Beautiful French Provincial Furniture – Living in Provence

Living in Provence Dane McDowell

Architects and interior decorators around the world still draw inspiration from the Provençal region.  Living In Provence features sections on gardens, and useful information on restaurants, hotels and guesthouses.  Its gardens are visions of paradise rediscovered, its houses--whether looking out over sea, forest, the countryside, a shady terrace, or a patio full of flowers--reflect a secret harmony between interior and exterior.  Living in Provence features how to achieve Provence Style from a variety of angles, featuring contemporary houses, village houses, farmhouses, log cabins and lodges, and historical buildings.

About the Author

Dane McDowell is a journalist and academic. She is assistant editor of the magazine Résidences-Décoration, and has also contributed to Connaissance des Arts and Figaro Magazine.

Christian Sarramon (photographer) spent long months traveling the length and breadth of Provence to create this book. He works for leading interior design magazines and has published numerous books, including the Book of Roses and Provence Style.


 French Provincial Furniture Ideas - Living in Provence By Dane McDowell

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