Frederic Mechiehe’s Provence Home In Hyeres

When Frederic Mechiehe arrived at this chateau in Normandy, he was faced with decaying floors and a missing roof. Everything in this home had to be reassembled or "faked". Period style wooden stairs were installed and artificially worn and hollowed by an industrial sanding machine. The stone floor with black marble lozenges were also added. In this picture, the only thing genuinely to be period is the Louis XVI barometer on the wall. Taken From-Rooms To Remember - Interiors Inspired by the Past By Barbara Stoeltie.

Interior designer, Frederic Mechiche is known quite (Read more....)


10 Tips To Keeping Your French Furniture Looking New

French Bedroom- The World of Interiors Nov 2011

When it comes to expensive antique or vintage furniture, you want to keep your furniture in good shape for as long as you can.  Upholstery can get messed up fast, especially if you have kids. Their sticky fingers and accidental spills can leave your furniture looking beat up and grungy. However there are some ways to keep your furniture looking nice:

1.    Fix scratches – Scratches on wood can easily be fixed with something you probably already have. No it is not a chemical (Read more....)


5 Tips for a Fusion of Traditional and Modern Furnishing in Your Home

Sébastien and Raphael Llado Levavasseur

There are some people, who just can’t stop gushing about their Provence inspired elegant bedrooms. You may also come across people, who hold minimalist contemporary furniture, in very high esteem. Yet, every once in a while, comes a creative soul, who wishes to incorporate furniture designs from widely varying historical ages, in his home.

The ensuing unique mix of tradition and modernity that their homes possess becomes an extension of their quirky and eclectic personalities. If you happen to be (Read more....)


36 French Landscaping Looks For Your Back Yard

French style decorating has become so popular because of beauty of the the old world looks that are associated with the style.  There are a couple of elements that you can incorporate into your landscaping and the type of furniture you choose which will give you the classic French looks found in Provence.

1.  Consider replacing your lawn with gravel.  It sounds like a bad idea right?  Create texture using raised garden beds, and add in patio furniture, water gardens, which adds a lot more texture than just (Read more....)


2 Tips to Clean Old Outdoor Resin Furniture

In almost all households that take pride in owning a lawn or a backyard for recreational purposes, you will find that there are one or more pieces of old outdoor resin furniture. This type of furniture is preferred over the usually popular metal or wooden furniture (for indoor requirements) due to the fact that wood tends to decay when left in the sun and the rain and metal will tend to rust and undergo degradation.

This immense popularity of old resin furniture for outdoor requirements can be attributed to the fact that this discount furniture Los Angeles pieces have become quite popular and almost every household is buying it in order to save some money.

While resin furniture are more sustainable to the environmental degradation factor, there is no (Read more....)


An 18th Century Provence Castle Up For Sale

The current owner of this castle must sell as he is moving to Hong Kong. Just five years ago, he found the property in terrible shape, fell in love with it, and painstakingly restored it back to its previous glory.  All five bedroom suites, several living rooms feature working fireplaces, a study, and hobby room are all in pristine condition. The owner even used reclaimed materials from other French chateaux to be sure that no "foreign" or inappropriate materials interfered with the building's integrity.

The property even has modern luxuries such as a pool and pool house. In addition a wine cellar, caretaker's cottage and parking for ten cars makes this property an interesting business investment. The original castle dates back to the early 18th (Read more....)


Exceptional French Provence Reproduction Furniture

French Provincial Ebony Rub Oak Chest Dresser Sold By Marcia Treasures on Ebay

For more than 40 years interior designers throughout the United States and Canada,  Sarreid Ltd has been known as being an innovator in the home furnishings field since 1967. After receiving many requests from customers to provide them with identical pieces of the best selling items, Sarreid Ltd finally decided to manufacture the best of their furnishings that could be then made available to the public on a wider scale.

Their goal was to make exact replicas of the original (Read more....)