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18 Vintage French Provincial Furniture Makeovers

Italian Painted Furniture Picture Credit – parinomercatoantiquario on ebay

Tamara V Joyner on Facebook Marketplace

Lisa Morgan-Hoffman ( Mirror Into Bulletin Board ) FB Marketplace, Lorri Posey Fowler, French Painted Side table, FB Marketplace

Jim Bobrik On on Facebook Marketplace

Terry Mowrer Kalispell – Facebook Marketplace

Touraine Double Desk KSL.com

Project Sofa…  What a find! 

Vintage French Provincial Baby Blue Accent Chair  – vintagelafurniture1 on ebay

Baby Blue Ottomans – vintagelafurniture1 on ebay

French Provincial Louis XV White Lacquered Lingerie Chest – Liberty 33 On Etsy

French Provincial Louis XV White Lacquered Triple Dressers by Drexel – $1,760.00 – Liberty 33 on Etsy

John Widdicomb French Provincial Louis XV Style Long Dresser or Credenza $1,516.00 – Liberty 33 on Etsy


This French Provincial Dresser made by Kittinger is from Sharon at Fabulous Finds in Vienna, VAThis French Provincial Dresser made by Kittinger is from Sharon at Fabulous Finds in Vienna, VA

Kittinger 1940 French Chest -from Sharon at Fabulous Finds in Vienna, VA

David Abrams On Facebook – (Marketplace)

A Dixie dining table turned into a console wall table.  Ideas? 

Very chippy furniture – some people look for this very look! Sarah Goms

French Provincial Furniture seen on Facebook Marketplace .  Red Hutch, Megan Fulbright, Stephanie Pierce French Highboy

Drexel Touraine French Provincial Collections


VINTAGE FRENCH PROVINCIAL Drexel Touraine bedroom set – $1,700.00 …

Picture Credit – Worthpoint.com

Louis XV Provincial Style Painted Dresser – Find this set on 1stdibs.com

Look at the aged patina on this dresser above.  Isn’t it beautiful? 

Drexel Touraine French Provincial Bed $99 From allohioantiques on Ebay

You can see one of the carved shells is slightly damaged.  I have this particular set, and one of my shells are damaged.  The wood must be weak in this particular area, or perhaps it was scraped along the way.   This has to be one of my favorite beds to work with because you can upholster these headboards quite easily.  Pair the two headboards together to make an inexpensive day bed.

Drexel Touraine French Provincial 6-Drawer Dresser – Cherish $560

DREXEL Touraine Collection Country French Nighstand

High End Used Furniture On Ebay $319

Black Glam Drexel Touraine French Provincial Vintage 9 Drawer Dresser

ManciniVintage On Etsy

DREXEL FURNITURE French Provincial 17″ Cabinet Nightstand

High End Used Furniture On Ebay $489

French Provincial Chairs On Ebay From High End Used Furniture

Vintage French provincial Drexel Touraine dresser –

Drexel Touraine Chest of Drawers

Drexel Drexel Touraine Nine Drawer Dresser /- Kaiyo.com


Update Your Country Furniture With Antique Looking Bin Pulls

Vintage Drawer Knobs Pulls 15pcs/lotAmazon $9

We have all seen those country styled pieces second hand that have nice clean lines, often without legs paired up with vintage chippendale pulls.

This style pairs up with French Provincial perfectly.  The classic looking lines make it a great piece for an old world interior.

If you are looking for a fool proof way to update this style of vintage furniture, look to bin pulls.  It will instantly make that vintage piece look expensive.

Another way to completely transform the dressers is to bolt two dressers together.  One on top of another.  Stacking them by securing them with heavier screws inside the chest may give you a very unique appearance of an old tall library cabinet.  These pieces are so common that the chances of finding more than one is in your favor.  Simply paint them, and then screw them together, and anchor the piece into the stud on the wall.

