French Provence Style Decorating- 70 Picture Inspirations

Grand Provence

French furniture in the 17th and 18th centuries has been considered to be some of the most breathtaking furniture in history. In 1610 when Louis XIII took the throne, the furniture styles around the regions of France started developing their own signature styles. In Provence, furnishings were […]

The Beauty Behind Château de Talcy In France

Chateau of Talcy

The Château de Talcy is a spectacular historical châteaux in Talcy, Loir-et-Cher, France, located on left bank of the Loire River. This 16th-century manor house was commissioned around 1520 by Bernardo Salviati. Salviati was a Florentine contractor with connections to the Medici family; a political banking family, whom gathered prominence […]

Provence Decorating: HOW TO Decorate With Green

18th Century Manor House – The World of Interiors, Jun 2005-Seen on Genus Loci Blog

The color green is one of the most popular colors to decorate a French home around. A cool green can can create a cool, calm, soothing atmosphere to feel refreshed in, while a darker greens […]

3 Tips To Get The Best French Looks In Your Home

18th Century Home Located in Located in Uzeste, France Maison-Deco

Here are three tips to get the French looks in your own home.

1. Painted furniture shouldn’t look freshly painted. Black furniture, can be left alone, although lighter colored furniture should have some sort of washed glaze over it. Blue […]