Book Review: French Country Living By Caroline Clifton Mogg

With the pricy cost of books these days, often times, I like to try them out at my library before buying them. If they are great, I tend to write up a post, because an exceptional book needs to be known. This is a book worth buying! I tend to enjoy the books that reveal […]

White Painted French Furniture

Wisteria now sells a stunning French chest painted white and beautifully designed to resemble the styles found in 18th-century France. The chest has vertually no distressing, giving it a very fresh look for your home. The ornate medallion carving and trim are all done by hand, as well as the paint and distressing applications. […]

Inlaid Louis XV Game Tables

Antique French Louis XVI Style Painted Blue Leather Game Table With Four Armchairs

When you think of game tables today, the first thing that comes to mind for most people are pool tables, ping pong tables, and hockey tables. Before the modern invention of the television, a family would play […]

3 Easy Old World French Elements To Add To Your Home Part 2

19th Century French Iron Metal Folding Daybed Berkshire Home & Antiques

2. The Use Of Metal

In French decor, metal is a very important element, especially iron. One very easy way to incorporate forged iron is with curtain rods and curtain hold-backs. Modern hardware can be traded out for iron […]