Mary Taylor Smith‎- It’s one of the few times my husband has wanted to keep something I painted to sell (he thinks we have too much furniture as it is). I love them too, but mama needs to pay for a cruise, so into the shoppe they go! 


50 Piece Card Holder Set For $17 Amazon

Jessica Hope Howard – It had glass shelves, mirrored backing and outdated hardware. 

16PCS Antique Bronze Card Holder- $19 Amazon

“We wanted to mimic the exact grooved out design that Ethan Allen had originally created, but we wanted the bottom two drawers to look like they were actually 16 small drawers instead 4 longer drawers. ”  Read more of her post here arayofsunlight.com/

A Vintage Ethan Allen Small Dresser Set

SOLD: Card Catalog Chest of Drawers, Apothecary Cabinet, Large Nightstand Dressers, White Farmhouse Furniture, Painted Furniture, Rustic $1,667.00 ARayofSunlight

Cream Farmhouse Dresser – A Ray Of Sunlight – Etsy

French Provincial Henredon 9-Drawer Dresser Painted In Mint

Vintage French Provincial Henredon 9-Drawer Dresser Verdigris Mint Shabby Chic – $1,575.00 amandasullen91 On Ebay

The perfect piece meets its perfect tone! Elegant vintage Henredon French provincial dresser featuring an abundance of fine detail; all accentuated with an aged pale mint and gold verdigris patina. Layered ivory and mint gives depth to this gorgeous color.

Pairs beautifully with creams,  cocos, ivorys, golds, pinks, and lavenders for the most whimsical french country or french regal bedroom!

Solid wood, highest quality in vintage French Provincial. Nine drawers featuring dovetail, high caliber craftsmanship, drawer dividers, and fine tuned details and accents.

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Mary Taylor Smith’s Vintage Buffet Cabinet Makeover

Mary Taylor Smith  refinished a vintage buffet that needed a touch of love.  Her finish allows for a person to see the wood under the paint, while at the same time updates this piece for a home decorated in a country style appeal.  Chicken wire replaces the outdated glass window frames.  Find more of Mary Taylor’s Furniture at The Refinery on Facebook

Mary Taylor Smith‘s Buffet Cabinet

The Buffet Before

The Buffet After

A Jacobean chair sanded and painted for a rustic country appearance. 


Vintage Painted And Rustic Home Furniture In Spokane, Washington – Paint In My Hair


Paint In My Hair Inc.Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is officially stocked! Our free hands-on-demos, and classes with Jackie Saling start March 2nd. Call or come by the store to get signed up! Space is limited!

Paint In My Hair is a vintage store located in Spokane, Washington. Check out their facebook page with more than 4,000 pictures uploaded to their fan page.  If you are looking for rustic furniture for your home, you need to visit this shop.  pimhfurniture.com

Paint In My Hair
3036 N Monroe St
Spokane, Washington

French Provincial Dresser- Paint In My Hair

9 drawer Drexel $350- Here

Secretary desk $325Paint In My Hair

Rustic Wood Shelves- Paint In My Hair

English styled Highboy $350 Paint In My Hair

Secretary Desk- Paint In My Hair

Steamlined Gray Painted Dresser – Paint In My Hair

A 1950’s Touraine Drexel Chalk Paint Dresser Reveal

This piece is from the Touraine Custom Collection by Drexel (circa 1950’s to 1960’s). To date, she’s my favorite yard sale find and I was glad to finally work on her. I was really excited to buy another color of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint too. French Linen was the color I chose to go with.

I painted the shell of the dresser in French Linen. For the drawers, I did a mixture of French Linen and some Old White. Here (sorry, I did not measure when I mixed the two clolors together). Here’s how she turned out…

See more pictures at vintagecharmbymimi.blogspot.com

Vintage French Provincial Highboy Silver Metal Makeover

This dresser just made its way to its new home last night to the same owner of the Audrey media center.  This dresser just made its way to its new home last night to the same owner of the Audrey media center. She had requested this provincial style dresser in a tall boy so I leapt at the chance when I found one for sale to get to work on her project. She also wanted it to be lovely silver to tie in with the other art pieces and mirrored pieces in her living space.

