and delicate that it is the perfect choice of furniture style to paint in a bright color.

French nightstands, cabinets and dressers can often be found at very reasonable prices that it makes redecorating very affordable. Bright colors do make dramatic statements, and often become the focal point of any room.

Accent furniture gives you the opportunity to change the look of your room without making a huge investment. Consider french provincial living room end tables, or french provincial tall bed side tables, as they are easy accessories that you can paint and then combine with throw pillows which easily tie in the bright colors.

Living room end tables and coffee tables do not have to match the existing furniture, and they also can be easily be repainted months later with ease.

Large 20 drawer green painted wood grain cupboard From The Butler & The Chef20 Drawer Green Painted Cupboard From The Butler & The Chef

Option 1: Combining A Neutral Wall with Bright Furniture, and Accessories

Having a neutral colored palette will give your room a good base to work with. Neutral wall colors work with every color well, and give your furniture that perfect balance for colorful accessories and brightly painted furniture.

White, or light gray is a neutral wall color that will work with any furniture color and most any decorating scheme. The palest shades of gray works with every color, and the darkest of grays will add elegance against bright furniture.

 Beige is one of the hottest selling colors for home sales as most people can see themselves living with a neutral beige. Not only is beige a color that is warm, it also works with every color on the color wheel. When investing in a sofa, it is smart to choose something with a simple earth tone which can be updated with throw pillows. This simple logic works the same with the paint color on your walls. Neutral colors give you the freedom to pick out strikingly colorful art paintings, or accessories.

Option 2: Using The Same Colors On The Walls As The Furniture

The easiest way of coordinating a room with a colorful piece of furniture is to take the exact color and add it into the wall color, or curtains or throw pillows. Paint can be matched with any fabric or accessory with today’s paint color matching technology. This is a very easy way of getting that “designer feel” in your home.


How To Faux Crackle French Provincial Furniture


Many people love aged furniture finishes which are often naturally changed from ever changing weather exposure, and distressed from being handled over time.

Finding the just right furniture style with naturally worn paint can be next to impossible.  There are a number of faux finishes that can give the look of a naturally aged appearance; one of those being crackle paint.  You can take an ordinary piece of furniture and transform it with a few faux painting techniques that could give the beauty of a genuine antique.

The number one mistake most people make when using crackle paint is ONLY using the crackle finish without pairing it with other faux painting technique such as glazing and distressing.

This beautiful bombe crackle finished chest is from Interiors Online.  As you can see this mastered finish has glazing around the handles which highlights an aged appearance.  Look at the overall base color and crackle color.  They are almost identical, which is truly the best way to crackle finish a piece of furniture.  Add on top of that glazed oil paint  was added to highlight the beauty of the curvature of this fine bombe style.

Another huge mistake is using a modern colored paint such as white, crackling the piece of furniture, and calling it done.  Brightly colored white paint is a dead give away that the piece has been newly painted, and is not an old piece.

Crackle should only be combined with antiques, (OR an antique style, either color or shape)  if you are going after a genuine look.  Crackle paint should always be combined with a off-white, a beige, gray or a color which is a historical paint color, and then dulled by either brown stain (Minwax Polyshade in Antique Walnut), or brown glaze  (brown paint mixed with glaze) to give it a slightly used aged look.   Do NOT use a metallic glaze.  Metallic glaze is another dead give away it is newly finished, and fantasy than antique.

Another mistake is using crackle all over the piece of furniture, (unless you are a professional and are skilled at combining other techniques).  I have made this mistake and the finish turns out quite messy and lumpy.

Crackle paint is sometimes very hard to paint over because it can lump together in the process.  Going back over the finish messes up the chemical process of crackling that often times less crackle is more in the long run.

Crackling an entire dresser can give a very busy appearance.  Try a number of pieces before using crackle over an entire piece. I would highly suggest going over your finish with the same overall color in some areas to make it less busy, and adding a glaze or a brown stain which will highlight the crackle in a subdue way.

Vagabond Vintage From Mothology.com Featured in Home Beautiful

The beauty of a crackle finish is that it can conceal problem areas.  If you’re considering stripping a piece of furniture down to it’s original wood finish, you could consider sanding it quite well, and crackling in the problem areas.

A) Before painting, be sure to sand your french provincial furniture.  If you have a natural wood french provincial dresser you may want to sand it well, and not prime it.  After the crackle finish has dried you can distress it, and then move on to glazing the entire piece.

B) If you have an already white french provincial dresser, prime it first using an oil based primer, such as Rustoleum’s Black or Brown flat Oil based paint.

Techique 1- Using Regular Glue.

Step 1- Sand your furniture, (prime if necessary) and apply your base coat.  (Your (water based) base coat of  paint will be the color that shows through your crackle finish)

Step 2- Once your base coat is dry, apply a semi thick layer of Elmers glue.  You can dilute the glue to make it easier to work.  Let the glue dry almost all the way, then apply your top paint color which is mixed with Elmers glue.  The paint ratio to glue should be 2 to 1.  2 cups of paint to 1 cup of glue.  Let the paint dry, and within 48 hours you should have a beautiful crackle finish.

Another variation of this finish is to paint a base coat, let it dry, paint on glue, and let it dry until it is tacky, (more than 1 hour, but not more than 2 or 3) and paint on your top coat.  If it doesn’t crackle, the glue is too dry.