I used glidden gripper primer and had the lady at home depot make it into “gripper grey”. They discontinued the grey primer but can still make it out of the white one. 2 coats of primer and then 2+ coats of Martha stewart metallic specialty paint (found in the paint section of home depot usa, not sure about canada).  This dresser was covered with 1 little jar. I was actually surprised how well it spread.

See more pictures of this beautiful dresser at oliverandrust.com

How To Build Your Own Farmhouse Table

Gather Farmhouse Table Equipment and Tools

You need four wood boards that are 2 by 12 by 16 inches in size, one wood board that’s 2 by 4 by 56 inches, and one that’s 2 by 12 by 60 inches. The tools and supplies required for this project include a box of 3-inch wood screws with flush trim, wood plugs, wood glue, measuring tape, a screw gun, and multiple fine-grit sanding blocks.

Search for cedar wood or pine when buying lumber for your farmhouse table. These woods are aesthetically appealing, durable enough to withstand years of use, easy to work with, and widely available.

Attach the Legs to the Table Surface

The four 2-inch by 12-inch by 16-inch boards make up the legs of your table. Stand the legs upright on a flat work surface, and grab your measuring tape. Separate two pairs of legs by 56 inches, and make sure the leg pairs are parallel to each other.

Next, place the 2-inch by 12-inch by 60-inch board directly on top of the legs. This piece is the table surface. Make sure the ends of the surface are flush with the top of the table legs. Use a screw gun to carefully drill four flush-trim 3-inch wooden screws through the surface of the table and straight into the end of each leg. Make sure the legs are secure and not wobbly.

Read more of this instructional guide at Ebay.com

How To Restore Faded Leather Furniture – Kimberly Satorre’s Russet Leather Couch Makeover

Have you ever come across a leather couch that has been faded, yet still appears in excellent condition?  Kimberly Satorre posted some pictures of a couch that was apparently free because the color was faded and worn out.   She says restoring leather is an easier process than most people imagine.  You can do it too! 

Kimberly Satorre–  “Before and after real leather couch refinish,  free for removing  First photos were before shots and the last were after layers of dye and refinishing. Carmel color leather stain and sealed. I used Fiebing’s russet color…It turned out beautiful”

Here is what it looked like after she restored it. 

  • I used Fiebing’s Russet color”
  • ” The key to redying would be to wet the surface first “

Kimberly Satorre It is best to color it close the same color I think . Get some dye and simply clean the leather with soap and water and then on the under side test an area by taking a really wet rag wipe an area and while it is wet.  Apply the dye with a dust free cloth.  I use circular motion and it will appear darker until it dries and if you like that color won’t be while thing. Once u let it sit for about 72 hours apply the sealer.


She mentions that Fiebings sells both dye’s and sealants.  She comments on the thread that the plastic container is what she used for the sealant. 



Does It Cover Cat Scratches One Reader Asks:

Kimberly Satorre it does cover scratches. I am not positive but I was told that real leather doesn’t leave scratch makes as it is really hard to tear. but I used the die on a pleather couch with cat scratches and it covered them but the scratches were still there.

Another reader asks ” Does the dye ever come off onto your clothing after sitting on the couch after dying? I have a stained and soiled leather sofa in a condo in Fla. I may want to dye. It’s a rental unit too!”

Kimberly Satorre If  you are wet it may…., just as if from the factory though.

Renee Seeling I used to use Fiebings on my saddle leather. Kept it pliable, clean and did not rub off no matter how much riding I did.


Zentique Adele Arm Chair $1400 Amazon, Zentique Jute Medallion Arm Chair $600 Amazon

Zentique Bastille Sofa Ebay $1750