Several tips I have used:

– Use a brush, not a roller to apply the glue

– Applying the glue thick than thin, which gives a better crackled appearance.  Experiment with more glue which is supposed to produce wider cracks.

-When painting the glue, use random brush strokes so the cracks don’t come out in the same direction.

– Try not to work on vertical finishes.  Turn your furniture piece over one step at a time and apply the glue and let it dry.  This technique can be time consuming, but worth the trouble to get an even finish.  Working on vertical surfaces can cause the glue to run together in a gloppy mess.

Technique 2- Porcelain Crackle Glaze

Porcelain crackle glaze is a bit different. Porcelain crackle is supposed to replicate old china which has aged over time.  Ideally this finish looks the nicest on vases, lamps and statues which would be made of porcelain.

The first coat is painted, crackle is applied, and dried, and glaze is then rubbed onto the finish revealing the very small cracked details.

French Provincial Furniture From Artisan8

This amazingly charming BASSETT french country buffet available from Artisan8 on esty comes with a detatchable hutch.   Hand-crafted distressed look  involving a 6-layer paint application for a one-of-a-kind piece. Architecturally detailed and slightly elevated by four french-styled legs.

Vintage Painted And Rustic Home Furniture In Spokane, Washington – Paint In My Hair


Paint In My Hair Inc.Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is officially stocked! Our free hands-on-demos, and classes with Jackie Saling start March 2nd. Call or come by the store to get signed up! Space is limited!

Paint In My Hair is a vintage store located in Spokane, Washington. Check out their facebook page with more than 4,000 pictures uploaded to their fan page.  If you are looking for rustic furniture for your home, you need to visit this shop.  pimhfurniture.com

Paint In My Hair
3036 N Monroe St
Spokane, Washington

French Provincial Dresser- Paint In My Hair

9 drawer Drexel $350- Here

Secretary desk $325Paint In My Hair

Rustic Wood Shelves- Paint In My Hair

English styled Highboy $350 Paint In My Hair

Secretary Desk- Paint In My Hair

Steamlined Gray Painted Dresser – Paint In My Hair

Update Your Country Furniture With Antique Looking Bin Pulls

Vintage Drawer Knobs Pulls 15pcs/lotAmazon $9

We have all seen those country styled pieces second hand that have nice clean lines, often without legs paired up with vintage chippendale pulls.

This style pairs up with French Provincial perfectly.  The classic looking lines make it a great piece for an old world interior.

If you are looking for a fool proof way to update this style of vintage furniture, look to bin pulls.  It will instantly make that vintage piece look expensive.

Another way to completely transform the dressers is to bolt two dressers together.  One on top of another.  Stacking them by securing them with heavier screws inside the chest may give you a very unique appearance of an old tall library cabinet.  These pieces are so common that the chances of finding more than one is in your favor.  Simply paint them, and then screw them together, and anchor the piece into the stud on the wall.

Mary Taylor Smith‎- It’s one of the few times my husband has wanted to keep something I painted to sell (he thinks we have too much furniture as it is). I love them too, but mama needs to pay for a cruise, so into the shoppe they go! 


50 Piece Card Holder Set For $17 Amazon

Jessica Hope Howard – It had glass shelves, mirrored backing and outdated hardware. 

16PCS Antique Bronze Card Holder- $19 Amazon

“We wanted to mimic the exact grooved out design that Ethan Allen had originally created, but we wanted the bottom two drawers to look like they were actually 16 small drawers instead 4 longer drawers. ”  Read more of her post here arayofsunlight.com/

A Vintage Ethan Allen Small Dresser Set

SOLD: Card Catalog Chest of Drawers, Apothecary Cabinet, Large Nightstand Dressers, White Farmhouse Furniture, Painted Furniture, Rustic $1,667.00 ARayofSunlight

Cream Farmhouse Dresser – A Ray Of Sunlight – Etsy

Drexel Touraine French Provincial Collections


VINTAGE FRENCH PROVINCIAL Drexel Touraine bedroom set – $1,700.00 …

Picture Credit – Worthpoint.com

Louis XV Provincial Style Painted Dresser – Find this set on 1stdibs.com

Look at the aged patina on this dresser above.  Isn’t it beautiful? 

Drexel Touraine French Provincial Bed $99 From allohioantiques on Ebay

You can see one of the carved shells is slightly damaged.  I have this particular set, and one of my shells are damaged.  The wood must be weak in this particular area, or perhaps it was scraped along the way.   This has to be one of my favorite beds to work with because you can upholster these headboards quite easily.  Pair the two headboards together to make an inexpensive day bed.

Drexel Touraine French Provincial 6-Drawer Dresser – Cherish $560

DREXEL Touraine Collection Country French Nighstand

High End Used Furniture On Ebay $319

Black Glam Drexel Touraine French Provincial Vintage 9 Drawer Dresser

ManciniVintage On Etsy

DREXEL FURNITURE French Provincial 17″ Cabinet Nightstand

High End Used Furniture On Ebay $489

French Provincial Chairs On Ebay From High End Used Furniture

Vintage French provincial Drexel Touraine dresser –

Drexel Touraine Chest of Drawers

Drexel Drexel Touraine Nine Drawer Dresser /- Kaiyo.com